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  1. Kinda cool but that little center display is just dumb.
  2. I finally got around to making a proper right knee support for those high G left handers..
  3. I don't paddle shift for speed but for the added safety of being able to keep both hands on the wheel on a bumpy canyon road. My new setup is nothing more than a sequential stick / paddle with standard clutch control. This is the perfect manual setup in my opinion, no missed shifts ever.
  4. The sequential shifters are in and ready.. Steering column push pull paddle and bump 8 ball.
  5. Yup old cables get the axe today. The seats weigh less than their mounting brackets.
  6. So I came up with a sequential bump shifter to occupy the old shift linkage spot. Bump back for up shift bump forward for down shift ..
  7. The system is actually lighter than the manual cable system with linkage it replaces. Just add lightness.
  9. I'm not even gonna look.. This all about me keeping both hands on the wheel on rough canyon roads.
  10. Tommy it's as slick as a greased seal.
  11. A smooth operator..
  12. Why don't you kiss my ass…. I claim nothing but some jack off like you feels the need to nip at my heels all the time.
  13. Yeah it also looks like the new NSX and an R8, my point is these are all nice cars but boring after a few miles and have shit resale so why bother ? And if you are just a dreamer wake up. Modify your Lotus Elise/Exige if you want a better drivers car, unless posing is your thing..
  14. Here is the company I've used the shifter before but had some issues with the throwout bearing and clutch fork of the E153 gearbox. I found out after I took the unit out that it was the throwout bearing. By then I didn't want to do any more R$D and went back to the cable shifter. So now I've cannibalized the motors and direct mounted them. The clutch gives you all the feedback you need and is used as in a standard gearbox. There are safe guards to prevent shifting unless the clutch is completely disengaged, over revs and missed shifts are prevented after programing the shifter ecu. It really is a great setup and I'll do a video showing how it all works as soon as I'm back together.
  15. So how many of you pro Lambo high ticket cars are ready to sign the dotted line today ehh?
  16. The thing is these cars are all too boring to be honest and when a sedan passes them in the twisties you have to step back and think about it. Oh yeah any of these cars value drops like a stone as soon as you put a few miles on them. My R8 was $189k out the door, one year and 20,000mi later it was worth $115k. The same thing happened to me when I bought an NSX back in 91, both great boring cars and no resale value. The thing that I see is you can only go so fast in the real world that these cookie cutter cars are just boring and silly rocket powered skateboards are the future of the gear head.
  17. Jezzus look how complicated the shift linkage is……………………Not
  18. The funny thing is I got rid of my R8v10 because the RS7 is so much faster in the real world. And there is nothing you could buy that will out perform a modified Lotus in the twisties. You could have both in the driveway for far less than any one of these generic posers.
  19. Performance it seems comes in a generic packaging now and only build quality will make the only difference between the brands.. Build a pocket rocket for "driving" and have a stupid quick practical sedan instead of wasting so much on a posers special.
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