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  1. You know that the Swizz Beats bull is well in the past, you're 3 years out of date.


    I've spent quite some time with the new Sales and Marketing Director recently, do you know his background, even his name? He's very dynamic, very well experienced and full of ideas and receptive to those of others. To dismiss their current efforts without knowledge of the facts isn't reasonable.


    And, as you know, your wonderful and popular youtube videos never sold Lotus one car... 

    Come on Bibs, you know this for a fact ?  


    Honestly millions of people have seen my Lotus videos and you really think no one has been even slightly swayed into looking at the brand after seeing what a true enthusiasts car can become if real performance is your goal..


    That's the thought process that brought Danny and Swizzie to the headlines of Lotus failure. They forgot the true car guy and marketed to the poser a car that didn't exist.

    Yeah it's been a few years but the damage remains still.


    As for marketing efforts I haven't seen any at all in the US or anywhere else that has caught my eye.. True I don't know the marketing director's name but I'd bet he knows mine... :smoke:


    So tell me what's the next Lotus I'll be buying at my local Lotus dealership, you know the one that doesn't even have a Lotus sign hanging outside...?




  2. Act like a respectful adult or don't come back. Again, this isn't something we'll discuss, this is the final post about your behaviour in this thread, any more posts about it will be deleted and you'll be banned from posting. 


    Back on topic please and Frank, try and talk about something other than 'me, me, me', you're really not the answer to Lotus' problems I'm afraid. 



    No where did I ever say anything about me, me, me other than it would be a good idea for Lotus to put their decal on a Lotus that get's more younger enthusiast views than any other marketing outlet they have done to date... or maybe they are better off with the Swizzel stick...


    There is not an ounce of bondo on my carbon fiber body... :harhar:

  3. Seriously what's with you moderators, you toss out shit like calling my hand made carbon fiber car a "bond special" and think it's ok but when a proper response is given......oh no he insulted a moderator with adult language..


    This Advantage guy likes bating me and I give him the response he deserves. This would never happen face to face because chumps never have the stones to man up...


    I can see from the way Lotus markets their cars that this would be the forum for them.... zero innovation or motivation just people muddling along as if the younger automotive enthusiast will know who the hell makes Lotus....


    I couldn't give a crap about a free decal but if Lotus Marketing do read this they should all look for employment in sanitation because their marketing is pure garbage....


    I took a look at the groupLotus You Tube page and the view counts are a joke, especially their F1 content videos...


    You can live in the past only so long.... Don't hate the messenger 

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  4. I don't think  a sticker on Frank's bondo special will alleviate any concerns the board have about refinancing historical debt. 



    Sales are very strong, by the way. And it's sales is what this thread is about.  

    Apologize to this crap.. you gotta be kidding ?

    Not cool Frank. It would be nice to see if you're man enough to apologize.


    Your car is awesome but it's posts like that which would make Lotus want to steer clear of you.


    Plenty of other very cool projects they could get behind.


    For example:





     Yeah and where do you think Jammie and Scuffie got the idea and who's brain are they picking on ?



    Honestly I can't see any benefit to being a member here since all the ideas and brand awareness are on other forums... Brought to you by guys that actually do something with their cars...

  5. Your (now very old) car conversion shows that you don't and never will understand Lotus. 

    ^^^^ and that's why they are a failing auto manufacture... Maybe if they knew how to market or even produce a car for the world's largest buyer of Lotus cars they wouldn't be constantly on the verge of going under....


    I guess after owning 5 Lotus cars I will never understand Lotus... Dude bug off

  6. I remember a Brand awareness thread a while back and all the talk about monies wasted on a Lotus F1 car that was not built by Lotus and I can't remember the last F1 car sold by Lotus...


    For the cost of some vinyl decal they would have millions of eyes on the Lotus brand....


    Porsche love this guy Magnus Walker and use him for their marketing..... seriously 




    Yet Lotus marketing will sue a person for using the Lotus logo on a tee shirt.

    So who is doing a proper job at marketing their cars....

    How will that help them sell cars? Does the Hennessey Venom help? 


    As I've said before mate, your car is a work of art and engineering, but it's nothing to do with Lotus' current, or to be fair, past product range. 

    Hennessey flat out denies his car is a Lotus, I don't...


     As for past product range Lotus use to make a car called the 211, Elise and turbo Europa.. I kinda thought the car was a mix of all modern Lotus DNA in a nice little package.

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