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  1. This is the bottom line I guess. Ralf, sorry for having steered the thread in a totally different direction - still grinning I guess?
  2. Wipers, demister on a 2-Eleven? Thee people reaaaly think rubbish. We have to cheer still do exist car makers, like Lotus, producing cars and not super-safe "appliances". Cheers ALC 63
  3. Thank you Paul, I'm surprised of the difference between the screens, but I bow to your direct experience. On the other hand I gave up to understand rules for SVA... Cheers
  4. Thanks Paul. So the size of the "taller" screen is pretty much that of an UK Tax disc. I was expecting something taller, say the size of the perspex screen of the original Lotus Eleven. This car is truly mental... Ralf, look forward your pictures either. BTW - might be wrong, but it looks to me that most of the 2-Elevn are thus equipped with the "taller" screen, aren' t they?
  5. Ralf, I have seen the high windscreen option in the Lotus 2-Eleven brochure, but I have never seen one with this installed. Could you post some pictures of the car with that installed? Vielen Danken, ciao P.S. enjoy the car
  6. Having recently turned 45th and owning an S1 Elise this made me really happy. Still plenty of time to get my 2-11 and enjoy it. What a superb birthday, congratulation Jack! Cheers ALC
  7. Prices go up and down quite a lot. There's another one (from a respected Lotus dealer) who sell 2-11 (entry level of course) at
  8. Interesting point of view. In this country I would say there's only one category I would trust less than a Car Dealer. A Real Estate Dealer. Anyway, even an entry level 2-11 (200 bhp) for 10 grand less than usual price sounds too good to be true. Ciao Andrew
  9. Sounds like too good to be true. Firstly, I reckon you will have to pay the VAT in the country you export the car, unless exiting it from th EU. Secondly, it might be quite hard to have it road legal in most continental countries (unfortunately far more cautious in car regulations). Thirdly, if someone can prove me I'm wrong in points 1 & 2 than my S1 Elise is ON SALE! Cheers Andrew
  10. Booked flight, will be there. When will be the program available? Look forward to meet you there...sadly with a rental and not my Elise Ciao Andrew
  11. ALC 63


    Thank you all, I'm liking this forum very much - less crowdy than SeLoc and (of course) more focused on the Beast! Bibs - plenty of excellent places for food and beer around, don't worry. I'd love to join the convoy and show you some really cool secondary roads in the area...
  12. ALC 63


    Hello Bibs, let me know when then... BTW: are you going to the Italdesign HQ? Mr. Giugiaro still works there.. It's just 15 minutes drive from my place...give me a shout if you need some helps with the accomodation Hope to see ya around then!
  13. Del, add Italy on your list. I have seen a 2-Eleven with an Italian plate in a highly-respected Italian Lotus dealer. I don't think it's easy to have it registered on the road, but surely it's possible.
  14. ALC 63


    Hello there, am I the first Italian on this forum? Who cares anyway... I'm 45, and I live in Turin, Italy - the Italian motortown. I love sports car, I LOVE Lotus and since I was a child I have always been fascinated by the Lotus Eleven. That was my top car until I have seen the first 2-Eleven. She's top for me now! Just 2 years ago I managed to get my first Lotus, a lovely 1998 S1 Elise in LRG. She's my pride and joy but....before getting too old I really want to own a road-legal 2-Eleven... This is the beginning of the journey... This is me with the Eleven at LMC this summer That's my Elise (lovely, isn't she?) Cheers ALC 63
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