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  1. Have been a long long time not showing up. My 1996 Esprit V8 is now back on the road after 22 months with the mechanic.
  2. Had 4 Esprits in the last Sunday Morning Drive at Luk Kang. Dennis's just got his car back after six months in the garage changing the fuel tanks. Raymond Chung had his prize winning Espirt Turbo out (won the Best Coupe last year in the Classic Car Club Concours) Steve Chung got his SE Hing Wing from Eric Wong, fixed the suspension, but still a long way to make it perfect Raymond Kam was too happy for the morning drive and cracked the rear bumper of the V8 when leaving home. Andrew did not bring his Esprit SE but a 7-seater Our best mechanic Ricky came in his M Benz. He prepared Raymond Chung's to win the prize by combining the best parts of two Esprit Turbo into one.
  3. Thanks Bibs. Know these guys as they are the HK agent for Lotus.
  4. One of our HK Esprit members is selling his High Wing. The ad is on
  5. My pocketbook is too weak to pay for the brake and tyres on the track. Last week, I had my new Bridge Stone rear tyres at US$1,200, and it took 3 months to order.
  6. Hi Tyler, Welcome to the Forum. There are frequent meetings among the Esprit owners in HK. Have met some of the Elise fans in the morning drives. However our Esprits are too weak for track days. We may see you at Fat Kee in Luk Keng. Raymond
  7. Hi Alan, It was nice meeting you in HK. Hope you had had the time for the morning drive in our Esprits. This is the excuse for you to visit us again. Raymond
  8. Hi Alan, Going to Shen Zhen by train is the choice. Then you can grap a cab there to your meeting place. We can have dinner on Saturday evening. Which hotel are you staying, and give Eric or Dennis a call on arriving HK. Raymond Hi Alan, We mixed you with another Alan Tseng from USA, that we supposed to meet last week. So now it is clear that you are Alan Tong from UK. Please let us know which hotel you are staying, and call us on arrival. You can e-mail Dennis at, and he will give you his phone number. Or e-mail me at Will meet you in the late evening on Sept 26 Saturday. Raymond
  9. Thanks for all the suggestions. The compression test my mechanic did was with the air intake pipe dismantled, while the engine was still in the car. So there is no restriction on the air intake. The pressure gauge was mounted to the plug hole and each cylinder was measured individually, by cranking with the starter. Suspected the leaking is from the valves, rather than the rings. Polishing the valves needs to take the engine out and special tools. The engine was put back in last week after fixing the exhaust manifold. So will tune the valves in the next round of engine out maintenance. Found one of the primary injector has a very small leaking. Suspect it is the cause for the backfire. Will replace that injector plug lead and check.
  10. Thanks. Will try to find out where is the leak.
  11. My V8 engine back-fires. Try to find out if it is the valve leaking. Tested the compression pressure on all 8 cylinders, got the reading from 90 - 125 psi. Does anyone know the normal compression pressure ?
  12. Paul, Please let us know which hotel you are staying in HK.
  13. Paul and Jacqueline from USA visited HK in 2006 Christmas time. They will be here by the end of the month. Let's have dinner on 25th Saturday, and take a morning drive on 26th.
  14. Woo ! Nice pics. Lots of memorable moment, cars, and friends ! I am getting 2 alloy fuel tanks from Esprit Engineering, and Dennis also ordered one. Mine is rusted with pin holes.
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