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  1. That looks excellent. I have to wait for the racing calendar before I commit.
  2. This change caused an issue for one of the big single seater formulas. Three engine builders have all reported that the Mobil 10w60 causes drag. I tried Bardahl in my race car early last year and the difference in performance was so marked that I decided to import the products into the UK. I now use it in all my Lotus cars and it's no coincidence that Andy Dolan started winning Elise Trophy races as soon as he switched to Bardahl oil. It is the best quality oil available because "it uses the best additive packages available including Lubrizol" according to an independent oil lab ( who tested the oils) and a guy at one of the certification organisations. If you are buying Valvoline make sure it is manufactured in the USA and not Holland. At the end of the day most synthetic oils will do an ok job. I know that I use the best available and that's why I give a 100% money back guarantee and will put the oil up against any other in the Shell 4 ball test or Timken wear/friction test.... This is not an advert I'm just giving the best advice. I work with chemical engineers, well known engine builders and recently two car manufacturers. I'm not just a retailer selling product, I'm working with people to find the best solution. Not correct.......there are plenty of people iwho have tried Castrol Edge Sport and the Bardahl XTR C60 10w60. They now use the Bardahl.
  3. I have to say that I am surprised that every part in the Esprit fuel system will not be affected by ethanol. The Bardahl E10 Fuel Improver negates the reduced fuel consumption ( so you get a net saving by using it) and restores performance. It also protects against corrosion and the hygroscopic properties of ethanol fuel.
  4. I have been offered hospitality tickets: Saturday: entry + parking plus hospitality suite near start finish line + free bar all day £35 each (BIG VALUE) Sunday: entry + car pass plus hospitality suite + free food and free bar all day £100 each. Phone Steff on 07951 321233 I have to be elsewhere but it is a great meeting and Saturday is excellent value. If you go have fun Peter
  5. Buddsy, I have an additive which has been used in France (and other european countries for nearly 4 years) which I use in all my cars. I have not tried the Frost additive.
  6. Recently the RAC advised visitors to France to avoid the E10 fuel as it "may cause your car to break down." As Gunter says it increases fuel consumption. In some cases fuel efficiency can be reduced by over 10%. I have been doing a lot of research into E10 fuel (as part of my business.) I am now importing a product (available in France for over 3.5 years) which protects the fuel system against the effects of ethanol (and reduces fuel consumption) which I use in all my vehicles (Elan +2, Sports Racer and Europa S.) It is only during the last 5-10 years that engine manufacturers have "re-designed" engines to be compatable with E10 fuel. E10 fuel has a life of 3 months under the ideal environmental conditions. In a petrol tank it can be three weeks and absorbs water because ethanol is hygroscopic. Water separation and phase separation are both detrimental to the engine. I am writing an article on the subject which I am happy to pass onto fellow Lotus owners.
  7. The first series with Emma was in B&W but the second was shot in colour She also drove a red Elan+2 in one episode of that series
  8. I would be interested in doing this next year (probably with Trish also participating.) I'd probably bring my Elise Trophy car which I'm putting back on the public roads later this year. I have put a note in my diary to contact you in December. Cheers Peter
  9. PierreLP

    Goodwood Revival

    I'll be there complete with quiff, drape, drainpipes and brothel creepers.......and a length of guttering in case it rains
  10. Plenty of non Lotus on their track days. Wonder if they will let me take my 2.8L diesel Shogun out? Would be great fun on track - Trish and I have one. Why not buy an Elise Trophy car with an MOT?
  11. Ronin - I know how you feel. My competitors and other mouthy gits talk the talk but crawl back under their stones when I ask them to put their money down in a head to head.
  12. I am fortunate to own an Elise S1 (Elise Trophy spec) Elise Sports Racer and an Europa S. I have owned a Lotus since 1987. The Europa is the best Lotus I have owned and Trish agrees it is her favourite. If the Sports Racer wasn't effectively an Exige with an Elise body, Trish would also have bought an Europa. I'm sure that Chris Randall is on the lotus management's "wanted list!"
  13. Hi Keith Mine is also a daily driver. I have done quite a few long drives 5 to 9.5 hours in the car. It's pretty comfortable (but I'm used to driving a stiff race car so the bumps don't worry me) and the fuel economy is pretty good too. With a few cheap tweaks I'm getting 35mpg. The list of annoyances is pretty accurate with the brakes being my main issue. On the subject of understeer - I regulate the tyre pressures to counter this. If it's a 2007 car then the timing chain will be due for renewal at 4 years. I have no intention of ever selling mine. (I have 4 other Lotus cars and the Europa comes out top for all round usability and fun) Cheers Peter
  14. If I manage to get the +2 mot'd I will give it a run to the meeting instead of the Europa..
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