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  1. Hi,

    Just a word concerning erratic readings of the fuel gage.

    I have a 70 l bag fitted to my car and i am experiencing the same problems you all seem to have,

    2 bars left on the track mean 0 when rested.

    So the tank does not seem the culprit.

    On the other hand I have never experienced any fuel starvation issues even on slicks and the confort of being able to

    carry more fuel and being able to concentrate on more important things makes the big tank a valuable(!) plus.


  2. Hi Bert,

    Yes I am road legal and insured but my street mileage has been limited since i have had the car (one year to the day).Best on the track and trying to stay on it !

    Took ages to get it homologated but Thiery V. did a fantastic job and of course there was 5000€ for first time registration.On the whole money well spent ,but those where the days!

    Storm titanium is ideal for a 211,never seen one before.

    Hope to see you and your car very soon.

    Jesus , you must be boiling!!!!

    Patrick from brussels

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