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  1. I will try this week, another option I have in the meantime is my Reverie CF seat out of my Exige that I believe will bolt right up. I still like the idea of a full cage, although I understand It may create a problem for the aero. Comparing our height and inseam, it ends up that my torso is 3" taller than yours, creates a big problem for me in sports cars. With my Exige S, I had to go with the "down low" seat rails and the CF seat in order to get in the car with a helmet on. Matt Thanks, I will call Russ Matt
  2. Well, testing the fit in my 211 with helmet, doesn't look like I will even remotely pass the broomstick test. (I am 6' 1" with a 30" inseem) I am thinking that the best move is a full cage, my local dealer can't seem to get anywhere I am happy to buy this in GB and have it shipped. Can anyone put me in touch with someone that can get this quickly? Thanks, Matt
  3. what size are the ls brakes? anyone know the cost? Thanks, Matt
  4. For those using the big brake kit, did you put on all four wheels? Is this kit the same as this ? Thanks, Matt
  5. the other thread simply states they are not hans certified. not sure what this means. Matt
  6. I have heard that the recaro seat in our 211's is not Hans compatible, can someone elaborate? Also, if there is no real issue does anyone know what angle of hans is best for our cars? 20 or 30? Thanks, Matt
  7. I would like to purchase a tonneau for my 211 but need the part numbers as my local dealer has been of little help. Also interested in the full cage. Thanks, Matt
  8. Build 178 Launch Edition Davenport, IA Matt
  9. Added to the registry, but don't know how to change my car in the profile. build number 178 - car will be in storage for a few more weeks until the snow melts! Matt
  10. Just said goodbye to my exige s and welcomed the delivery of my new 2 eleven. Reading up and getting ready for the first track session of many. Matt
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