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  1. Yes, we've got a V6 Cup R on hire so I'll probably be there at some point
  2. That's not how homologated race cars operate - they GT86 and Evora were running in invitation class with no BoP - Balance of Performance Measures e.g. the Ginetta has to carry circa 100kgs of ballast and run a smaller rear wing and raised ride height. The McLaren has to carry 125kgs of ballast and increased ride height etc. This is to balance the performance to the slower cars - Aston Vantage GT4 and Porsche Cayman GT4. If they had been running a homologated Evora GT4 the last BoP for that had around 100kgs of ballast, a lower rev limit and higher ride height. This car didn't have to carry any of that so it's performance is little to do with design and engineering and more to do with the fact that it was running more power, lower weight and lower ride height that the stuff it was racing against. Gav is correct in saying that it was 'asked' not to win!
  3. We will have two options available shortly; 1. fully fitted kit to use a Honda gearbox - same box as has been used with supercharged Honda conversions running much more power and torque than the 2-Eleven 2. sequential (non Sadev) - this wil be much more expensive than the Honda option but much cheaper than the Lotus Sadev solution I've also got a new C64 with LSD on the shelf at the moment if anyone needs one............
  4. They don't. Eliseparts will have a new ECU out shortly which will be plug and play for the 2-Eleven, this along with a few other upgrades will allow you to get more than 270 cheaper than the Lotus route but as pointed out the gearbox can't handle 260 never mind anymore....
  5. 15w50 300V & Gear Comp 75w140 - Stephen [email protected]
  6. There are a couple of gearbox options that will be available around the end of the year. We'll be putting a (non Sadev) sequential box into a 2-Eleven for one of the Lotus series next season. This will also have the option of paddleshift. Your other option is an E153 kit with integrated oil cooler and LSD - this is about £7k for the full kit (driveshafts etc) but is a straight bolt in replacement. I've given up with the C64 box, doesn't really matter what you do, you just move the problem elsewhere, we've probably changed about 30 C64's this season on road, race and track cars. Stephen [email protected]
  7. Think so, will e-mail you. I have a non damaged original as well.
  8. I don't believe that Lotus are progressing an uprated option for the C64 box..........this is my understanding based on a few meetins this week with various people. I'm looking at putting an Exige Cup 260 into Britcar at at least one probably two Lotus variants into the Britcar 24 hour race. Top of the list of issues is gearbox durability, it will not last.
  9. I've got spare bodywork and it's end of race season so I can probably risk letting it go, I have both damaged and undamaged. Drop me a note to [email protected] Stephen
  10. We can fit either an MSA or FIA compliant front tow post using the original Lotus parts for around
  11. Scotty, let me sort you out with Performance Friction pads. Cheaper than Pagid, more consistent, don't break up to the same degree when beyond 50%. Two compounds available and I've got PF discs being made in the US which will fit the AP bells. Motul RBF660 brake fluid has the same properties as SRF but is less expensive, that's what we're running in the 2-Eleven, Exige S and the production class cars. Stephen
  12. Depends on who you do insurance with, I general fix the excess at around
  13. We're an authorised Lotus parts & Merchandise dealer and I used to live in Kuwait so I can probably help you! Drop me an e-mail and I'll see if I can sort out what you need. Stephen [email protected]
  14. Must have been a tugger driving Scotty........most modified x-Bows running the 300bhp plus package on slicks will be quicker than a 'stock' 2-Eleven, I've driven both back to back. Still prefer the 2-Eleven though and at somepoint someone is going to do a tub on the Xbox which will make chassis damage on a Lotus look like a quick nib and polish in cost terms.......... Stephen
  15. That was a relatively new 2-Eleven owner. We collected the car for him and it's getting repaired with a few upgrades at the moment, luckily it was insured otherwise he was looking at around
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