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  1. Hello! A few weeks ago I got some problems with my 2-Eleven at the Sachsenring: After three left hand corners the car did not get enough fuel for a few seconds. Now I want to install an catch tank with a separate fuel pump. Does anybody know the fuelpressure the car needs? Many thanks! Robert
  2. Hi Gilles, yes, of course, you are right. But during the last 10 years I have seen only one street legal Radical SR3 on German race tracks...and he was driving between the race cars. So the chance to drive the car with the shortest stopping distance is intact Robert
  3. Hello Gilles, in the Radical Forum street legal cars are in the minority , and street legal cars with shorter brake distances....? It is a long way from Zora Arkus-Duntov to ACBC, from cubic capacity to less weight, I have to learn a lot. To the 24h race I will not be there I will go to the N
  4. Hello to all, quick respones! Well, my Z06 takes up to 50ltr/100km on track, without in- and outlap, measured under race speed, the C5 S/C on the picture up to 40 ltrs. 2008 my tracks are Spa, N
  5. or will it be the first? My name is Robert Aschoff. I come from Kassel in the middle of Germany. For about 8 years now I am using my Corvettes on track days. This year I want to upgrade my carpool with a car having the shortest stopping distance and the highest speed in turns: The Lotus 2-Eleven...I know what it means...a 2-eleven in the mirror of my 500hp-Corvette and all what I need is a looooooong straight.... It will be the s/c launch edition with sva pack and be delivered in May! Robert My english is horrible, but I am uninhibited.
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