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  1. Hi All, sorry, been a bit busy lately and haven't popped in for a look lately. Gav is 100% right, the 'bar is up to the job but it shouldn't be used all the time as lifting the car on a single strap is inherantly unsafe due to the risk of the strap failing. The main thing is to make sure the strap runs through the two holes formed by the little frontwards braces as well as under the main hoop so that the load is not put through the centre of the main hoop, which could easily bend. Nick
  2. Hi, from what you are saying it doesn't sound right, the warning lamp on the instrument pack should light up when you turn the TC off and you say it isn't. Are you sure you are turning the TC off? To do so press and hold the button until the central LED lights up and make sure the variable control knob is set all the way clockwise. The lamp on the IP should then be on, if it is; great, if it ain't; something's adrift somewhere. If it isn't working your dealer will be able to sort it easily enough with the diagnostic tool. The TC will not work until 6mph as has been said already. Even in the maximum setting the car will oversteer slightly when pushed hard enough, and don't forget this is not a stability control system so oversteer as a result of lifting off the throttle will still happen.... Let us know what the outcome is! Nick
  3. If it's any help Bibs it seems to be inconsistant, some of the pages have taken five minutes to load this evening, some have taken seconds. It's still faster than me right now though! Nick
  4. Hi Mohammed, congratulations on your debut in the 2-Eleven. Mark tells me you were running well, glad you had a good time. Thank for flying the flag for us out there, keep up the good work! Nick
  5. Yep, these are the new wheels we have been playing with. The finished items will be even lighter with additional machining in the hub region to get more weight out, they are the lightest () wheels we have ever offered for the Elise/Exige/2-Eleven and don't forget these are the wider front to suit slicks as well as road tyres. We have some testing to complete and some FEA work to prove out the strength before we release them for sale, but if you like them let Russel know as it will help us with the batch sizes. Nick
  6. Awwww, you sweethearts, thanks! I'll live, getting around is just a bit of a pain right now. I bent down to duck under a barrier tape and tore the muscles in my back, which did smart a bit, I must say.... I've rigged up the pc at home so the screen is laying face down and overhanging the dining room table andthe keyboard is taped/tie-rapped to the underside of the table so I can lay on my back on a mattress under the table and type, albeit rather slowly. It's rather comfortable actually, and has the added benefit of allowing a quick snooze whenever the fancytakes me and also should protect me from falling masonry in the event of an unexpected earthquake or terrorist attack! Hope to be back at work before too long, in the meantime please don't fret if service is a touch patchy! Nick
  7. Hi JK, I should have been on holiday this week but I'm actually off work with an injured back so I'm laying on the floor at home with no cahnce of getting away on holiday. I believe Neil contacted you today, like me he has been elsewhere for a while so an immediate response is not always possible, although we do try to be as quick as possible. I also think that Russel Gibbons responded to your query on the parts in Adrians absence, I will speak with him tomorrow to confirm this. Have patience my friend, we will never knowingly miss the chance to sell you something! Nick
  8. Hi All, well done Scotty, sounds like you put him into context fairly effectively. Looking at the race results from MST on their site he was running 51 second laps of the Indy which is pretty poor for a car on slicks. My little 180 PS 1600cc road legal race Elan used to run 58 second laps on 185 section Yoko A032's and discs which doubled up as drinks coasters. Will someone please get out there and race their 2-Eleven against a X-Bow for real?? Nick
  9. Hi Mohammed, good to hear you are competing with the car so soon. As the guys have suggested around 7000rpm should be about right for launch on warm dry tarmac, but try and get a few practice starts in on a similar surface to get it just right. Start with slightly lower revs, say 6500 and see how she is, if she bogs down then use more revs, if the tyres light up and she hangs around for a bit before going use less. A perfect start should involve only a small amount of wheel spin. Remember to set the traction control to around 12 or 1 o'clock on the dial as you don't want the tc cutting in straight after a perfect launch.... Go for the track settings if the course is smooth and clean, otherwise stick with the standard settings as the car will cope with poor surfaces better with these. To be honest, the car is pretty good as it comes and I would generally advise leaving it alone unless you are very experienced and know enough about vehicle dynamics to be able to effect an improvement. If the Autocross is lots of slow corners then use a fair bit of rear wing but watch out for understeer; if possible change your driving style to a less aggressive turn in to counter the understeer rather than take off some of the wing. Obviously, for the drag race take as much wing angle off as you can, in fact take the wing off if they'll let you. The factory driver is my friend Mark Fullalove, late of the BTCC and various one make championships. He's a really good bloke and he is looking forward to meeting you and helping you with your car set-up. Have fun and let us know how you get on, Nick
  10. OK, thanks Paul, drop me your address and I will pop a replacement in the post to you free of charge. Please send me the dead switch back when you have recieved the replacement so that I can find out what has gone wrong and make sure it doesn't happen again. Thanks, Nick
  11. Right, we have a definitive answer here for exhausts. Pay attention at the back! There have only ever been two silencers available for the 2-Eleven from Lotus, 127S0001F which is the stage 1 sports silencer as shown on page 17 of the dealer order guide which is elsewhere on this site, and 127S0004F which is the standard quiet silencer as shown in the picture at the start of this thread. I was misinformed regarding a sports silencer based on the standard cannister; there is no such thing. We have never offered a stage 2 silencer, so I don't know how you managed to buy one Paul, by the sound of your thread you have bought a second stage 1 silencer. I guess you assumed that stage 1 was the standard offering; it is not. By our (remarkably good) records your car was fitted with a stage 1 sports silencer when it left here. Who did you buy the silencer from, and what precisely did you order? The early 2-Elevens, up to around car 40 or so were all supplied with the stage 1 silencer as a free upgrade because we were not ready with the standard silencer. As soon as the standard silencer became available we started using it on all cars as standard unless the optional stage 1 silencer was selected by the customer. The standard silencer is easily identified by its rolled end on the tailpipe; the stage 1 silencer just has a cut end without a radius rolled on. If you want to fit a standard silencer to a car originally fitted with the stage 1 silencer then you will neeed to replace the number plate mount with the later style piece at the same time as the original mount fouls the larger silencer. The standard silencer is very quiet, but even it doesn't guarantee entry to some of the more noise restricted tracks in the UK The stage 1 silencer will get you thrown out of about half the track days we have over here , with noise levels on the supercharged engine of 97.5 dB(A) with a catalyst fitted and 101 DB(A) without a catalyst. Any noisier exhausts will further restrict the cars access to track days where noise levels apply. I hope this clears things up. Nick
  12. I have to admit here that I may be out of touch on what my friends in production purchasing are up to. I'm told that the stage 1 silencer has been revised, but I don't know how. It is possible that for reasons of cost they have commonised the outer silencer casing in which case the sound will be the only way to tell them apart. I'll find out next week and report back. Nick
  13. Good advice, let me know what you find. Nick
  14. Yeah, it does get a bit tight in there, I wanted a second bend in the feed pipe to the intercoolr to get more clearance but it was not posible without cutting and wleding the pipe due to the proximity to the other bends. A gentle squashing of the convoluted hose to get clearance is the best and easiest soution if it is rubbing. Nick
  15. Underseal it with spray on Body Schutz, available from most car paint suppliers and better accessory dealers. We don't do it in the first place because the car was designed to be minimalist and lightweight and the majority of 2-Eleven owners don't see to mind the odd chip or craze. The more stuff I put on it the heavier it is.... Don't forget, when originally concieved the car was going to be supplied unpainted as well! Nick
  16. Hi All, I have spoken with Lisa Dann, who co-ordinates all the traing activities here and it would be no problem to run a bronze day on a Friday before one of the regular scheduled SIlver days ona Saturday. Call her on +44 (0)1953 608547 to arrange dates. The trip can be integrated with service or upgrade work in the workshop, factory tours, classic team Lotus tours etc, once again speak to Lisa about this and she can make the necessary bookings with the workshop. Obviously the more notice the better to avoid a clash with pre-booked work for other clients. The early level driver training is all done in our cars, Elise S's initially because these do everything you need for the Bronze and Silver courses and in a friendly manner at low enough speeds that you can learn rather than just hang on! We do have a left hand drive car on the fleet for those unfamiliar with RHD, please let Lisa know if you need LHD when booking. Hope this helps, Nick
  17. Sorry, I'm missing something here. Why do you need mirrors? Nick ps: or is it to see the despair in the eyes of the guy you've just lapped?
  18. He's right! I do have nice radiused carbon end plates coming up shortly, but at a price.... Nick
  19. Hi All, the model year for your car is defined by the 10th digit of the VIN stamped on the chassis. 7 is 2007, 8 2008 and 9 2009. When it gets here 2010 will be A! The cars are not made in batches by the way, they are built to order in amongst all the Elise, Exiges, Europas and Teslas and sequencing is only moved around a little to assist with labour assignment on the production line. Enjoy. Nick
  20. Hi JK, if I understand your question correctly you are asking if you can fit a passenger seat in place of the Recaro so you can drive the car while waiting for the new Carbon Fibre HANS seat? The answer is yes, but you will need to remove the passenger seat mounting frame and replace it with a drivers seat frame for the approriate side of the car. Nick ps: your replacement panels are on their way to you....
  21. Hi All, we are working with LCU on resolving the situation with parts availability in the States, I hope to have something for you before too much longer! Bill is a little mistaken, the rigid tonneau always was to be available in both glass fibre (GRP, same thing) and Carbon Fibre and remains so. I suspect the confusion comes because we do not quote a fixed price for the carbon part as the cost is very greatly influenced by the finish required. Price for this part is on application so we can have a chat with you and find out exactly what you want. Hope this helps, Nick
  22. She went for her test this morning, so should be leaving here within the next few days when the paperwork has arrived. Looks lovely..... Nick
  23. Yep, Dan takes the prize, it's the Evap cannister connection, the engine harness is based on the standard Elise part and hence there are some surplus connectors.. Do not connect them together, lord alone knows what would happen. Nick
  24. Welcome Mohammed, nice car. Probably a bit warmer there right now as well, you lucky man! Nick
  25. Hi Manny, the new seat is the only complete answer I have for the more vertically challenged; the only way I could get an FIA seat that would fit with enough clearance to allow adjustment was to make one and I could only do that when I could prove I could sell enough to see a return on the costs. One way to make things more confortable for a shorter driver in the Recaro is to use a 2-pack foam kit to mould a seat liner which pushes the driver further forward, but this is a job best done by an experienced race prep shop as the mess that you can make if you get it wrong (and it's very easy to get wrong) is incredible. I have a good friend here at Hethel who glued himself into his road/race car seat a few years back while foaming a liner and spent all night stuck in the car 'cos his wife had gone to bed and he couldn't reach the battery master switch so he could sound the horn to attract her attention! Please be aware that any modification to the seat shell invalidates the FIA approval, you really should be careful if you want to do this as you could weaken the seat shell and that can be very bad in an accident. Jack, I don't know if you got a seat or not. I made sure Adrian got your message first thing Monday, I will check with him tomorrow and get him to drop you a line. Nick
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