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  1. You lot could give Sherlock Holmes a run for his money! I'm sure if you contact Newton they'll be able to help you Gav. The reason we only stock the cap and tube is that's how we buy them from Newton. The tube is unique to the 2-Eleven, made to our design, but the cap is an off the shelf Newton part. Nick
  2. Hi JK, yes, the new seat resolves this issue completely. The seat runs through the full range of fore and aft adjustment on the sliding runners and when mounted on the FIA side plates it can go almost as far forward and further back. It can also be tilted on the side plates for a taller driver or lifted higher to help a shorter guy. I can also supply, to special order, special side plates to suit even shorter drivers or those with special requirements.... Sadly all of the bargain basement non-FIA seats mentioned above have been sold now, but the full FIA spec carbon HANS seat will be available before too much longer with all the same benefits and more. I will post details when I have them. Scotty, I'm not sure about a cut of the proceeds, but you will always have my gratitude, and who knows what that may translate into the next time you car is in the Lotus Sport workshop.... Cheers all, Nick
  3. Hi Jack, Russ is off for a few days, Adrian is dealing with these but he's gone home for the weekend and I don't know if he has taken an order for them yet. I'll check with him Monday, if you got to me before anyone gets to him you may be okay! Watch this space, Nick
  4. Hi All, a bit late now as we have just one pair left (must be priced too cheap! ), but here's a piccy of the seat. If you want them don't hang around, Adie's off home at 12.15! Nick
  5. Oooh, what's going on there. I'll have a look tomorrow and get that sorted out.... Thanks, Nick
  6. Hi Lee, the standard settings as listed in the owners manual (look in your memory stick, there are hints and tips on the process of adjustment in there as well) are as good a starting point as any. You have to be driving pretty hard to start bashing the splitter, so I wouldn't worry about that at this stage. To some degree however you will have to view the splitter as sacrificial, they are always the most vunerable part of any race car and they only really work when they are close enough to the track to be easily damaged by kerbs, debris and track contact. That's why we have made it out of a high tech natural composite material (aka plywood! ), which is tough and cheap to replace. Although I'll get shot for saying it, I would expect many owners to make their own replacements at home.... Nick
  7. Hi All, a little more detail on these special offer seats so you understand precisely what they are. As you probably know we have introduced a new, Lotus designed and manufactured carbon fibre, HANS compatible and FIA approved seat in the Sport 260 Exige. This seat has been designed to mount on either the standard Elise/Exige/2-Eleven runners so that the drivers seat can be slid back and forth easily (but nor compliant with FIA regulations) or on fixed FIA regulation side plates, in which case the FIA approval is valid and the seat can be used in race events where an FIA seat is mandatory. It's wider across the base than the Recaro seat we have used previously, more comfortable and, when mounted on the FIA side mounts it has a much greater range of fore and aft, up and down and rake adjustment. In it's lowest setting it is hard up against the floor to get the driver absolutely as low in the car as possible. I'm 5'9" tall and with the seat in it's most rearwards and raked position I can't fully depress the clutch pedal at full stretch, so it will make life a lot better for larger drivers. These seats can also be fitted as a matching pairside by side unlike the Recaro and can be used with three point, four point or sixpoint harnesses as required. The headrest has also been repositioned to make it more comfortable when wearing a crash helmet. These new seats are not yet available as an aftermarket part as demand for the Cup 260 Exige is absorbing our carbon seat production capacity, although I expect them to become available in three or four months time. at a price comparable with other FIA approved Carbon Fibre seats. During development of these seats we trialled a number of different manufacturing processes before deciding on the most efficient which we then adopted for the production seats. During these trials we produced a number of test seats which although still made in carbon fibre were not made to the final moulding process and cannot therefore be covered by the same FIA approval as the production seats. The cost of a separate FIA approval impact test programme for this small batch of seats was uneconomical. We have therefore decided to sell them off as non-FIA approved seats suitable for track day or non-FIA motorsport use at a one off, bargain basement price to recover some of our costs and to give you a cost effective, lightweight seat option. The seat is the same basic shell as the Cup 260 seat shown above, but without the large cutouts in the sides so they cannot be used with a three point lap and diagonal seatbelt. They have a continuous flange running along the side like a more conventional racing seat with apertures for four or six point harnesses already cut in to them. The seat shell is about a kilogram lighter than the glassfibre sport seat shell, in trimmed state I would expect the difference to be closer to 1.5kg per seat. The seat is much stiffer than the sport seat due to the buttressed side panel design and they can be placed side by side in any Elise, Exige, 2-Eleven or Europa. Unless you choose to pay extra and wait a little longer for a "to your specification" custom trim the seats are trimmed in Black velour cloth like the Recaro seats were, with a Lotus Sport logo on the headrest. The carbon fibre is painted a satin black; there is no exposed carbon fibre visible on the seat shell. The seats have been tested for strength to the same standards as our normal non-FIA road car seats as used in the Elise, Exige and 2-Eleven. I will have a picture shortly and will post it as soon as I can. The price is
  8. Hi All, taking the questions in turn, Mr Oz, your splitter is the standard length one , both from your measurement and the picture. Not sure how that happened, but put a call in to your dealer and get him to speak with LCU and we'll sort it out. I'll pre-warn LCU so they know it's coming. Sorry If it helps at all we are finding our test drivers are starting to prefer it with the shorter splitter now they have gotten used to the car, as you probably know we tend to like our cars with a little natural understeer as it is easier to drive the car on the limit that way. Nice to see you are paying attention by the way! Damper wise, I would suggest increasing the front compression (bump) setting by 2 clicks and the rebound (jounce) by one as a starting point. Obviously as you increase the damping you will generally increase understeer, so keep an eye on the overall picture in case you end up creating more understeer than the long splitter removes in the first place! Don't be afraid to trim the splitter length down as an alternative, the lengths we have specified are those which give a neutral aerodynamic balance with the carbon rear wing in the median setting and the GRP wing in it's standard position, so it is quite possible that they will need to be adjusted to suit specific driving styles or tracks. A standard woodworkers router with a radius bit fitted does the job beautifully! On the GT4 Supersports 2-Eleven at Dubai we ended up running a half way house 4" splitter as the long splitter was generating so much downforce on the long long downhill straight that it was contacting the track even before the driver hit the brakes. Stiffer damping wouldn't be able to help much due to the long period for which the load was applied and we were already running stiffer springs. We also found that we were losing some rear downforce due to the full FIA cage interfering with the airflow to the rear wing, so less downforce at the front helped to balance things up a bit with less drag losses than increasing the rear wing angle. I don't have ramp data for Tamas, can someone run over a bit of string with a front tyre, pull it tight and in a straightline up to the leading edge of the front splitter and measure the angle for him? Ta, Nick
  9. I've just re-read my previous post and I should apologise to Al, it's not him that offended me by posting it but the guys who asked the questions of me in the first place without explaining they were going to publish it. Don't worry, I get cranky sometimes, just don't take any notice! Nick
  10. Boasting about just 5 inches, oh dear oh dear..... The "long" front splitter is 50mm longer than the standard "short"splitter. If you are running the long splitter watch out for track contact at high speeds on undulating surfaces, you may need to increase front damper settings to keep her chin off the floor due to the downforce. Nick Oops, 50mm is nearasdammit 2" for our colonial friends. Nick
  11. The Dubai car did run Michelins, the numbers in the "private" mail which I sent to someone who then posted it here without the courtesy of asking first are their codings and compounds. They worked well, although they are way too hard for the car. We could probably have completed the 24 hour race on one set if we had been silly enough. We are looking at working with Michelin to develop a suitable compound and construction tyre, but it won't be ready for a while yet. The Race was sponsored by Toyo tyres, hence the decals!! Good job it wasn't sponsored by KY Jelly or you would all be worried..... Nick
  12. Hi Bruh, or do I call you La? Measured at the wheel rim from a 100 F / 110 R base ride height the car has 19mm of bump and 44mm of droop at the front and 22mm of bump and 40mm droop at the rear. Now you can see why I get sweaty when people start wanting to drop their cars below 90mm ride at the front..... I don't have Exige S figures to hand, but it has about 10-15mm more bump and simliar droop at both the front and the rear. Note that the Exige rides at 130mm all round, so at the same ride heights as the 2-Eleven it has almost no bump travel at all! Nick
  13. Hi Neil, look forward to seeing you on the 25th. The 2-Eleven rides lower than the Exige, by 30mm at the font and 20mm at the rear. As a result of this the bump travel would have been unacceptably limited with the standard length Exige dampers and hence the 2-Eleven dampers are shorter and unique to the 2-Eleven. The valving of the dampers, which controls the damping characteristics is also different to suit the lower mass of the car on both the Bilsteins and the Ohlins to that used on the Exige. The Ohlins are a more track biased base setting than the Bilsteins, although they can of course be adjusted to soften the ride if you are doing a long journey for example (not that many of us would bother because the ride is suprisingly good for such a good little track car). The non-adjustable Bilsteins have a slightly more compliant ride than the Ohlins in their standard adjustment settings, but the balance and grip they offer is fantastic and I have to say I was blown away when I first drove the car with them fitted. Gav Kershaw set them up and he did a great job. If you need the facility to adjust damping or want to learn what benefits it can bring you go for the Ohlins. If you just want to drive the car get the Bilsteins. The standard cast Y Spoke wheels are as a set 10.8 kg heavier than both the forged twin spoke (the optional wheel on the Elise and Exige, standard on 2-Elevens with the Sport pack) and 8kg heavier than the five spoke motorsport wheel (cost option on 2-Elevens with the Sport pack), and a sensitive driver will feel the difference in terms of both ride and response. It's by no means a major deal, but in a back to back test it is noticeable. All the best, Nick
  14. Once again I'm sat here in a deserted office, we knock off at 12.15 on a Friday! That said I won't be here long, the 23 is calling..... Nick
  15. Hi Neil, indeed not. The standard 2-Eleven price includes Ardent Red or Racing Green Solid paint and little Lotus, 2-Eleven and Union Jack decals on the back of the rear panel. Other paint colours, solid and metallic are available as a cost option with the same little decals. The Launch edition style schemes, with two colour paint and the big graphic decals all over the shop are also a cost option, but more expensive than the plain one colour paint options. You can have any colour you want from the Lotus range, or if you want to pay for custom paint you can specify any colour or colour scheme you can think of.... Hope this helps, Nick
  16. Yep, could well work. We have done similar things in the past on other programmes, I'll give it some thought. Thanks for the idea! Nick ps:I want to see the pictures of you inthe 2-Eleven in your flying helmet!!
  17. Hi Neil, as the guys have said, both cars have their merits. I must admit when we first finally got around the building a normally aspirated car after getting used to the performance of the supercharged one I was worried that it would feel slow, but that really isn't the case. The kick in the back you get when the cams switch on the NA car is exaggerated by the cars low mass and the result is great fun. The NA is more accessible than the SC, especially on the roads where the SC performance can make things start to happen very quickly on occasion! The absolute difference in performance is not a great as you would expect, sure the SC car is quicker, but with less mass in the first place the NA is not slower in the corners and can embarrass a SC car given the right driver The press certainly liked the NA car, I think some of them felt less intimidated by the performance and were therefore able to enjoy it more. I wouldn't worry about resale value becasue the car can always be upgraded to SC at a later stage, when you feel you need it. Ask your dealer to get you down to Hethel for a look round. If we have an NA car to hand I'll take you out in it.... Nick
  18. Hi All, sorry to hear dissent in the ranks . The screen price is incorrect, I am getting that sorted out and will get it corrected asap. The cost of the option and accessory parts has to reflect a sensible return for us on a viable number of parts sold. If I cannot show a reasonable return at a reasonable risk then the company will not allow the options to be created in the first place. The big problem with the 2-Eleven upgrades is that where they are specific to and engineered exclusively for the 2-Eleven the potential market is tiny (currently 260 cars world wide) and hence the number we are likely to sell is small, meaning the design, development, tooling and adminitrative costs all have to absorbed by a small number of sales. The other problem is the cost of us getting some of this stuff to market is higher than many of the aftermarket suppliers because unlike them we are duty bound to test the items fully and to make sure they comply with all legal and where applicable FIA/MSA/SCCA requirements, which can be quite time consuming and expensive. I can't go into the precise numbers for obvious reasons, but the break even (note, that's not a profit, just covering the up front costs) on many of these parts is in the region of 30 or 40 sales, which is a seriously high take up as I'm sure many of you will be aware.... We have to run such high takes ups in order to try to keep the prices sensible,of course, if they're not then we know full well we won't sell any parts, and then we will lose money for sure. It's a heck of a balancing act. I notice the FIA full cage was attracting some flak, well, take a look out there in the aftermarket for a fully FIA compliant lightweight cage (ie: one designed in highly expensive (but not space shuttle spec ) lightweight tubing, stress analysed and approved by individual application in order to save weight rather than one made from thick wall heavy tubing to the basic FIA requirements to keep costs down) and see what they cost. Generally, for a low volume application around
  19. Yep, she left here last week and looked fantastic. I must say I've always thought the Green Dragon the best of the launch colour schemes, but to date I think it's been the least popular. Never mind Ralf, I think you have excellant taste! Hope you enjoy her. Nick
  20. Lordy, and I thought some of our schemes were loud! Looks good though, nice to see something different. Is it a full vehicle wrap or just large green vinyl panels on a black painted car. If it's the full wrap I would love to know what it cost. Thanks, Nick
  21. Hi Kelv, great to hear from you. I saw you on here and to be honest that was one of the triggers that set me thinking I ought to make an appearance as well. How's it going over there? The car still hasn't got back from Dubai, hopefully we'll see here early next week. I'm hoping , if we have time before we start getting her ready for the next outing, to get her into the main reception display area for a few days, still covered in the dirt and flies from the race. If you guys have no objection I'll run your video on a loop in the background although I'll have to distract people when the bit with me fast asleep comes up! Speak soon, Nick
  22. Del, dop me your postal address, I have a little something for you.... Nick
  23. Hi, I'm probably a bit late coming into this one, but just in case anyone is still watching, I can confirm categorically that the supercharger kit can be retrofitted to the normally aspirated car at a later date if required. Buying a supercharged car from the outset will be more cost effetive though due to the labour costs for instaling the kit and the cost effects of some of the parts which we subsitute on the production line and can therefore recover from the overall cost. With regard to seats we cannot in any way recommend the installation of a child seat in a 2-Eleven due to the lack of windscreen and the difficulty in providing adequate safety protection for a small child. The seats in the 2-Eleven are the same except for trim as the seats in the Exige, although the standard 2-Eleven roll cage does not include the upper and lower mountings for a three point inertia reel seatbelt. We do however offer these on the Japanese specification cars in order to meet their requirements for road legality and we could, if asked, build a 2-Eleven to special order with the Japanese specification cage and inertia reels. If these are installed you should not mount four point harnesses at the same time as they share common lap belt fixings which are not tested or approved for dual belt mounting. You could however remove the three points and install 4 points at any time. Paint colours are as the standard Lotus range including all the metallics and "lifestyle" choices plus the special 2-Eleven specific striped designs Hope this helps, Nick
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