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  1. I knew it, that it's worth to post. Wraped things are interesting for all time ! Don't ask about pulling it down!
  2. My cheap solution for towing in rain... I can't recommend it, doing this every weekend, but 2 times a year it isn't any problem. You need: packaging foil (elastic) some tape right wrap-technique* 20min *4 layers side by side front to rear (only one layer thick) / go around to fix the ends, couple times / important to cross once left rear to right front and opposite / don't wrap the mirrors / fix it with tape, that the tape pulls up the wrap on the sides a little... I can't promise that it works every time, but it worked well in Hockenheim - just a question of the right technique.
  3. How many No. 255 are out there? Do I have a copy :-)? This would be the answer of all the little weak spots of the car :-)! Gabe of Bell Air, California, please check your numbers! PL
  4. I've read about the use of rubberised Spray like 3M Bodyschutz to prevent the front wheellarches (by flying stones) . But I've heard of people who took a Exige wheel house for their 2-11. Does somebody have any experience with it? How it's mounted? I don't want to take the spray, which sticks there forever. I already have spidercracks, so body repair and paintshop will be necessary some day. Glue inside doesen't make that easier...
  5. I put some electrical tape around the hinge of the side mirrors. First I was afraid, how it's may looking. But now I think it even looks better, because it covers the rust! Tape belongs to motorsport like water to cooking...
  6. I agree, that you need less force for towing, but when towing a car I think there are situations with much more stress on the rope. 750kg of the car seems not that much to me... I haven't seen yet, how the bar is fixed, so maybe I should do this first. The centre of gravity would be somewhere on the two crossbars in front of the actuall bar.
  7. That's a very nice tool! I think of taking a winch for lifting the complete car on the roll bar. Than it would be easy to put it on trestles or chocks... Would be the roll bar, the mounting and the complete car strong enough? I haven't read this in the manual, but I've read that it's possible to tow the car this way. So, for my understanding, the forces have only different directions...
  8. Has somebody tried to lift the 2-11 on the roll bar? Or what will happen?
  9. I'll make a pic of the original oil filter. What parts (1,2,3) are on the following pic and where is the oil going (a,b,c). Does the Oil of the accusump flow in and out on the same tube? Thanks for help understanding my car !
  10. Many Thanks... I didn't get a part manual, can I find it somewhere in the internet?
  11. The Accusump has a filter which is called "inline-filter", but I can't find further information. Does anybody have a part list of the 2-11 or know the exact spec.?
  12. Which oil filter is needed to keep warranty - a original Toyota? Where can i buy the filter for the accusump - is there a online dealer somewhere in Europe ?! Oil: Lotus recommends Havoline 5W-40 full synthetic, it seems everybody use a 10W-60 - what's right? How to change oil in the oil cooler? Many Thanks...
  13. XBOX and isotobe green - is there a 2-11 in that color? No. 255 - picture of Evidence !
  14. I see, there are two cars with No. 255. Gabe Lakatosh, please check your No.. Regards PL
  15. No. 255 - ISOTOPE green Plazidus Leute, Albstadt, Germany purchased April 21th, 2009 in England
  16. With 193cm some little changes in seat adjustment could be good. So the 25mm taller screen could also be a good option for me. Paul, you wrote, that you drove the taller screen as well. What are these 25mm worth? And how tall are you, Paul? (Because of the seats: I'm pretty sure that I have the standard seats, full covered with leather.)
  17. Thank you Bill. I think, I already have the new seats (the car is just one month old - purchased in England). The seats itself look really low, it's just the little space under the seat to the floor, which I would like to close. I'm about 6'4" and I can see the instruments clearly. My helmet ends exactly under the rollbar, which isn't that bad. But to increase safety it's better to sit as low as possible (also because of the this support tubes of the rollbar). Moreover I'd like to drive with ski goggles and a half helmet as well, so it would be good when the wind hits my face up of my mouth. Actually I don't really now jet, how exactly the wind flows in, I only drove the 2-11 in on and off a trailer until now. The car get's the the SVA for Germany right now, so end of next week is the lucky day :-). Does the wind stream exactly horizontal over the wind screen, or on what height the wind presure strarts roughly? ....I'll see next week...I also can send you a picture of my seats...
  18. The regular leather seats on my 2-11 have a clearance between seat and the floor-panel of about 1,5 - 2cm. Because of my tall body size, I'd like to set the seats a little lower. Does somebody have a idea how this could work? Best Regards
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