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  1. Hello Nick, Paul here,

    Bedding the big brakes in at Goodwood yesterday(thank Louie for his advice) and testing out the 260 upgrade. Second session, light breeze behind on the Lavant straight pulling over 8000 in 5th and still going(140+). Fantastic never seen more than 135, so as an experiment i took all the rear wing off(horizontal, i,ve drilled holes to make my standard wing adjustable) . Just the same speed so i put the wing back to original. After that and the rest of the day the top speed reverted to 130/135(the wind actually increased ) and so i was rather puzzled and i feel confident i,m exiting lavant corner consistently.

    Is it possible the remap has been lost or is it atmospherics, temp,... surely not me!

    PS. My final lap time of 1.25 is the same as last year.

  2. couple of points.

    1) My gearbox 1900 miles is shredded ! yes I DO beat the syncro I am told, but my little 340r box is hammerd with 240bhp as well and has lasted 10 years ? I have had it rebuilt BUT I do not really want to keep doing it , 1900 miles !! Ideas, better box, comments welcomed.Surely the 211 box should not be this weak? I am NOT the only person to have the box rebuilt in very short time, it seems a little unfair that this is NOT a warrany job. a track day works the car FAR harder than any race weekend, you are welcome to come on ANY of the track days and see how the cars are put through there paces.

    2) anyone got an engine, mine went pop at Donnington today, I am supposed be racing 17/18/19 and after a BIG rebuild from my littel accident the car looks amazing, handles stunningly ( thanks to GT4 suspension) and set up with Stephen and FSR. BUT I am in need of an engine, we have not got 100% to the bottom of the issue as yet or if we have it is in debate between a few people :wacko:

    Graham, Paul Bateman here, hope to see you soon. Gavin Kirby did tell me he bought a few engines, try him. Many regards.

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