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  1. OK not strictly Lotus/Essex but interesting to see the Panasonic Cockpit unit that went in to the Aston Martin Bulldog -
  2. Yep great to see a few Lotus models and T-shirt wearer's around Silverstone yesterday whilst there for the race - still alot of love for the great marque - Crikey it was hot both on and off the circuit though!
  3. Jack last heard of in Paris. He ran Essex Petroleum out of his Monaco apartment (see earlier pics on this thread) until it all went pear-shaped.
  4. Evija with a combustion engine could genuinely have been the Esprit replacement in my eyes...............
  5. Does anyone actually know where Thieme took the name Essex from? He's definitely not from Romford.....................
  6. Cheers again all - here's a more recent image so she's not faired too badly under storage 😎...............I've only had her 27 years now....
  7. Does she run?
  8. Haha just watched that Bibs and spotted - Harry's a fan
  9. Thanks for the info all - Mailbox full so cleared Bazza
  10. Chris do you reckon £10k would cover it - worst case? Don't want to ask too personal a question re:bills but after a ball park for the work to be done.
  11. I think it will start - the Clutch pedal is solid but pretty sure that's the Master cylinder. Would you not want the belts changing before any attempt?
  12. OK vague question here but I need to start considering how much it will cost me to get my Esprit going again after being off the road for many years. The car is a G HC Turbo '87 - one of the last G cars. Its done 54k from new and I have had it nearly 30 years now. Pull the covers off and it still look superb however its not been started now for some 9 years so requires a complete mechanical overhaul. Yes I know its not the right thing to have done to have had it sitting there for so long but there are other factors that caused which I don't want to discuss here. So anyone who was in the same boat - How much did to cost to return to the road.......................... I'd love to be behind the wheel of it again.
  13. Think we've had the cover before - .......but possibly not the tickets - Mark Surer was moving to Ensign at the time..........
  14. Whose page was that posted in Dave? Tenuous Essex link here but was sad to read of the passing of Mansour Ojjeh - for those that don't know Ojjeh was the chap who bailed Thieme out of Jail though would love to know more about their connection.
  15. Anyone else see the fantastic Monaco Historic coverage over the last weekend including the 1977-'80 cars and the Lotus 81 😎 (Coverage at 7hrs 39)
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