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  1. Thanks Bibs - The Esprit proved to be too big for the garage at the house we live in now so is on my drive although its under a Specialised Indoor bespoke cover I bought direct from them about 25 years ago! That then has tarpaulin over it which as kept it dry but keeps getting holed. I'll be ordering one soon then.......... Would still like to see a G car covered if anyone has a shot?
  2. No-one bought an outdoor cover for an Esprit?
  3. Can anyone comment on the fit and waterproof effectiveness of the Covers please - Looking at an Outdoor one for my G Turbo HC - does anyone have a photo of one fitted to one of these?
  4. Can anyone comment on the fit and waterproof effectiveness of the Covers please - Looking at an Outdoor one for my G Turbo HC - does anyone have a photo of one fitted to one of these?
  5. Definitely a sunroof so probably an Essex Blue car just with the stickers.......think I have seen a couple in Japan like that.
  6. Its great .....and he still loves it
  7. I've watched all his Video's multiple times over! Pretty much my ideal situation right there - lovely Cotswold farm and a barn full of crackers! For those that don't know Harry founded EVO magazine........a proper pertrolhead.
  8. Richard Parramint has just added some amazing Silver car images on FB here - sorry if I have not linked it correctly - arrow left to go through the album. Think we might even be able to identify the location?
  9. Just posted on the Lotus cars FB page - new one to me -
  10. Nice one Chris - no Esprit though?
  11. "Chapman’s Esprit was built in February 1981 (but not registered until August), and used by the Big Man until his death in December 1982. He covered just over 4,000 miles in the car, which was built to his exact spec." Again I'm amazed there are no photos of Colin in it if he used it that much? But on the subject did MJK have a company car?
  12. Good spot Dave! Is that Giampaolo Dallara in the car with him? Yes I know he liked the Elite/Eclat/Excel - seems to have liked his comfort as other than those he only seems to have ever driven around in his Rangey or Merc.............. Dallara was a big fan of Colin's - when news released of the new Dallara Stradale he was quoted - "Dallara said the Stradale evokes the spirit of Lotus sports cars built under Chapman, whose work he started admiring when the UK niche automaker began building the Lotus Seven lightweight roadster. "I like to think that Colin Chapman, if he was still around, would appreciate the essentiality and simplicity of this car," Dallara said." Apols if veering slightly off-track but I love this photo - LtoR - Paolo Stanzani the Lamborghini engineer - ACBC - Dallara then Lambo's chassis Guru and Jim Clark (and unidentified hidden behind Jim). They are checking over the all new Miura at Sant d'Agata. l
  13. Has anyone ever actually seen a photo with Colin driving or sat in an Esprit? The one where he is just about to get in to the Silver car with Giugiaro is about the closest I think I've seen!?
  14. Meaning no disrespect here but wasn't there some conjecture a while ago about how much he actually used this car?
  15. I think it looks good. I've said it before and I'll say it again - nearly every period magazine I have read that references David Thieme and the Essex colour scheme always call it 'Garish.' Its a label that stuck. Yes he may have looked a bit like a Bond Villain and wore dodgy hats and sunglasses but the man had taste and I still think the colours look superb - run a very close second only to the JPS liveries to me in the all-time best (in fact there I days i think it looks better still!)
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