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  1. Apparently its been fitted with Winter Tyres for the trip and made it 860 miles to Austria from the Cotwolds without a hitch! Still a favourite of his - Roll on the Vid.............
  2. Ooh Harry has only gone and taken his Esprit Skiing! Video coming soon!
  3. S2's are scarce but white S2's even more so!
  4. I might be joining my brother-in-law in his XJC
  5. Very sorry to just read this - far too young - Gary Rhodes Dies............. From a Daily Mail interview in 2011 - The unqualified regret you wish you could amend... Selling my dream ‘supercar’ ten years ago, because I joined Damon Hill’s supercar rental club P1. The car was a Lotus Esprit S4s, a one-off test car. It became a family member and I’d buy it back tomorrow if I could. RIP
  6. Robin that literally mad me spill my coffee laughing! - Nice though James - it literally could be anything but could quite possibly be off the Air-Cannon - think you might need some proof though before sticking it on fleabay for a mean there were no number plates down there? Barbara Bach's knickers at least!!
  7. Had a great Petrolheads day on Saturday - Got to play with some Aston's in the morning as one of my sons works there and it was the Bi-annual employee family open day - this was fantastic - Then the Midlands Italian car day in the afternoon at the Jag Classic works in my hometime Cov - great to see great Jags still being made here - though the Reborn's and Recreation's were light years better in terms of quality than anything that ever left Browns Lane! (Mr K will like these....................)
  8. You'll probably like the rest of them then - especially the Miura in the snow. Simon Kidston has some amazing stock and deals in some of the finest well as running the Villa D'este amongst others...............
  9. Award for most awesome Video of the Summer goes to ..................................
  10. Not quite today but I hit the half century last month - Thanks to my sister.......................
  11. I like the revision - looks nice and Retro and reminds me of the great Lotus days. I suppose some would argue they should be looking forward with the Evija launch but its ok by me. I think the McLaren 'swoosh' thing is naff.............
  12. Nice one Bibs - great to hear - Newey just designed the Valkyrie - he has not had to engineer it!
  13. Although ACBC is not here - does Mr K approve............that's what I would like to know!
  14. A great move by Lotus IMO - There is a lack of awareness and significance of Lotus given the timespan for the current generation to recognise Lotus of old and the amazing history in F1. One of my sons works on future model for Aston Martin - he has been immersed in Lotus 'folklore' by me so naturally aware of the past given my Esprit has been with me for longer than he has. Reckons the word at AM is a nod of acknowledgment from a sleeping great. I've seen the posts about Chapman not approving due to weight etc. but I don't think Colin could ever had foreseen where the Car industry would be going and the sudden leap in to battery technology we are seeing. Yes the idea was there but until Tesla came along the thought of a battery vehicle to the 60's/70's generation was a Milk Float.............
  15. Looks fantastic - where was the launch held?
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