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  1. Great info Henry. These were way ahead of their time and super-cool. Anything with lights on in the 80's seemed amazing - especially Graphic equalisers! Not sure when this was up for sale but it was listed for £5k and sold(!!) and as per Henry's research its not even suitable for the Esprit even though it was listed as for a Lotus?! Possibly the coolest Car stereo system ever and looks good even today! I'm sure I read that the Essex spec was selected especially by David Thieme himself - some would argue about his style given his appearance but the chap certainly had taste - and money for a while! I think as an option they were well over £1k even back in the early 80's for a car stereo!!! Probably why they had to cheapen the Esprit post Essex period with the likes of these fitted / Sundym glass etc BTW Henry I'm sure Essex No.17 owned by my mate and which I used / had access to often had the Graphic Equaliser built in so would have been the RM610-E? I have a copy of the original sales invoice from new and nothing on there states it was added as an option over the RM610?
  2. nello

    Bond Esprit Mini

    £90K for a Mini!!!!
  3. That Allegro estate looks like a Hearse! Sooo much glass.......... I have MPW75V as being Passed to Sale (leaving the factory) on 4th June 1980. As mentioned it was a Pre-Prod car. Its also listed as being used for a Demo at Le Mans that year. I also have its now in Japan but no other info on that.................
  4. No but Henry would like to see a shot of one in your Delta?
  5. As has been recently posted on FB so should probably add here - Dev. car 001 which we have seen on this thread before - I like how it still had its custom Ski Racks fitted. Nearly loses it at 00:26!
  6. I know we've mentioned it on here before but David Thieme's Countach is featured in this video. Interesting to note he could not order it in Blue with Red leather so had to settle for Red with Blue leather - so the video say anyway - still stunning though!
  7. Harry's Videos are a good archive though for recommended routes and roads to drive!
  8. Agree about all this and Harry's Garage is probably my favourite thing to watch (including whats on the box!) However it does help that you have the funds to maintain / keep and not worry about doing a massive tour in etc. Recall he took his Testarossa to the Sahara and it gave him a massive bill in Servicing etc on return. Then again I would if I could!
  9. Its great publicity for our cars having Harry with his. I have his Chassis number btw though not sure if he'd want it on the register. Boy would I have loved that test and development job taking one on the continent for the weekend - I'd do it now for nowt!
  10. Yep agreed David - and as mentioned from experience nothing worse for a car than not being used. Mine was not for the want of not wanting to use it (if you see what I mean?!!)
  11. Really can't wait either. He paid top money for his car from Matty's (IIRC over £40k) but as can be seen its only done 23k and had a full refresh/overhaul when purchased so terrific to see one in correct full use (says the man who has had a identical car sat for 8 years!) Apparently he did over 2000 miles and the car did not use a drop of oil or water.
  12. Apparently its been fitted with Winter Tyres for the trip and made it 860 miles to Austria from the Cotwolds without a hitch! Still a favourite of his - Roll on the Vid.............
  13. Ooh Harry has only gone and taken his Esprit Skiing! Video coming soon!
  14. S2's are scarce but white S2's even more so!
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