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  1. Ahh - was it one of those Jim Loose cars? Roy if you look back to Page 6 on this thread you will some info about the LHD Essex cars registered to Essex Petroleum - Essex Motorsport took delivery of Export Essex's (LHD) numbers 002 and 007 - the latter believed to be Thiemes own personal car and still thought to be in his possession somewhere locked away in Paris - so that Essex is one of those two - Chassis SCCFC20A0AHH10302 (LHD - 002) or SCCFC20A0AHH10303 (LHD - 007).
  2. Yes Roy - I think there were 15 'official' LHD Essex cars including three development ones. This is one - came up on YT years ago though not sure which number it is.......
  3. "Sorry Jody......Chrome just wouldn't suit you.................."
  4. Awesome photo Bazza Stephen - No.017 will be in the Coys Auction at Blenheim Palace later this month. The photo you posted shows the car being driven by the journalist Martin Buckley. It was for a road test review comparison Classic and Sportscar did back in 1995 - I'm sure I have added this before but this is the complete article - Paul who owned the Essex (now sadly no longer with us ) can be seen 'thrashing' the 308 - one of my favourite memories of him
  5. Wasn't the proposal for the Esprit originally planned to be a V8 of some sort anyway? Any Esprit will cost you money - ultimately for me the debate is what pleases you most aesthetically, emotionally and gives you the performance and automotive passion you are looking for. I still say this to me is the best car they ever built - probably not from a mechanical or reliability point of view and certainly not for performance but its just looks soooooo ...........ace! Period colour inside and out - great wheels - pure wedge - the name - the fact we were still at the front of the grid in F1 at the time................. never been bettered.
  6. Yes via me .... that's how I found them looking through some old stuff.........
  7. Just found some old images of my HC Turbo along with Essex No.017 - IIRC this was at the Shuttleworth Collection down near Bedford - early/mid-90's............................. The first and the last of the G Turbo's......
  8. IIRC correctly ( and happy to be corrected!) The Essex stripes are just that - stripes with the Essex logo then laid over the top............... Bazza / Steve T?
  9. Very sorry to read this mate............... All the future very best to you
  10. Thought I might just mention here if OK that No.17 is now for sale (via me) in the Classified section.
  11. Interestingly it looks like it only has the Essex stripe without the Essex logo so I suspect an owner add-on as the striping was available to buy. Looks like red leather to me....
  12. I'm in a retro Music page on FB and someone posted these images - Summer '84 - Car owned at the time by the Spandau Ballet drummer John Keeble - thought someone might be interested to see............. Looking at the DVLA site though I don't think its still around. Apols images are flipped for some reason so it is a RHD
  13. Well that was a disappointing Qualy............same old result.
  14. I thought all the factory JPS S2's had an ACBC centre?
  15. I think it must be your photo Michael - there's a fair bit of Yellow on the Renault still -
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