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  1. I'm away from the car right now, but I think I've got the stock Elise sizes on 195 / 225(?) I think I'm going with a pure racing tire towards the end of the season. And I was kidding about ever driving this on the street. Never never, never
  2. Thanks Guys... I got the orange one so I could put the tag from my orange Elise on it and give neighborhood rides to the kids... I'm like the favorite uncle around here. That GT3RS was very fast. Stock except for rims and Hoosier A6's Favorite backhanded racing complement... "Gosh, you were flying when I passed you"
  3. always learning... had a couple of reports that I turned a couple of 2:13's lotsa fun Collins
  4. THANKS! #187 I'll put it up on the registry
  5. Hello all, Collins here, I just added a 2-11 to keep the Elise company in the garage during the snowy winters here in Syracuse, NY. I had tracked a 2005 Elise for the last couple of years and was looking at upgrading to a Cup car and my dealer at the Boston dealership suggested he might be able to get a 2-11. The signature on the check was still wet when he got it Anyway, that was a year ago and the Car came in in October in time for exactly on day at the local Kart track. (Lafeyette NY) and 2 days at Watkins Glen. So far this year I'm scheduled for 8 days at the Glen and 3 in Birmingham AL, at the Barber Motorsports park. Maybe one at Pocano and fingers crossed something else as well. I'm sure I'll run some cones here at the SCCA events as that's pretty fun as well. One quick question... What build number do I have? It's Coyote Orange and the last 5 of the VIN is 21880. Photo's and Videos to follow. Collins
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