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  1. Found what I needed on ebay. Here is a list of CI Lotus components that I found useful.
  2. Oh I have fun OK..... but still maintain reasonable self control
  3. Thanks Simon, I've owned my S3 since 1996, that be 9 years Needed lots of TLC when I got it but that all part of the fun..!
  4. If the fuse don't get you sorted..... I had the lazy light issue on one pod for a while and then finally the pod came to a complete stop. I had to strip down the headlamp motor in question and replace one of the contacts on PCB as it was badly burnt. What I did in effect was switch the burnt contact for a third unuse contact thats on the PCB (they are just a set of raised contact points). If I recall correctly the third contact was utilised as an earthing point and therfore not used in the dynamic part of the mechanism. Meant some delicate work with a drill and soldering iron but worked a treat.
  5. Thanks Paul, In a fit of inspiration I drew it up last night BTW In case anybodies getting worried - my user name is not my demeanor, it is my daily commute car! The Lotus built Opel Speedster
  6. Good points. I had just replaced the radiator and installed some new high tension leads. I though at first it was the fuse for the cooling fans but this does not appear to be the case, meaning I am not sure of the cause. The battery does appear to be getting a charge based on the volt levels displayed on the dash but will apply a multi-meter over the weekend.
  7. Hello all. I am new here, well a day old now
  8. On my S3 NA, what coil should i use with my newly installed Lucas Competition Ignition? I assume I need to keep the ballast, or is this coil dependent?
  9. Hi all, I have blown fuse two top fusebox in my 1983 S3 NA..... The fuse paper was badly burn but I figure it is a 17 Amp. I switched around the fuses but now all the car will do is tickover. If I hit the accelerator she cuts out. Same effect if I turn on the headlights. Did I burn something??? Coil, Fuel lock-off.....?? This all happened today after I completed the install of a new radiator, et la, plus I installed a new set of NGK plug leads. Prior to this she was running though not great. I reckoned the plug leads where dodgy hence the replacement. But wondering now if it really the coil which is bad. Wish I knew what zapped my fuse Anybody know what runs of this fuse? What the best to determine if the coil is on the way out? Thanks, Steve p.s. I am new around here, glad I found this place
  10. Hi all, My first post and it a problem..... electrical. Second fuse in top box is blow but no idea what rating it is or what it is for!! I would really appreciate it if somebody would please post details of the S3 NA fuseboxes. Specifically the function of each fuse and its rating? BTW, mines an 1983 S3 NA Esprit thanks. Steve
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