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  1. I’m about to order a bunch of stuff from Eltech. I’ve seen various components in the flesh for the Exige, and for other cars too. Dealing with Matteo is painless enough, and has been pretty friendly to deal with. I have the expectation all parts will need some fettling, that’s the risk of handmade. As for other carbon parts: I have engine covers from Elise-Shop, fitted fine but needed additional bonding on the mounts as they would not stand being ripped off at service, so needed strengthening. Lotus parts fitted spot on, but they are prodrive parts. Lotus don’t even lacquer them as it’s a completely different clear coat to the rest of the parts. Expensive but good. Komotec rear wing and splitter. Mounts needed plenty of reshaping, they sent the incorrect mounting hardware, wing needed wet sanding, compounding and polishing. Lacquer had solvent gassing spots. Not uncommon for carbon, but frustrating. Front splitter strengthening plate needed recutting as it was done wrong. Splitter itself wasn’t carbon as I preferred not to.
  2. What bit needs to fit over where? If it all now fits I'd just drill the hole and have done with it. Tape both sides, use a carbide drill, probably a bit too small and wider out the cap with precision files to prevent splintering. Every part I've bought has needed fettling to make fit, I know that doesn't make it better. This includes Komotec, and even several years back parts that came directly from the Lotus trim shop.
  3. I think this could run and run! Some like headphones, I personally wouldn't do it as I feel way too insulated. But I think we could debate that forever. There is no specific law against headphones, but driving without DC+A would be possible and has been done. For those saying its the same as loud music, that would be true without passive or active noise cancellation, the entire point of those is acoustic insulation. ANYWAY - I'm going to play around with the sub to see where the best location is, probably going to get another one to compare the pioneer/kenwood/alpine offerings. Its the best bang for your back in improving the sound, but still fancy playing over Christmas sometime to see if I can share any shortcuts.
  4. My intercom was certainly not noise cancelling, light attenuation only! I used ear plugs for intercom but there was a certain amount of noise that came in, as driving fully insulated felt too detached, hence not being able to understand why people use noice cancelling on a car or bike. But as always it’s what people feel comfortable with That’s a crap tuner then, or disconnected aerial. Standard arial on mine, with dab splitter I get pages of DAB stations, in my garage with the door closed. I took the standard one out as soon as I got him, so presume the clarion has a crap tuner!
  5. Agree with that, driving or riding with earphones is one thing, noise cancelling (passive or active) just doesn’t feel safe. But then again being deaf is no reason not to drive... Adding a sub, ditching the clarion headunit makes a colossal difference.
  6. MrP_

    A couple of questions

    1. Yeah it’s a bit rubbish. Lotus’s winter testing regime probably amounts to a run to the shops on a chilly morning, rather than a year in the arctic circle. Keeping the screen spotless helps, and using an anti fog can help, but it just seems to attract dirt 2. Do you mean the front or back? If the back you should have two rubber bungs rather than prongs, at least I do and think we have the same carbon panel (rather than the flat one). Mine holds in fine, but I know @mark248am had his lifting on circuit. Not sure if he knows the resolution, or if the dealer just sorted it. 3. Not really. Just don’t put the car away dirty. Maybe not the most helpful suggestion, but apart from pushing the rear clam. If I have put it away dirty I go for a drive and then wash once it’s warmed
  7. This image should give Matteo what he needs. Taken from parts diagrams and chopped up, because I'm not going to be doing shading n stuff 😁
  8. Is Matteo working on a the rounded front version then, and the m/w profile is a modification? Would be interested in that will drop Matteo a line Since moving to an extended splitter I couldn't imagine going back to the wobbly fronted version (sorry I know not not what you asked 😃) Do you have a front down view of the newer splitter, that would make the photoshop easier?
  9. MrP_

    oil filter wrench

    As above then. if you want the genuine Lotus part number: Or you can go eBay:
  10. MrP_

    oil filter wrench

    Sorry do you want this for the 4 cylinder, or are you asking if you can reuse the tools from 4 cylinder? see here for a guide on the 2gr-fe: Tool you need is this: If that’s what the newer 4 cylinders use, then job done
  11. MrP_

    350 gear linkage

    Nope, but as others said I’m off to go and check!
  12. 4 inch driver needs between .25 and .4cubic ft ish of enclosure, do dynamite baskets make them a bit too small and limit bass, but can push the mids more. The reflections can be contained with done accoustic wading though. The drivers really need to be 5 inch or above, but if you’re not wanting to add spacers or cut the dash it’s not really practicle. The worst part is the reflection of higher frequencies off the screen which will always add harshness. The weight of a sub is around 3kg, I saved around 10-15kg swapping the exhaust for a 2bular. My harness bar weighed more than the sub. For the weight penalty vs sound it’s well worth it. Of course it all depends your need for music, so what’s worth it for some is not worth it for others
  13. It was Essex Autosport that did heated screens for the s2. They took S1 heated screens and bonded on the S2 trim. Not a problem as the screens are identical, it’s just the surround that’s different. Not sure if they still do them though
  14. MrP_

    Upgrade or 380?

    380 up has a larger bore down pipe post cat before the exhaust also