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  1. You need to try some on, everyone always says it, but not sure if people do it. Depends on your shaped head, size of head etc. I have a head shape that it seems doesn't fit into the standard design, so even in the largest sizes I cannot wear Sparco, Stilo, Simpson. - No matter how big a size I pick, they won't even go on. Bell 61+ fit fine, Aria XL fit head fine, tight on chin. If you have a more normal sized bonce you will have more options. Anyway you didn't ask about sizing, but my point is you need to find which fits best. I prefer Aria as they are a smaller helmet generally, but reality is I always default to Bell. Used in rallying, used in track days they just fit. Full face I use GP3 carbon, but think it looks way to try hard with the duckbill. For me it has to be Bell really, then its just budget dependant after that as you go up the range. Getting anything else that is better value on paper is a complete waste of time for me, as they don't fit! Saying that as I am the wrong dimensions I can't actually comfortably wear a helmet in the Exige, so this one still hasn't been on track, keep having to use other cars
  2. It’s just a plastic peg moulded into the grill that goes through a hole and is held on place to stop the grill flapping about. Not really something you’d ever need to strip so no point adding a threaded part. They’ve switched to push fasteners now anyway
  3. They are not flange nuts as they go on a post, not a thread. They are self threading nuts.
  4. They are self threading nuts: I believe need to be mild steel to they are softer, never seen them in stainless but you could treat with a better paint. Lotus no longer appear to fit them (presumably to save a few pennies) and have switched to rubber washers and push on fasteners, something like this:
  5. I use REIS, but you’ll need a tracker unless you are an existing customer or the underwriter accepts you are lower risk
  6. Oakmere have another, but with yellow rather than red stitching. Not seen any others though
  7. You can do it without. Take the number plate off. Remove the two bolts that go through the splitter into the clam going through the number plate holder. It will now be waggling but movable. Reach through the gap in the number plate frame and you will feel two scrivites, undo the retaining screw in these. Then you can pull the Fram down, and once the scrivets are out you can pull the frame out It is much easier with the splitter as you can get your hand in easier Item number 8 are the scripts I am talking about:
  8. Much better than the chrome one!
  9. Well as Lotus are always looking after their loyal customers I'm sure they'll look after me, oh hold on maybe I haven't got this right... Probably £150k then, and they'll throw in an umbrella or something.
  10. Looks like lotuscarspr broke their own embargo, post completely gone from IG
  11. Cool derived from the name Chavvah, I can see this panning out well. Only the second hit on google so no one else will notice oh they’ve now deleted the post after I commented it, didn’t seem to like it!
  12. Yep, thats the only thing that I would be interested until the new models. A factory 460 dripping in carbon, A frame etc. Not sure what I would do about the seats as I'm thinking of switching to Tillets, hmm best plan it out and get ready to put my order in!
  13. Yeah yeah yeah, you'll be screwing on an ironing board to the boot lid soon
  14. M6 x 25mm should be the right ones
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