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  1. @SpeedMatters yes you get the keys to remove the radio, comes with the manual. The radio sounds ok, but it’s probably the benchmark for one of the worst user interfaces I’ve ever seen. If you’re buying new, then the HU has changed for MY2020 to have DAB as standard like the S2 did about 15 years ago
  2. So anyway, quote politics aside... @Joseph Antabi Tape is 3m 9088, I use 12mm wide but it’s in various sizes it just works for that particular trim. For refixing the 380/430 lip, the 19mm works well. I buy from RS components in the UK, as there are so many fakes of 3M products out there and RS only sell genuine stuff even if you can save a few pence elsewhere. VHB is also suitable, but it’s 2mm thick so I prefer not to use it. But many have and it works well
  3. Yep @Mark030358 is right, Dans decals are and he’s very easy to deal with. Mine were all based on the OEM ones just matched the colour scheme better, he’s got the typeface sorted, so can knock up proofs pretty damn quick. Does all the variations of filled letters, outlines, multiple colours etc,
  4. I’d agree with always going direct to battery, though I think we’re in the minority @PPH
  5. Yes, 4 x torx bolts to remove grill, 2x 13mm bolts to fit towing eye, cut grill and refit.
  6. If just for a powered sub many tap off the cigarette lighter or the HU itself, that’s what the majority have run with. Ive wired direct to batter, as I don’t want to add to existing loads and I wanted more constant lives. Guide is here if you want: And here: You can also take a feed off the jumper posts under the front access panel and come in behind the dash
  7. @Atommad thanks bud, appreciate it
  8. Agree with @RoflOnMyWaffle I don’t get why visors would be needed. I remove the front bit of trim to see properly. When I had them in an S2 I removed them, the just got in the way. But if shorter then the problem is reversed I guess.
  9. Looks bloody brilliant @Mattmahope!
  10. I like em. Looking forward to the debate over if the mast should be at the back or front of the car and if that means the flag is upside down - always seems to come out for these
  11. Look great I’ve not been able to leave the drive with mine so far, if she’s ready for when it’s ok to head for a proper drive!
  12. As it’s aftermarket technically not illegal, the indicator warning should be either a light or audible (I think early v6s didn’t have a clicker though) to pass the MOT. And even if it’s not working it’s a minor, so I guess they could claim that if the tester is tall. For type approval there are parameters to design for, but it’s against the average which we’re above so would probably technically pass but doubt they’d make it OEM in this day an age as the market wouldn’t forgive ergonomic oversights. Maybe the AIM engineers are the more compact variety so it never came up?
  13. Use acetone to remove previous tape. Nothing stopping you using tiger seal but I personally wouldn’t as it’d be a one shot thing as near impossible to remove from rubber cleanly
  14. Best tape and I’ve tried plenty: 3m 94 primer, with 3m 9088 tape, you can use 3m vhb tape but it’s slightly thicker. As for taking off the splitter and replacing, yeah I would. The deeper profiles look nicer but might not help you trying to avoid scraping. Look to @alias23 splitters as the best bang for your buck and keep the carbon for when you want to make it look OEM. Or make your own, but it will take considerable time to get the look bang on
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