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  1. Here you go @felipe guelfi , lotus instruction fir crotch strap install.
  2. The old shed after a considerable (still ongoing) scrub up over the winter:
  3. PPF now done and back, pretty happy with the results. I'm never in love with PPF, its shiny but due to its nature you can't get it utterly insane bonkers PPF was done at Invisifilm in middlewich, good service and good job and very happy with the outcome. Fair to say I had a proper poor mans car, with a Mac 620r being done before me, and various Ferraris, GT3s etc lined up after Price was very good, but fair to say he'd underquoted me when I booked it, after a slightly shocked face the original price was honoured so all was good. Here it is in real life, on a dreary day
  4. Onto the proper paint correction, it was a fairly standard approach I generally use Rupes pads, I doubt they are the best these days (each year sees a new 'game changer'), but like most its easier to get a system working for you and to work around that. This paint was relatively soft, but the scratches where it had been dry wiped at the body shop were done when the paint was very soft - making it quite hard to remove, but also very easy to inflict fine finishing marks - an extremely frustrating combo. Anyway combos I used on the car were (as people always ask): Sanding remo
  5. No updates for a while, usual story of work being insane so zero evenings or weekends to do anything, and the car naturally drops down the list. I will say, for this post if you think a car should be a bit battered and mirror finishes etc are pointless, probably best skip this read Now the paint had been on for a month or so, I could PPF to protect the main contact areas. I'm not really a fan of the look of PPF being honest, it looks fine from a distance but will never give the shine of naked paint so didn't want to go full car or anything Before I could PPF I had to prep the pa
  6. In on chrome now if bypass security stuff
  7. What a screw up! Launch online and it buckles before the launch time
  8. Next up was reinstalling the interior. It took forever to get lined up and neatly installed, but the interim step looked like this: Unfortunately I hit a problem at this stage, the tabs that hold the drivers switch panel and passenger cover panel, both had one broken tab and had to be fixed. Then I found some of the mounting tabs were also snapped. I stupidly didn’t take any pics, but had to rebuild the tabs which delayed things. As the panels were carbon and unique to the car they are not made any more, so I had no choice but to fix.. I won't affix the passenger airbag cover
  9. So bank holiday weekend didn't go exactly to plan, it was meant to be 4 days full of car stuff and some nice food. Reality was I was stuck working so it was back to midnight sessions again, really need to sort the new career thing… Time to get rid of this crappy wheel whilst the rest of the interior goes back in: Usual power down so it doesn’t blow up in my face, and airbag was taken out, just thought I would show it as people seem to not post much on removing the airbag Remove this green tab to release the connector 4 bolts to be removed An
  10. Bit more trimming My current steering wheel is the first gen, leather airbag wheel, I was going to get retrimmed but then I got my hands on a Lotus OEM alcantara version for a bargain price (think it was misspriced) so rude not to: Then as I pretty much trim any piece I can unscrew I thought I would try the rear wheel housing as its pretty hard black plastic. I also run a 30mm spacer on my wheel for better fit, and on the OE wheel you have the problem that the spacers are about 1mm too big to get through the rear cover and it sits on top like this You either machi
  11. Yep, it’s by design so they could have a simpler clock face
  12. Wheels now back colour looks good, the milling in the spokes show up well which is exactly what I was trying to how up v's the black wheel Here they are under daylight: 3500k light 5500 light So they appear to have a bit of life to them. I'll let them settle for a few days, then properly inspect then hopefully coat them… Rear Bulk head cover was reinstalled, but of a bugger being a bit more bulky with the Alcantara, overall happy with the results - room for improvements no doubt, but dot lift the interior Bullet cam for the SmartyCam
  13. Looking fantastic, it’s going to one of the best out there 👍
  14. I wouldn't call that definitive for the MY220 sport, the poly screen on that list only is attached to MY17.5 sprint on the deroure list, and the cup is not listed as having the poly screen even though we know it has (not complaining at Deroure, there are lots of little anomalies that come through) - I'll grab the parts list from VSIC at some point to check Either way assuming its still glass in the current 220 and poly in the 250, it doesn't explain the OP's question of why the CUP is heavier not lighter
  15. Aren't all the Elises on plastic rear screens since about 2017, the Cup doesn't have any unique part numbers for any of the glazing it just seems to swap to Poly screen at MY17.5? The Exiges all swapped over around that time.
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