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  1. MrP_

    Lotus Exige Cup 430

    I’d be more worried about a proper gearbox solution before changing engine internals. I thought the KT 500 went above the recommended torque levels
  2. Check fuse 16, 19 and M5. Unlikely to be the latter if you drive home as that’s all battery services. Does the rocker switch in front of the gear stick do anything?
  3. Do the lock pins go to move just only just slightly wiggle when trying to lock? That was the symptoms of the switch pack dying. Hopefully it’s not that as they should have improved the part. If it is that it’s a very simple fix
  4. MrP_

    Ali radiator for 380:Sport

    What have you tried with? gtechnic C4 will likely sort it. Certainly restored a friends Elise that was worse than that, it’s worth a try
  5. MrP_

    TLF Car covers - Exige V6

    For those of us that have attached ironing boards front and rear, would a 430cup cover fit and still extend over a bigger splitter. Anyone got a pic of one these covers over a 430?
  6. The switch packs always used to die on the s2, not sure if it’s still a problem on the s3. If it is, you need one of these, but as it’s a 350 it will be a warranty issue. Before that, check all fuses, turn off ignition, wait 30 mins, disconnect battery and come back in a few hours. It’s stupidity may have stopped in typical lotus fashion
  7. MrP_

    Ali radiator for 380:Sport

    ProAlloy: Used on all my provius cars, but not changed mine yet as not had the clam off. Wouldn't bother with the triple pass rad for normal road use, so stick with the one in the link above
  8. You need a 10mm spacer. Also if you intend to keep flipping it you need to shorten the indicator, I posted a guide on here a while back. Will find it if needed. Might swap to the Alipine Halo to see how it fits, but want to see the screen in the flesh which isn’t easy these days as nobody seems to stock single din so might have to take a punt
  9. Right, time to let the air out and drive around for a bit!
  10. MrP_

    Rules before run in?

    First 400 miles up to 4K, after that explore the range but only in bursts. Warm up properly, don’t labour the engine, go up and down the gears, don’t cruise. Dont track it with running in oil pre running in service Its in the manual. Ask the dealer to make written confirmation your readout won’t effect warranty, then if there is an issue, the dealer would be liable (probably after a small legal battle)
  11. For the money it’s worth a try, if they are simple transmit/receive then you could in theory do it. I’ve just never seen it
  12. As it's the same part numbers as the Evora, then it seems to be reading the pressures as in this picture: From the quick reading I have done, the signals are fed via the ECM and communicates via Canbus - this is for the Evora, but can't see the Exige being different. As for Canbus decoding, I think you need to look on LotusTalk. And to add although it may be the same parts, as our dash doesn't display the signals the ECM may not relay them, instead just alerting when below 75% I'm not sure how the ebay displays get a feed so not sure if you can piggy back off the Canbus
  13. I think TPM is only a requirement for certain countries, and I think it’s itpms where wheel rotation is measured, but haven’t looked into it Edit: Actually have now looked into it and it is direct monitoring, with 434mhz wheel sensors part no: A132G6017F. and you also need the receiver B132M0376F. But I thought this was Gulf countries only, so a bit confused. Certainly never seen the light on mine
  14. I think it’s just the standard rear plate is a bit too big for the cut out, so they need to supply somewhere to fit it for homologation purposes and it doesn’t justify a new clam. Saying that they had the chance with the launch of the 380