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  1. Not disagreeing on the gloss black, its personal preference - some seem to love the matt stuff for some reason! But the matt paint can be protected so it doesn't stain, and can be protected to look new - was surprised how bad it stained without protection when I've seen other cars. Its not a paint that should be used on the exterior and out the factory it really shows! Sorry thread drift!
  2. Rear clam is single piece. The rear transom is not unfinished, its painted with a 'soft feel' matt paint, there are two separate paint stages - its certainly less work to do only a single paint method and not mask off, paint, invert the masking and do the matte paint. Personally I'm not a fan of the matt paint, but on certain colours the contrast does break up the rear
  3. He’s getting quicker from the months of waiting. Spoke to a chap in Germany this week, he got Jim’s valved road system in a week, so he seems to be holding stock these days
  4. Back of the a pillar cover, take a picture of the back and I’ll circle where it goes
  5. Cool, what’s odd is it’s the mirror of the other side you’ve done. So unless you had missing g screws you should just do the same!
  6. A magnet on a stick is probably my most useful tool!
  7. But that panel - the backing plate where the DPM controls are on the drivers side
  8. From memory there is six screws, two into the sill, two through the sill into the spire nuts, then another two that go into bolt the air vent panel to the chassis. If you have the panel removed (the one with the name badge on), look into that and you will see two screws into a white captive nut. All of those are out? Take some photos looking into it
  9. Yep, like this you mean: Just put in a bolt and nut with some loctite - I think there was a bolt there on the v6 but gone for the 350. You just have to reach back around the bracket
  10. Seriously, pull harder! As long as you have the screws out, you just need to give it a stronger tug! Then fish out the clips later. You removed them panel with the name badge etc and took out the screws there? It’s a mirror if drivers side so you should have that covered by repetition I can dig out the service manual for the official Lotus way if you want? And no, there is no need to remove airbag cover
  11. You'd still need another two buttons as the stalk only has the two. But if you did want to use them you could quite easily, wiring IIRC is a common ground and momentary switch for each to complete the circuit. Depending on what the Aim is looking for they should work as non latching switches, but you would be too short On the second stalk the wheel is variable resistance to trigger timing. In the exige it is easier to do this by swapping the wiper relay for a VW type 99 relay and you programme the wipe time by wiping once, wipe again between 1 and 60 seconds - then that times the wipe of your intermittent wipe. Its a 30 sec relay change
  12. Mike there was a sticker in the box IIRC - get that slapped on the tube ASAP, you're missing a trick!
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