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  1. @Sharky yes the 430 cup bracket puts the loop out horizontal, the v6Cup bracket holds the loop on its side. The 430cup bracket is also cheaper
  2. I personally would. Of if you have a trusted garage get the total taken off purchase. With mine I wanted to be sure of what I knew what I was dealing with so on purchase changed oil, coolant, gearbox oil, brake fluid and belts/plugs/filters to be sure that it was all done just in case
  3. Looks a good car. Neat tidy and well looked after. Suspension is clean and not rusty, clearly not driven on salty roads in its life Which documentation do you mean refers to the car being a cup instead of an RGB? Differences of the cup260 over the RGB: carbon bootlid, rear clam section, roof, access panels, wing, splitter, front vanes. Carbon interior:dash, sills, side vents. Rear window delete. Lightened subframe. Ohlins 2 way dampers. Accusump. A frame, extinguisher etc. Different wheels etc. Cars were also built by motorsport dept rather production. The car you’ve shown is a
  4. A short one but a major step - paint is done! All looking good, it was a process that I'm sure many would say was overkill but as mentioned it was very stone chip heavy, sills had no clear left, someone had burnt through the drivers door clear coat etc So I went for the full works everything removed all grills out, most seals replaced etc etc - end result whilst far from cheap is spot on. It will look fantastic once I detail properly and give it the at final touches. All credit to them, Oakmere did a great job And tucked up in the warm again looking a lot brighter as the
  5. @TonyKL as with all sound stuff its very subjective. Last time I went with the PC100's and they were more HiFi and had better dynamic range. But they did just have this sharp edge that couldn't quite be taken out with EQ. Using the sub it made up for it, so was perfectly workable but they had a harshness that the AC range didn't have when I'd used them in the past. Certainly I didn't feel it was worth the upgrade going to the PC range, even though its only about £30 difference Baffle wise I would say it is an improvement, previously I had done it with Dynamat, but its not an ideal ma
  6. Still waiting on Decals so I can get the car back (hopefully resolved in the next 24 hours) so more trimming fun! This time the rear speakers, these (as most probably know) are to drop the speaker back out the way of the harness bar. Getting used to it now, material stretched glued and held in place All done Thought I'd prep the dash with the new speakers. I am throwing in Focal 100AC's, last time I used PC100's but they were too brittle sounding, being reflected off the screen into your face. I know some would say I should delete the speakers but 1: I don't want t
  7. It’s a frame that is tethered by two straps in the event of airbag deployment, but held in day to day by 4 sacrificial fixings that snap when the airbag fires. The bolts just hold the plastic cover to the frame
  8. Excellent! @Eureka here is what you are after
  9. @Eureka Junks on the other forum has one in ([email protected]£625), would link but presume the sill rivalry is still going on between the two forums, just have a look in the classifieds on there or PM me for link - I'm nothing to do with seller BTW
  10. Carpets are all cut to order (allegedly) I think it was 5 weeks. Lotus parts supply is as bad as ever at the moment, if I get anything under a month it feels like next day with Lotus! Rear bulkhead carpet is meant to have a cable bracket riveted on top as part of the factory install, so you’ll have to cut around and velcro. Not a problem and very obvious when you are there just thought worth mentioning
  11. @PaulLF1 Thanks very much, at not looks like a car again which is good I think it would be about £200 +Vat. I can't remember exactly I stopped counting with the million and one things I have stocked up in this project Part numbers you need are: D138V0655J - CARPET-SILL RHD PAS,FUL HEIGHT D138V0654J - CARPET-SILL RHD DRV FUL HEIGHT B138V0698J - CARPET-FLOOR DRV BULKHEAD-LHD C138V0705J - CARPET-FLOOR PASS BULKHEAD-RHD A124V0054F - Carpet Fixing Upper long, black, male, footwell carpe x 2 A124V0055F - Carpet Fixing Lower, black, female, footwell carpe x2
  12. As mentioned I'll be moving to the Aim dash. One of the downsides is its an ugly binnacle, I have the earlier version of the binnacle so its doubly ugly. As all the interior was being retrimmed it would be covered so not an issue, but I had these buttons to deal with: With the trimming I had three options: Cover them and they exist under the material - ugly, and just a rubbish solution Trim around them - would need to expand holes Move them Option 1 was out, I thought option 2 most likely but option 3 as a backup as it was more work First up remove th
  13. That’s a shame, I guess there was a lack of volume for prodrive to make them just for few 250’s this year
  14. Paint wise the car is pretty much done, well it is done and should be all finished now. But I am still waiting on the decal set. I have probably mentioned before, but when getting resprayed I wasn’t sure if I wanted all the cup bits over it (front and rear corner flicks, scallops on the doors) but I figured I would get them and decide later – over 4 months ago I ordered the set from Lotus. Well my wife did, the stickers were a fortune but she thought she would sort them. All good, but I am still waiting. I have had a proper rant at them and in the time its taken to print a set from a file, the
  15. Yes. then power difference is down to map and higher flow fuel pump we have. The cat is not a restriction that needed to be changed For your original question if you are hoping to take a catalytic convertor out of a corrola, then no that is not a direct fit part as the exhaust is different between Exige and Corolla
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