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  1. Jack,

    Sorry for the typo, I meant standard clocks as in original dials, are they still in place behind the MXL?

    Also, I'm still puzzeled over the 211 CAN message format, I have so far failed to get my MXL to read the CAN data. Which AIM template are youi using.



  2. I had tried and failed to get the AIM MXL CAN interface working, I was told by Lotus that the 211 ECU did not have a proper CAN message format.

    How did you find getting this working??

    Very neat installation, have you retained the stand clocks behind the MXL?



  3. Most of the road 2-11 seem to be a similar spec, and need only minor work to make for basic race ready.

    This seems typical of whats available

    On top of that you will need basic safty stuff, extigusher etc., a motorsport wing and front splitter, and the 260 ECU upgrade, also I have also gone for the bigger front discs and mine had a LSD option fitted. (which mean +10kg on min weight)

    But the car should remain quite usable for the road/track days

  4. Is anyone able to confirm if the Reverie rear wing is legal for raing or do you need to use the Lotus part.

    Also for the front splitter, can you make your own (assuming its the right dimensions)?

  5. Any one interested in a Xbow should take a look at mine, its the now in the spec that the car deserves.

    Ran at Brands test last weekend, and without too much setup time was running low 52s on Toyo R888s

    However now decided to sell it and bought a 211.

    Reason being the limited opportunities to race it here in UK, I had originally hoped they would sell enough cars to get a one make championship going eventually, but its classed as an open wheel car like a Caterham, so very limited .

    Anyway hope to have the new 211 out at Brands for the A1GP weekend.

    The KTM has just gone onto pistonheads:

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