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  1. Thanks Bibs, Sunday a definite, Saturday pending a bit of diary shuffling on domestic commitments!
  2. Part No : A082M6692F 61a on the parts diagram, Reflector, rear, RH from a 2002 MY Esprit The glue the factory used wasn't strong enough and it's fallen off. Any help locating one appreciated.
  3. Not wanting to dis Castle but they only took on the Lotus franchise after the Esprit had finished in production. For an Esprit inspection in Essex you'd be better off using someone like Gerald Turner, Eamon Swords (Rapier services) or Barry Ely.
  4. After a succesful turnout of various Loti last year lets see if we can improve the turnout Free entry, all you pay for is the food you eat & any drinks. ************************************************* Dear Car Club Organiser, This is to advise you that the Essex region of the Porsche Club will, again, be holding their barbeque at Regiment Way Golf Centre, Pratt's Farm Lane, Little Waltham, Chelmsford CM3 3PR, on 14th July, 2009, starting at 7.30p.m. We extend an invitation to all your members to make the barbeque a memorable occasion where your cars will be parked in marqu
  5. 1 / 4th scale ! If you cut a hole in the roof you could use it as a kiddies go-kart. But at
  6. Perhaps a blocked / collapsed cat? fine whilst cold but once it starts to warm up & expand the whole thing bungs up? Try running a straight through pipe or hollowed out cat or similar to see if the problem reoccurs.
  7. Moved from an Esprit to an Elise as I caught the track-day bug & prepping an Elise for the track was far easier & cheaper that with the Esprit, & if it went wrong the bills would have been smaller (engine rebuilds etc.) Love the Elise for what it is but fancy something a bit comfier for longer jaunts into Europe etc. & am now looking at getting something to join it, current thoughts range between an S4 onwards Esprit to a Ferrari 355 or an AM Vantage.
  8. This is the third time (I think) that it's been on eBay & has dropped
  9. hope you don't mind, I've taken the liberty of posting up on SELOC. Where abouts in the UK are you so we can look out for it?
  10. WRITE THE WHOLE ADVERT IN CAPITAL LETTERS WITHOUT ANY PARAGRAPH BREAKS MAKING IT VIRTUALLY UNREADABLE. Why can't people put more than 30 seconds effort into writing an advert that is readable & informative for something they think is wort in excess of
  11. Looks like they've now gone for the Swedish version of Chapter 11 >Linky<
  12. Now been bid up to the reserve of
  13. Looking at market share of the big players, Ford up 2%, Toyota up 2%, Nissan up 1%, Renault down 2% Provided these numbers are real values and not distorted by pre-registering or distress sales it potentially gives an alternative view on who might be the winners & losers once the market improves?
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