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  1. I thought it was due to a service maintenance issue. Checking and filling oil level on a dry sump needs to be done quickly before too much drains back into the sump. So when this wasn't done properly it'd be overfilled. I also thought there were a number of stuff up's and claims during the warranty period.
  2. What a coincidence. I have a Cressida and just swapped a Ford Courier van diesel motor and gearbox into it.
  3. Interested but for some reason I can't send you a message. Can you do so to me? Thanks.
  4. I reckon that guy was a tyre kicker. When the time comes to sell mine I dread having to deal with that breed. I'm thinking no test drives before an agreed price and refundable deposit. Any ideas how to cull out the dreamers?
  5. Great control cornering on two wheels...
  6. Small non-related point. I've seen a couple of cars with the plastic cover cracked where the bonnet strut attaches to that cover. Flipping the ball joint 180degs so the load is more in line with the stronger side of the cover is something I do as a matter of course.
  7. I'm surprised you need a torque wrench and carpenter's clamps to re-assemble them.
  8. Definitely not to be missed. Great for partners and children too because of all the other attractions besides cars. Just stay away from the art sales. The cheapest item I saw last year was a couple of thousand dollars.
  9. I had the same problem. The bolt is single shear so eventually bends over. I made an extra bracket so it's double shear now. Fair amount of work though removing the door cards etc.
  10. Got into a "spirited" drive on a winding uphill road with Ducati and Honda superbikes behind. I was able to leave them no doubt because of the tightness of the bends. When the road opened up they passed me with the thumbs up signs from both. That was nice.
  11. Try Hychill or whatever its equivalent is in Europe. It's an LPG based mix of gases. Refill with 1/3 weight of R12, bigger molecules and lower pressure so less likely to leak. Works for me here in our hotter aussie climate.
  12. Don't know if this has been posted before but it's good...
  13. No, I'm building a wardrobe at my daughter's place. How did you go with the museum auction and and the auto brunch at St Ives?
  14. How many deaths do pedestrians account for in the stats?
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