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  1. Check the rear chassis bobbins. If they're busting out of the fiberglass chuck them and repair with new fiberglass and plates or big washers on both sides of the fiberglass. Also check the bolts attaching the chassis to the bulkhead behind the seats. They tend to become loose.
  2. I'd like to see all media reference to "Russian" stopped and instead everything is reported as "Putin's army, Putin's attack, Putin's missiles" etc etc. Basically demonize him and not the Russian people. That might even get the Russian people themselves blaming and turning against him. They did something similar with Napolean which left room for the French people feeling they weren't the problem and enemy.
  3. Hey Pete, got to feel sorry for Prof Higgins though. A few days after his lecture on involuntary muscle contractions he was giving a lecture on sexually transmitted diseases. He'd sternly walked up to his lecturn, one hand in his pocket and the other holding a jar. After waiting for the din to subside, the prof held up the jar and announced that in his hand was the specimen of a pus-ridden, diseased penis. From the back came "OK, but what's in the jar"?
  4. And some more about the motor...
  5. Where do get the engine? Buy and import one of these from Australia. Only sold in oz. Probably where Lotus got the idea from for a supercharged v6.
  6. 8000rpm with pushrods!!!
  7. Yes the 918 is a beautiful engine. Not many 918 powered Esprits unfortunately. Be stupid too to swap out a 918 for an Ls. I've never seen an Ls conversion on this forum, or other Esprit forums. For the street that is. So I was delighted to finally see one, and in the flesh too. Truck engine...? C8 Corvette blokes and many others, myself included, would disagree.
  8. I believe it weighs the same as the Lotus v8. About 210kgs. A lot of top weight is saved by not having dohc, fat heads etc. So possible an added benefit by having a lower CoG. The owner bought it like that. He said I must drive it and would like to soon.
  9. Same here but it's only the LH pod that won't retract back down. Just about given up trying to find the problem.
  10. Finally, after years of seeing posts about whether or not it's possible I've seen a real one. Was at a "coffee and cars" in Sydney a month ago. A very neat and professional conversion with a surprising amount of space left in the engine bay. The bellhousing was probably from Tornado, who do them for the GT40 replicas running Renault boxes.
  11. Could this become his "Capone" moment. Capone, tax dodge, Trump, lying.
  12. Yes. 2013 or 2016, but it wasn't like this. How are you keeping? Probably better doing a pm.
  14. Those are the anti-rattle springs. The pads retract by the distortion and recovery of the square seal between the caliper body and the pistons whenever the brakes are applied. It's a minute amount but enough to stop drag. That same action also allows the piston to extend out and compensate for pad wear. Nice brakes.
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