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  1. I reckon that guy was a tyre kicker. When the time comes to sell mine I dread having to deal with that breed. I'm thinking no test drives before an agreed price and refundable deposit. Any ideas how to cull out the dreamers?
  2. Great control cornering on two wheels...
  3. Small non-related point. I've seen a couple of cars with the plastic cover cracked where the bonnet strut attaches to that cover. Flipping the ball joint 180degs so the load is more in line with the stronger side of the cover is something I do as a matter of course.
  4. I'm surprised you need a torque wrench and carpenter's clamps to re-assemble them.
  5. Definitely not to be missed. Great for partners and children too because of all the other attractions besides cars. Just stay away from the art sales. The cheapest item I saw last year was a couple of thousand dollars.
  6. I had the same problem. The bolt is single shear so eventually bends over. I made an extra bracket so it's double shear now. Fair amount of work though removing the door cards etc.
  7. Got into a "spirited" drive on a winding uphill road with Ducati and Honda superbikes behind. I was able to leave them no doubt because of the tightness of the bends. When the road opened up they passed me with the thumbs up signs from both. That was nice.
  8. Try Hychill or whatever its equivalent is in Europe. It's an LPG based mix of gases. Refill with 1/3 weight of R12, bigger molecules and lower pressure so less likely to leak. Works for me here in our hotter aussie climate.
  9. Don't know if this has been posted before but it's good...
  10. No, I'm building a wardrobe at my daughter's place. How did you go with the museum auction and and the auto brunch at St Ives?
  11. How many deaths do pedestrians account for in the stats?
  12. DanR


    Copycat? That's not a copycat, this is:
  13. Hi John, easier said than done. I'd need to get the car up on a hoist to photograph those extra brackets I made. I'l try and get some for you next time I do an oil change.
  14. I don't think reinforcing the connecting bracket will resolve the problem. The rear cradle is what twists. There are only four points, the two rear bobbins and then the brackets bolted to the bulkhead, that resist the torsional twisting forces of the springs and shocks. Think of a shoe box and how much stiffer it becomes with the lid on. The 300 Sport has a massive bracket linking the rear bobbins to the front of the cradle near the bulkhead. The 300 Sport had a lighter, hand laid body, not as thick or strong as the varimold bodies, so Lotus had to restore the strength somehow. What I did several years ago was two things. Firstly I eliminated the bobbins and made alloy plates. The bobbins work in tension and there's not much surface area so eventually they bust out. With upper and lower plates about 50mm square and 6mm thick and several years of use, I've had no more problems. The second thing I did was making additional brackets halfway between the bobbins and the bulkhead. I used square tubing about 400mm long bolted into the inverted "u" channels on each side of the inner body molds. You can feel those channels by running your fingers under the air cleaner and corresponding side next to the exhaust manifold. From the mid-point of the square tubing I welded triangulated brackets that bolt to the engine mount plates on the chassis. That part of the body mold is very strong, being a box to hold the petrol tanks and inner guards. I well remember my delight the first time I drove my car over a rough road how much stiffer it was with the new brackets. A bit of effort but worth it. Only weigh a kilo or two, well hidden and can't be seen without a very close look.
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