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  1. DanR

    Lotus on the Stelvio

    Did the Stelvio a few year ago starting from Bormio. Too much traffic, even cross country skiers in summer training. The road and views were spectacular and watching skiers alight the cable cars from the glacier at the top seemed so surreal in the middle of summer. Next time though, it'll be one of the lesser used passes.
  2. Have you adjusted the throttle stop screws at operating temp?
  3. DanR

    USA Shootings

    So sad. And happening so often that many forums no longer mention or have much discussion on this ongoing peculiar US horror. A few other forums I'm on had nothing about the recent murder of the 11 in the synagogue. I think gun lovers and the NRA are like pagan religions the way they accept regular human sacrifices to their gun gods as ok.
  4. Do an overnight drive and amaze porters with the amount of luggage you can pack in the boot(s). A friend, who also has a Mac and 360CS prefers the Boxster for longer road trips with his wife. And while the performance is nowhere near his two other cars, it still offers a lot of driving enjoyment and sense of occasion for him.
  5. DanR

    MOTOGP 101 required!!

    Avoid technical talk too much if you have little knowledge. Just let them know how much you admire the races and closeness especially compared to F1. Watch this, one of the best races ever...
  6. DanR

    The Weird and Wonderful Driving Laws

    It relates to duelling, using your sword and protecting your scabbard. I think it was Napoleon who decreed it safer to pass each other on the left.
  7. DanR

    Retirement activities

    I believe that here in NSW Workcover has no control over DIY projects. They only become involved if somebody is being employed or technically would be considered that eg neighbour your grass to return a favour, (tenuous yes).
  8. Whilst my DM is working properly at the moment, when it dies I know what I'll be doing instead. Top job, or rather jobs.
  9. Some of the DM systems even got praised such as this article on the Esprits "...This example adds brilliant brakes, too. I’ve read nothing but bad things about Esprit brakes over the years so perhaps this S4S is a freak, but the pedal is almost rock-solid, with a short and decisive travel..." EVO 11th Feb 2013
  10. I'd bet the bleed valves on the master are often overlooked. Especially the one under the relays.
  11. A year ago I would have ditched the DM too. However after some considerable work rebuilding the calipers, renewing the accumulator and making the effort to bleed as per the manual (I swapped some procedures where LH manual differs from my RH drive) I now have full confidence in my brakes same as Michael. I reckon many shops don't bleed the DM properly. It's an unusual and time consuming job with the manual instructions itself being confusing. When I bought my car there were receipts for a couple of thousand dollars spent at a specialist workshop to fix the brakes. They never were right. The most obvious issue used to be the weird way they'd pulse and push back against the foot. That's now gone and I can modulate the amount of pressure depending on how quickly I want to stop. Are they as good as today's cars? Most yes, the best ones no.
  12. DanR

    Porsche has done it

    I reckon the size (and emissions) of your engine should be linked to the number of trees you have. Also whether or not they're deciduous. If they work all year round that entitles you to an even bigger engine. On that basis us aussies are entitled to the biggest engines on the planet...muhaha.
  13. DanR

    2nd Expansion tank above LHD wheel

    My caps are configured the same as Giniw. The pressure cap is on the header and a flat cap on the expansion. The pressure one is 2 way. Any others like to check and comment? The header tank (ball shape) was originally fitted to Peugeot 205GTI. There it had no expansion tank so didn't stay full to the brim like it does on our cars because of the expansion tank. I also had problems with pipe #3. There was a bracket at the bottom bolted to the chassis and clamped to that pipe. With the rocking of the engine that bracket eventually broke and the movement did cause leakage problems. I made another stronger bracket which I rubber mounted to the chassis. Very similar to how exhaust pipes can be supported with rubber mounted brackets. I also had to repair the bleeder pipe "L" bend on the top of pipe #3 to fix a leak there.
  14. DanR

    2nd Expansion tank above LHD wheel

    The coolant lasts longer and is less likely to cause corrosion problems when contact with air is avoided as much as possible. That's why the header tank is kept full and the expansion tank does the job of accepting and returning coolant to the system.
  15. Did you also bleed the two nipples on the master cylinder and cycle the solenoid valves?