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  1. Great find. So where is it now? Loungeroom? Monster motor for a monster plane.
  2. I'm not in the market but I do like the new Corvette. And that it's being made in rh drive for Australian, British and similar markets.
  3. After Brabham, Clark, Stewart, Hulme and Hill he was also one who got me interested in F1 in my teenage years. Another like Moss who deserved to win a F1 championship. RIP Carlos.
  4. I don't know if the slaves for the 4 and 8 cylinder motors are similar. I used to have problems with short term corrosion and leaking occuring in my slave after a couple of weeks of no driving. Had it fitted with a s/s sleeve and no problems for well over 10 years now. Might be something to look at.
  5. Ask Duterte though he won't like you for doing that and probably shoot you.
  6. Go kart camber-castor adjustors. A mate and our sons have taken up enduro (6hours+) kart racing.
  7. This one would have to rank up there too. Made over 1000bhp in turbo form and over 400 na. Dominant for over 50 years. Never once blew a head gasket. Indy winner 27 times.
  8. Yes good luck Michael. As for your dilemma, what are your considerations about being at the leading edge of a future career or looking towards retiring sooner than later?
  9. With your low annual mileage what about the softest "R" spec tyres you can find? Yokos have them down to 50 treadwear rating here in oz.
  10. Somebody we're all familiar with...Dany B.
  11. Yes. The crossshaft finger slots into each of the shift rods so, with all rods in neutral, I'd expect you should be able to move the 5th rod and fork back and forth. 5th is the gear set you can see when the cover is off. Look closely to see if something is jamming. Maybe that finger is catching on two rods. I've been thinking about grinding a slight chamfer on the finger edge next time I rebuild a box. (If your box is dry of oil and clean that can stiffen changes when testing the shifts.)
  12. The book specifications gets you into the ball park and covers various inconsistencies between boxes pretty well. I found though I could achieve a more precise adjustment by firstly disconnecting the cables and links to operate the cross shaft and confirm each gear could be manually selected. It's quite a smooth and accurate system. (The change in the Renault Alpine works better than ours and demonstrates how good it can be. Being an outboard engine and gearbox like the 911 does that.) Once I knew the crossgate shaft can easily select each gear I measured the cross movement for each gate, with a vernier. Then I refitted the cables and adjusted the links to achieve the specs I'd measured earlier. My assistant would move the gearshifter and I used the vernier to fine tune the cross movement required for each of the gates. I also adjusted the limit block on the gear lever. My S4 is the second gen of link bracketry while yours would be the fourth and final gen. It's that cross shaft movement though that the various adjustments set up for a sweet change.
  13. Don't know if it's already been mentioned but I think it wouldn't take much to change to the generic look of the Esprit, which until the Evija I reckon was the most beautiful Lotus made. Adding the small window behind the door and tinkering with the curves to make them more wedgie and the side scoops could do it.
  14. Much the same...
  15. Popular with motorbike mechanics here especially on the older British ones with split gearbox cases.
  16. A new Esprit, after a break of 16+ years by the time it's released, yes. It's an icon. Wasn't a problem for Bugatti. And it has to have some sort of wedge look.
  17. I thought it was due to a service maintenance issue. Checking and filling oil level on a dry sump needs to be done quickly before too much drains back into the sump. So when this wasn't done properly it'd be overfilled. I also thought there were a number of stuff up's and claims during the warranty period.
  18. What a coincidence. I have a Cressida and just swapped a Ford Courier van diesel motor and gearbox into it.
  19. Interested but for some reason I can't send you a message. Can you do so to me? Thanks.
  20. I reckon that guy was a tyre kicker. When the time comes to sell mine I dread having to deal with that breed. I'm thinking no test drives before an agreed price and refundable deposit. Any ideas how to cull out the dreamers?
  21. Great control cornering on two wheels...
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