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  1. I posted something similar in the Esprit Parts Wanted section but only got 25 hits. So asking here in general in case somebody has a Brembo caliper stored somewhere. If you have a Brembo 4 spot caliper to sell can you let me know what you have? Thanks Dan
  2. I've found and wondered about these sort of housing cracks. Goggle searching seem to show it as a regular concern with the consensus being it's a normal occurance.
  3. Not good. All the rear loads will be through the bulkhead plates now. There'll be a loss of longitudinal torsional stiffness which you'll feel. Best to fix it asap. Not with the original bobbins because they don't work well in shear. Do the repair with plates sandwiching the fiberglass.
  4. I'm after a LH Brembo front caliper for the Esprit (MY 1994 on). Older members may remember the Lotus Surplice Parts sales about 15 years ago. I bought two new Brembos and had stored them until a week ago. I'm fitting them to my S4, which predated the Brembos update by about 15 builds. I never checked at the time and have found that I received two RH calipers. It's a long shot but somebody here might have two LH calipers from those sales or a used one. Or maybe somebody knows of another car that used the same calipers. So if anyone can help please contact me. Thanks. Dan.
  5. Yes, the sophisticated ones tend to head off overseas. We tend to be the noisy but friendly and likeable basement neighbours.
  6. Here in oz an Esprit is a rare sight. I find other drivers seem to enjoy seeing it and checking it out rather than trying to race me. I can't think of an occasion when that has happened. Often I find courtesies such as backing off and making a gap for me when I need to change lanes. I also have an old 944t in original condition and because they're a rare sight nowadays, get similar reactions from other drivers to that too.
  7. No, not a kart racer. The stewards quickly jump on that and will send a dangerous driver home. Easier to see too because of the openness of a kart. If anything kart racers soon learn to respect where their and others' tyres are. Max, as an aggressive driver has met somebody in Lewis whose experience and talent more than matches his bluffing tactics.
  8. Not 100% sure but could be Renault R25, R30 and any other Reno that used the UN1, 367/369 gearbox.
  9. 30 years ago Lotus Esprits were being successfully raced in US. Various drivers including Paul Newman. Because they won a lot they kept getting heavier with weight being added by the organizers.
  10. She's got you sorted unlike...
  11. Don't know if this is new or old news for you guys in the old dart.
  12. How long before we get home from a backroad drive, to find the police waiting for us in order to confiscate our licence and car for the speed we were doing 60 minutes earlier?
  13. Here's one explanation of why the Afgan Army capitulated so easily.
  14. I could do anyone of these.
  15. That engine is set-up for AWD. Wonder if Lotus has plans for an AWD Emira?
  16. Great find. So where is it now? Loungeroom? Monster motor for a monster plane.
  17. I'm not in the market but I do like the new Corvette. And that it's being made in rh drive for Australian, British and similar markets.
  18. After Brabham, Clark, Stewart, Hulme and Hill he was also one who got me interested in F1 in my teenage years. Another like Moss who deserved to win a F1 championship. RIP Carlos.
  19. I don't know if the slaves for the 4 and 8 cylinder motors are similar. I used to have problems with short term corrosion and leaking occuring in my slave after a couple of weeks of no driving. Had it fitted with a s/s sleeve and no problems for well over 10 years now. Might be something to look at.
  20. Ask Duterte though he won't like you for doing that and probably shoot you.
  21. Go kart camber-castor adjustors. A mate and our sons have taken up enduro (6hours+) kart racing.
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