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  1. What about the t5. A prolifically built box with lots of support and aftermarket parts suppliers. Cheapish, many gear ratio options including c/r non-oem.
  2. He'll may end up going the same way as the Roman emperor Maximinus. Assassinated by his own disgruntled troops.
  3. You could be right. From the video either the truck had a suicide bomber or was autonomous. If autonomous why wasn't it stopped earlier on the bridge?
  4. Putin tends to do the opposite of what he says. Stalling for time? I fear he's evacuating Kherson because he plans to nuke it once Ukraine wins it back. As for Kerch Bridge this video offers lots of reasons why Ukraine wants it to stay. Made before its partial destruction so perhaps restricting its usability is now part of their plan.
  5. Have you been checked by a physio? Unless I use the correct alignment of the tibia, patella and femur I get serious pain in my knee. So very conscious of that and aware when the alignment isn't correct. A physio may be able to identify what is best for you.
  6. Are those seats from the 300 or aftermarket/replicas?
  7. How far does their annual profit go towards supporting their F1 team?
  8. There'll be a new narrative coming from Putin given his failure to subjugate Ukraine. To protect himself from being deposed he'll claim to be a brilliant tactician by diverting Ukrainian forces with feigned attacks on cities so that his "peacekeeping" army was able to secure the Donbas. Only problem though will be a new Ukraine resolve that they may as well carry on the fight, throw Putin totally out of their country, regain the eastern regions and the Crimea.
  9. Taiwan until 1600's was an independent country. Then came the Dutch, for a few decades, who were thrown out by some Chinese dynasty. China had it for about 200 years until 1895, then Japan until the end of WW2 and then independence. China's claim is tenuous.
  10. What sort of incentives would it take for his own to depose him? Could Xi Jinping become the champion of the world by siding with the world against him? Wouldn't take much. And Russia is 146m so a small market compared to the ROW which China could lose.
  11. Wonder how much his cronies would want to turn him in?
  12. Very sorry to learn of Martin's passing. My wife and I are saddened and our thoughts and best wishes are with Linda, his family and close friends. I met Martin in 1983 when my wife and I, whilst touring Europe, popped in to say hello to Linda, who we first met and knew well in Australia. I was overawed seeing Martin arriving home from work in a Ferrari Daytona. He and Linda showered us with hospitality and had us with them in events at Brands and Donnington. I still fondly remember being cramped in the passenger seat of his GT40 going from the transporter, onto the track and into his pit. Our stay with Martin and Linda was one of the best highlights of our six months in Europe. Since then there were more occasions when Martin and Linda did the same for us and our children, hosting our son early after he finished his schooling a number of years ago. Martin was one of the nicest guys I've met in the car and racing fraternity and it was an honour to have known him. RIP Martin
  13. I read that Putin is now going to do to Kyiv and the other cities what he did to Grozny. Surround them before total destruction with bombardment from afar. Hope the Ukrainians have a superior counter strategy.
  14. There is a hacking war going on:
  15. An older news item about Putin's thought processes. and
  16. Putin in on a personal crusade to restore greater Russia and ultimately repatriate Alaska, which was a bad deal when it was sold to the USA for $7.2m in 1867.
  17. Here's what the S2000 rack looks like inside.
  18. When Mazda were developing the ND, current, MX5, they found mounting the motor on the rack had less flex and better feel. Info about 40s into this link: The S2000 motor is also rack mounted.
  19. That Chinese tyre company probably makes Pirelli during the day and "moonlights" at night with its own brand.
  20. Wasn't it Rod Stewart who stopped getting married and just gave his ex-g'fs a house...
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