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  1. This is worth watching especially on the NRA spokesman about the point relating to drugs.
  2. In the words of Sun Tzu (The Art of War) know your enemy... One of the NRA's recent blurbs is that the founding fathers wrote the 2nd in full anticipation of today's modern weapons like the AR15. Yeah right, (like thinking of a Jedi's mind control or Darth's sabre being covered too).
  3. The NRA's poster boy and "hero" dodged Vietnam too...
  4. Unbelievable, POTUS claims he'd be brave enough to run into the school shooting without a gun... What a jerk.
  5. As for the deputy who was scared and didn't go confront the murderer, can't blame him. Not when he's got what, a tiny pistol against somebody well in the zone, ready and shooting with the best of military killing weapons. Who would? Not Wayne LaPierre, Trump or the deputy's boss Scott Israel I bet. Heros after the event those guys... meh.
  6. Armed teachers will just move the murderers to other easier locations eg, bus stops, train stations, football fields, fast food places and anywhere else school kids like to gather. Dumb Trump will suggest arming everybody then!
  7. If it's 430hp why does it say 466 hp in the photo?
  8. This is what I used. I recently did a post about my overhaul and decided to keep the Delco system as it's working properly now. I recommend you go by the diagnostic result first and replace the bulb. All I did was to replace the "o" ring with one of thicker section. It screws straight on. Leave the ABS switch alone especially if road tests demonstrate it to be working.
  9. Is the NRA a terrorist organization??? Should it be banned? and
  10. Lot of sensible strategies here with the big problem being the NRA. Estimates that of their few million members it's about 750,000 who are so extreme they are opposed to any form of gun control. The NRA's boss, Wayne La Pierre, whose salary is around $1mill, is a brilliant strategist able to check whatever efforts are made by sensible people for gun control. So far no body or organization has been able to best him.
  11. So sad these shootings and murders continue. The biggest obstacle to introducing sensible checks and balances is the NRA. With 5,000,000 members paying $25 annual membership, the power and influence the NRA can have on the US government is disproportionate to the population. There are another 100,000,000 or so, gun owners who would welcome gun controls. What's needed is another gun association that rivals the monopoly of the NRA. Perhaps those 100 million responsible gun owners would be prepared to pay some nominal, but less than the NRA's $25, annual membership. America is the home of billionaires so why can't one or some step up and help start a rival gun association. An association with sensible and responsible policies on guns, to check and stop the power and influence of the NRA.
  12. Thanks. The front ones are what I'm trying to find out.
  13. Would anyone know what the diameters of the pistons in the OEM Brembos are? Thanks.
  14. I'd be reluctant to use carbon fiber due to its conductivity.
  15. I've changed my opinion about the Delco system (see recent post). Was out playing with my car yesterday and still very pleased with how normal it feels now.
  16. Just saw the doco/film about Bruce Mclaren. Dan and Bruce had a strong affinity and it was Dan who honored the recently deceased Bruce, by accepting the invite to take over Bruce's seat and seal it with a first race win (Can-Am Mosport 1970) for the car Bruce lost his life in. Dan had lots of nice things to say and recall about those years with Bruce and his fledging team. (Mclaren is another like Gurney, Surtees and Brabham, to build and drive his own F1 car.)
  17. Sad to see him go. Other than for Brabham and Surtees I can't think of any others who built their own cars to drive in Formula 1. I like the following story of how the "Gurney Flap" came to be: Conception of the Flap was, to use Dan Gurney's own description, a classic example of necessity being the mother of invention. It happened in 1971 while his AAR team was testing its new USAC car at Phoenix, prior to the season's first race there. The car was too slow and everyone knew it. Towards the end of the third and last day of testing, driver Bobby Unser challenged 'the boss' to come up with a solution, and Gurney suggested the flap. He'd seen the success Richie Ginther had had experimenting with spoilers on Ferrari sportscars and wondered what would happen if a small spoiler was fitted along a wing's trailing edge. In 45 minutes or so, the first Gurney Flap was fabricated and attached to the car's rear wing, and Unser went out again. Within a couple of laps it was clear he was circulating no faster than before and everyone in the pit assumed the flap was a failure. But when Unser came in he called Gurney over and quietly asked him whether anyone was around to spy on what they were doing. Once Gurney had confirmed they were alone, Unser told him the rear was now so well planted that the car was pushing (understeering) badly, hence the poor lap times. All they needed to do was restore the aerodynamic balance by adding more front-end downforce and the car would be transformed. For most of that first season, none of the other teams cottoned on to what Gurney had achieved. Anyone who asked was told that the flap was a purely structural feature to strengthen the wing's trailing edge. Taken in by this, some teams tried fitting Gurneys on the underside of the wing with predictable results: they lost lap time or worse. Eventually word got around that the Flap was an Eagle secret weapon and everybody started using it, whether they understood its function or not. As Carroll Smith bluntly observed in Tune To Win, "It was a case of monkey see monkey do".
  18. If it's other than the Delco system I wouldn't be able to use it. Only the Delco one has my interest.
  19. I'd be interested in getting as much of the Delco ABS system, including ECU, harness etc if possible. Please pm me if it's going to scrapped or sold off.
  20. Twin webers, dell'orto or solex on a four cylinder is a sound that's up there with the best. Difficult to emulate with throttle bodies and I think it is because of the "strangling and accelerating effect" the venturis in the carbs have.
  21. You forgot Hirai. "Hirai was the real father of the car," said Bob Hall. "He took my idea, my emotion, and made a car!"
  22. I don't know if you read my recent post about the Delco system? I now believe that a lot of problems are due to in-correct or short cuts with the bleeding procedure. It's complicated. There's a proper sequence and doing the isolation valves on the master cylinder is not easy, especially the one hidden under the relays. Allow a few hours to do it. Here's the bleeding procedure (available from many sources) brakes.pdf Takes a bit of time to understand but well worth it.
  23. Toshihiko Hirai, who while not the originator, Bob Hall is the one, was the engineer responsible for developing the MX5. He owned an Elan and used that as the model and formula for what he wanted the MX5 to become.
  24. I've had this car, Esprit S4, for about 15 years and the brakes were always crappy. I was ready to bin them a long time ago but for a drive of a Delco equipped Esprit a few years ago. Unlike mine and all the other Delco braked cars I'd driven over the years, that car of Bill's had a Delco system which worked. So I knew it was a possibility. After a huge scare and near head-on crash, I decided to tackle the job. Major work done and been driving and testing them for the past two days and what a change! I fitted a new accumulator, the Discovery one which is 200 bar vs 207bar for the Lotus one. I changed the O ring seal for one of thicker cross section while at it. I rebuilt the rear Bendix calipers and also the slides on the front TMC ones. I tested the front pistons and they were fine, no leaks and smooth retraction and extension, so didn't fit new seals there (if it ain't broke...). There was some stiction on the right hand front slides, evident by taper wear on the pads and tendency to jam up when I tried to move them manually. A clean, new rubber and grease fixed that. I believe though that it was the bleeding that did the trick. I followed the manual procedure which is very involved. And removing the relay bar to access the isolator bleed nipple on the master, hidden underneath it is a bugger of a job. I took no short cuts but did everything in proper sequence as described from cracking open the front pipe nuts on the master cylinder, bleeding the isolation nipples and the 10x3 secs on and off with the key to sequence the solenoids. It now requires about 33 presses of the pedal to evacuate the accumulator and the pump runs for about 25secs to re-pressurize it. Great. The brakes now are normal like any other car with good feel ie not overly boosted and/or insensitive. No longer is there any pulsing or pushing back against my foot when I use them, no lag or delay like I was used to but instant response as they should be. The ABS even though only 3 channel, works a treat. I jammed them on around bends and the car pulls up quickly and without any drama or loss of steering control. I never had any confidence in them previously but do now and this is a revelation for me. They are quite good, not high performance stuff (think multi-piston calipers and huge rotors), but not lacking in doing a better than reasonable job. So don't give up on the Delco system. It can work and be normal like any other car. Also a big thanks to Jon in the US for your help and information.
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