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  1. I have fond memories of the Datto 1000. Raced the coupe about 15 years ago and won my class in the mod street sprint championship. Bore and stroke to 1577cc 45mm webers c/r5speed jag brakes panhard rod etc etc. 660kgs with 170+BHP. The surprise of Porsche 911 turbo drivers being matched on the straights outbraked and then outcornered was priceless. Mate and I still have a collection of about 5.
  2. Very nice. Is that original or your own stylised lettering?
  3. Hi Simon. It's often easier to fit a srewdriver between the pad and disc and carefully push the pad and piston back into the caliper. Has the countdown started? And how long do you expect the sea journey and customs paperwork to be before they release the Lotus back to you?
  4. Wayne I wonder about the desirability of only using original oil filters. I have yet to cut open a filter. From what I can see the "one way valve" seems to be nothing more than a simple flat rubber covering the outer holes of the filter base. Easy to see when buying a filter and usually advertised on the packaging. Also the filter for early SAABs, Volvo and some other cars seem to be the same. The factory filter here is about four times the cost of a generic filter. Am I missing something?
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    Troy, PM sent.
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    Hi Mike and welcome. Like you I assumed the Lotus position, an S4, from a Porsche, the 944 Turbo. Very similar to your 968 except it doesn't have the 968's low grunt. I always thought the Porsche was a pretty sharp instrument, probably the best handling front engined car out there, more practical than the Lotus, better build quality but more plastic, no longer conspicious and therefore less worry as to where I drive, park etc. Also, in my case because of chip-boost upgrades, it feels on par with the acceleration of the Lotus at middling to high speeds. the line and on twisty roads the Lotus is in another class even without an LSD that the 944 and I suppose your 968 has. The tacility of the steering, compliance yet roadholding of the suspension, obedient response to inputs, is on a higher level. I describe it as a refugee from the race track that's put on a suit. As for practicality, definately the Porsche but the Lotus can still be more than useful for trips away etc. than a lot of other cars eg Honda S2000. Just don't decide you want to buy something and bring it home NOW. Also, if you are inclined, the Lotus is easier to work on, surprisingly, and I found it quite economical for parts once I learnt about non-genuine sources and the excellent support sites such as this offer. I recently had to repair a rusty tank, a common problem. Big job, engine out, tank out, weld, paint, refit. My expenditure was less than AUD $20 for a petrol pump seal and better draining plastic door mats instead of the foam the tanks are normally sitting on. As for looks, style, exotica, well I don't need to comment, that's for you to decide. Finally, if you want a new and different experience to the 968, we all would like to see you in the Lotus. If the 968 feels like a head chef's carving knife to you the Lotus will feel like a surgeon's scalpel. Good luck. Dan.
  7. I believe they are special. Also that the new gas R134 requires a different seal to those used for R12. Not sure but something to do with deterioration caused by the gas. Try a net search for auto a/c.
  8. And bonjour Patrick from Australia. Enjoy the Lotus. I recall driving from Holland to Grenoble and then Route Napoleon to Cannes a few years ago. A magnificent road.
  9. When you're enjoying those roads around Barossa, Mt Lofty, Tanunda, Victor Harbour etc take a moment to think "...yep it was worth it..."
  10. I learnt years ago it's better to drive for a period (20-30 minutes) to facilitate the relearning process. The only reason mechanics leave it in idle mode is because they don't have the time to go for drive.
  11. A lot of thought has gone into this. The ridges on the bar-b-que plate stop the snags rolling off on the corners. Pass me the match.
  12. Good advice (for the mechanic) cultivate future work.
  13. I wonder if the format is conducive to easy usage. The layout of for example seems more user friendly. Checkout their site for the 944 Turbo and Turbo-S forum. Lots of activity, main index page, very easy to quickly glean and open whatever interests you.
  14. Porsche 968 cabriolet (or 944 cab turbo).
  15. Do the turbo models with the glass have the cracking problems?
  16. I originally did the VW relay swap to my wife's Calibra T after learning about the mod on a Calibra site. I'd seen so many bits of Calibra on the S4 that I decided to try her relay first to make sure.
  17. Here's an easy mod for infinately variable wipers instead of single speed. Swap the GM relay for the Volkwagon one with the built-in timer. Part number 357 955 531. To set, move the wiper lever to intermittent for the first wipe and off again. When screen needs another wipe just turn it on and leave it. Want to change the interval, repeat the procedure. As for Esprits before the S4, I don't know.
  18. Hi Simon, Thanks for the welcome. Just realised that I recalled you from your posting in LEW. When do you expect to arrive in oz? I'm in Sydney. Haven't been to Adelaide for about seven years. A few months ago, together with my wife and others, we drove the Great Ocean Road. Much closer for you in Adelaide than for us from Sydney. On a par with Highway 1 in California too. I'm sure it will become one of your favourite driving routes when you've got a few days available. Have you checked out the Adelaide Classic site for their annual rally? I see you have your car serviced at Bell and Colvill. Unfortunately Martin Colvill had a serious off in his GT40 there last year. I'm in Sydney and my car's done less than 40k's. Was purchased from a wholesaler. Better get ready for work so bye for now. Danny
  19. Just joined. Bought the S4 about three months ago. Done a lot of work with stalling problems related to the ABS, removal and fixing tank leaks, eliminating the interior creaks by reconditioning all the leather (dash out etc), modified the pedals so I don't have to wear any special shoes, and a number of other minor but irritating things. I find the Lotus more narrow focussed than my other car a 944turbo. But is this Lotus seductive? I've never driven anything so razor sharp, short of a race-car. The way it dives into corners and grunts out is awesome. And it's only an S4 not one of the later, more powerful models! I do all my own work and find it quite easy to work on once the boot's out. Seems more like a track car that was converted to street use than the other way around. As for parts, I avoid original where I can. This is where I love the Net, because it brings me up to speed so quickly. Unlike years ago, there's no need to get some "guru" offside picking his brains on how to tackle various jobs. Bye for now and hope this site develops into something special. Danny.
  20. Is it possible to buy the plastic seal that is between the post and body? Seems to be off Astras, Barinas etc. I tried local GMH (Australia) dealer who can only sell me the post for too many $$$.
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