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  1. Unless your changing the whole system (i.e. all pipework, cylinders, the lot) I thought this was bad as DOT5 is made up of a totally different material to DOT 3,4 and 5.1. Isnt DOT 5 synthetic?
  2. I am changing my hoses at the same time to a goodridge setup. I ended up going for the Castrol Super Reponse as on the LEW lubricant page. All being well my brakes should feel a bit more like they are actually going to stop me!
  3. Thanks for that. I have done the second method before and will more than likely do that again as it seemed ok on other cars i have done it on
  4. Now my brakes aren't causing me problems but they do need a fluid change I have a 90SE which doesnt have ABS so I am hoping its going to be a simple job. I read the guide on LEW but that is for a model with ABS. What steps do I or dont I have to do? Any advice appreciated
  5. It sounds like it needs new plugs and leads (and poss a new distributor pack). My SE was suffering from a loss of power and lumpiness (esp when cold) around this region. I changed the plugs for NGK stamdard items with Lotus leads and its fine now.
  6. To be honest looks and performacne wise that APX looks like a good car. However it shouldn't be wearing a lotus badge as it devalues the brand as a serious sports car manufacturer. Pop an Audi/BMW/xxx badge onto it and you have a good mix between practicality and performance
  7. Pitstop your pretty muh describing what I have seen before whilst driving so perhaps mine is ok and I dont have to worry lol. Last night was really cold and the car was regularily sitting on 0.9 bar which started to panic me but the extra cold air probably had something to do with it as well as what you were saying above. Its still worth a quick test though Thanks for the help
  8. Cool I will go and test the wastegate capsule now. Is there anything in particular I should be looking for in freescan? Is the boost reading more accurate on Freescan than the stock gauge?
  9. I think I am getting overboost in gears 2 and 3 (and maybe 4+5 but havent had chance to test). In first the stock boost gauge reads around 0.6-0.7 but in 2+ gears I get a steady 0.9 which seems too high. What are the likely causes of the problem? Also I have been using the search and read a number of posts about overboost and a few mentioned a trick to test the waste gate by removing the pipe from the boost solinoid. I didnt understand 100% from the other posts, but can someone explain how I do this? Thanks
  10. My passenger side window seems to have given up the ghost. I have swapped switches with the drivers side and still no joy. Plus I have tried operating it from the drivers side switch and still nothing. I am assuming that the motor has gone, but does anyone have any ideas before I go down this avenue Also can anyone recommended where to get a motor and is there a how to online to show me how to change it? Ta very much
  11. I assume its the part on this link? (Either of the two at the bottom). If so
  12. Cool thanks for that. I am about to go and run freescan to see if that chucks anything up and will buy a new thermostat over the next couple of days so I can rule that out
  13. Can anyone point me in the right direction to where the thermostat is? I have the manual on CD and was having a look earlier but I am finding it hard to orientate myself in the engine bay Ta
  14. Thanks for that. I think I will change the thermostat out of course. SJ appears to have the item for
  15. Thanks for that. Is there an easy way to test this is working? I cant remember now if that is contained within Freescan The thing is though that I think I am getting boost ok (infact poss over boost). When I give it some the needle sometimes flicks up to around 1 bar (I know it should hit 0.85 on hard acceleration) but I dont always feel like I am getting a big kick in my back. The car is going on a RR at end of Feb so at least I can see if I am hitting the right torque and bhp
  16. I was driving the Esprit over the weekend to give it its weekly run during the cold season and noticed that the car was idleing around 1400-1500 and the temp needle wouldnt go above 79-80. THe temp has never high since I got the car but used to go around 81-82 The last time I run freescan (a few weeks ago) everything seemed ok. I know I need to run it again and will do so over the next few days, but any idea what would vause these symptoms? Perhaps a knackered thermostat? Any advice always well received!
  17. Carl are you talking about the rubber strip on the bottom of the front bumper? If so SJ sportscar have them for
  18. Thanks *Goes to re-gap spark plugs*
  19. Does anyone know the required gap for the spark plugs on the SE? IIRC says 0.7mm but I was leafing through the owners handbook the other day while waiting for the gf and I am sure I read 1mm
  20. Yeah but you can buy the dye in smaller than 1l pots so it shouldnt cost too much. The cleaner is well worht buying for cleaning the car anyway and the conditioner makes it smell nice
  21. If you thinking of doing the interior then they like a sample. I would prep them up by giving a call and telling them a sample is on the way. I sent an ash tray as I couldnt find any material I wanted to cut. I then gave them a call on the day it should have arrived to make sure they had it and that it was going with my order All in all it costs
  22. I have just treated my steering wheel with this stuff and its come up a treat. I have the full kit to do the rest of the interior and can't wait! I sponged the paint/dye on rather than spraying and put on 5 coats and its taken all of the marks and dents right out. I have a magnola steering wheel (haven't seen one anywhere else on an SE) rather than the normal black so all the caked in crap of 16 years of motoring was really easy to see. I will try and get a pic tomorrow to show you how its turned out, but for anyone with tired leather give this stuff a shot before forking out for a
  23. Cant make this one unfortunately although will be there for the one in August/September time (Me and the better half)
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