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  1. Okay, looks like we're going with the RS42's on the 211, and probably the same with the Elise. Here's the next question. The Elise is a 60th Anniversary Edition and is Supercharged. It is a 2008 and the brake rotors are already cross-drilled and have Brembo pads on it. Any idea if these are the exact same brakes that the 211 comes with, with the exception of the pads? I don't want to order the wrong pads and looking at some of the comments it would seem that the Elise typically comes with non-drilled rotors so I am starting to think that these are the upgraded brakes. Again, I really appreciate all of the help. You guys have been awesome. Thanks!
  2. Thanks again guys for all of the help. It doesn't sound like I have that much to worry about with the 211. I need to look at the Elise to figure everything out. I'll let you know once I find out. And Lloyd, you're right. I own an SL. I think it literally weighs 4 times what a Lotus does. I cannot thank you guys enough for all of the help with these 2 cars I am going to working with.
  3. Lloyd, Thanks for the quick reply. I was thinking the EBC yellow stuff for the Elise, but if you think the Pagids are better then that's what I will recommend. I have used Pagid on several BMW's and Audi's with very poor results. I do realize however that German cars can be rather finicky, just as English cars can be too. It makes perfect sense that they will work fine on a Lotus, even though the German cars I have used them on did not fair as well. He will definitely be tracking the 211 pretty much only, so do you think the standard brake fluid can handle it? It sounds like both cars will be running with Pagids, since that is your recommendation. You did not mention anything about the rotors so I am going to assume they are just fine as is. Thank you very much for all of the help.
  4. Hi guys. This is my first post. Unfortunately I do not own a 211. I have a friend that has one, as well as an Elise. I am a SM for BMW and am way out of my element with both cars. My friend is getting fed up being over-charged and misled with information and has asked me to have my guys upgrade the brake pads on both the 211 and the Elise. I need to put track only pads on the 211 and a street/track pad on the Elise. I am also assuming that I would need to change the brake fluid to something like ATE Super Blue, but I would like some input on this as well. Also, are the rotors okay, or should the be upgraded as well? Two of my personal favorite pads are Hawk and EBC(they both work reasonably well with German cars). I have been able to find EBC pads for the Elise, but can find no reference to the 211. Are the specs the same for the 211 as they are for the Elise? I am sorry to bombard you guys with all of these questions, but I have found that when you don't have the answers, go to the internet and ask people that have real-world experience. Thanks in advance. -Chris
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