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    Tony Vaccaro
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    Elise Sport 190

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  1. Well..this is how I learn...what is an SVA compatible car?
  2. I just like the looks of the car with the lights and I have an elise engine already. I think the car is more marketable to a larger segment of the world with the full equipment....just in case i have to sell it.
  3. Hello all. I am Tony Vaccaro. I am and have an 2005 Elise with a Sector 111 SuperCharger....A Caterham Seven and a 1971 Elan...completly tricked out with all Spyder components. I have been thinking of a 2 11 lately so I thought I would sign in and try to keep up with whats happening. I would be interested in a Left Hand drive European Car with lights and other road options. One with a blown engine would be even better. I would import it into the US myself. I am in Buffalo NY. Been involved with Lotus my whole life and sat in a 2 11 last week end. Wow....and I did not even drive it.
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