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  1. have me thinking, thinking hard. WTF happened at SI, on the other hand I won't ask. Heard you had throttle probs, i had the same issue at Spa. Not good. I am also on my 3rd ultra reliable gearbox which started playing up again at the weekend on the GP citcuit. Will be at Oulton on the 8th, so see you there. Incidentally what spec is you 211....need a little guidance. CHeers J
  2. Hi all Looking at buying 211 for the road and to run on some of the Lotus Eurocup stuff. Some questions though, 1. Can you run a road legal supercharged car in the 211 class 2. Do you need the big brake and plate diff option 3. What is considered to be good spec when you come to sell it. 4. Does anyone have one for sale so i don't have to wait. Cheers J
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