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  1. Great stuff guys. I knew you would come through. Now I have to get a minute to try to sort it out. Many thanks
  2. Need to pick your brains. Have a 2001 Esprit V8, US model. It has been in storage for a couple of months with the battery disconnected. When it was re-connected and fired up everything worked normally for a short time .... then the security alarm went off. No indicator on the dash, just the siren. It sounds for about 10 seconds then goes off. Pauses for a couple of minutes then goes off again. Very annoying. How do I either address the issue that's setting the alarm off, or find the siren to disconnect it ??? Thanks
  3. Guys - I just went through this in the last two months. Just happened to have my S1 Exige sitting there and yanked the seat out to see how it would fit in the Esprit. No problem. Easy entry / exit and they are comfortable. However, I ultimately did not got that route.... wanted something that looked more like a 300 Sport. Ended up wit a Corbeau in Alcantra finish since matching the original leather was a challenge. Also added a rear view camera system so I can actually see out the back.
  4. Jim - Thanks. I'll see if I can root that out on this end.
  5. I looked through that sight last night. Lifting the body up is not my concern. Knowing the small details of removing or disconnecting parts that will impede the process is what I'm looking for........ like best point to disconnect the steering, what is the best way to isolate the engine computer system, best approach to disconnecting cooling system, hidden bolts/mounting points, etc. I'm sure some components can be left with the body section, just trying to determine which ones, and how much. Thanks
  6. Guys, I am looking for some experienced input. What's involved in pulling the body off of the Esprit??? Particular areas that will be difficult or traps to avoid (i.e steering, pedals, computer connections, etc.) ?? Thanks
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