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  1. Hi Victor - apologies if we haven't lived up to expectations here at Hofmann's... Anything I can do to remedy that? Please feel free to email me - [email protected]
  2. Please feel free to drop me a line - [email protected]
  3. There is always something exciting about the delivery truck arriving with fresh Lotus stock. Thought we would share a little of the enjoyment of our latest batch arriving:
  4. My direct line is 01491848812, I'm out delivering a car in the AM but should be around in the afternoon. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for your feedback. Are you available at all for 5 mins on the phone next week to talk through the issue please? I'm aware we have been dropping a few balls in service and as a result I've made some considerable changes to the team with a new service advisor coming to replace Martin, a new parts manager and an EXTREMELY experienced new service manager to head up the team. I'm also always available and also willing to help where at all possible.
  6. Whilst I agree with much of this there are some pretty big pitfalls when it comes to quoting numbers. All this tuning will be done with the engine in the car so either on a rolling road or hub dyno with all those hard to determine losses and correction factors in the mix. Additionally this V6 engine is knock limited so if the cooling in the dyno cell isn't up to snuff (and most aren't for a 400bhp+ car) the ECU could pull 30-40bhp giving a wildly deflated number. On top of this there will be natural variance from car to car... I tested two side by side and there was a 5bhp difference. So when I get asked what the TVS1900 kit makes I say as it is; it will do about 350bhp @ the hubs an TDI south hub dyno in Thurrock. We don't know the exact losses but that hub figure would equate to about the 400bhp mark. Those figures are very repeatable run after run and i know the dyno itself is repeatable from the many years I've used it and the many different cars which have been tested by it trackside. Clutches and gearboxes, from what I've seen, aren't such a stumbling block as people make them out to be. For track work its wise to fit a gearbox cooler and that's true whether the engine is upgraded on not. We don't send the ECU away, we just re-flash it. The nice thing with this approach is that you retain the stock drivability. You're right, there is some low hanging fruit to be had in terms of tuning but the beauty of the TVS1900 is its simplicity, and its robust. Charge cooled kits are on the way but its a much more involved install so more £££... you pays your money...
  7. Happy Christmas to all our Lotus friends - hope you enjoy watching the video!
  8. An interim service with us (Hofmann's) is about £220inc. Hour of labour + oil + filter and the car would have a once over and a road test in with that.
  9. Thanks for your post, much appreciated. Sorry I'm not nearer and can't offer you more direct help with your problems. I'm very interested to hear your comments about opening times. At our place we tend to keep the workshop Monday-Friday normal hours then the showroom and service open Saturday and close up Sunday but then we will collect and deliver and often accommodate after hours for collection and pick up where we can. Lots of customers have to travel a distance and, like you have said, that makes 'fix it first time' so much more important.
  10. You can change an Evora screen without lifting the clam. Some windscreen fitters will request that its lifted but in my experience if they haven't got the confidence to do the job without lifting the calm then they don't have the skill to do the job properly anyway so its best to get a different one!
  11. Sounds frustrating. Just a quick clear up though... This car has never been to Hofmann's - not saying we don't have our issues but this isn't one of them! In fairness to the dealer who did do that job, windscreen's on Evora are a bad design and they wouldn't have done that job themselves, it would have been outsourced. Those plastic trim pieces are bonded to the screen with double sided tape and then bolted to the A pillar. The fit is generally bad and what has probably happened with yours is that its been taped down, then bolted and then the tape has slowly peeled back, twisting as its done so. The fitter should have taken more time and care and the the dealer should have noticed before handover. If you're selling 100 cars a month I can see the reasoning for opening on a Sunday but given the numbers involved in running a Lotus dealership it doesn't really stack up sadly.
  12. Yes, we retain the engine cover and it works great with IPS - In fact I have an IPS Exige being converted right now.
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