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  1. My White car is available at £90K. IMHO the GTE will be the best long term bet when it comes to valuations... they were/are THE collectable Evora.
  2. Hi Justin. The airbag hasn't popped... the fitment of the passenger airbag lid isn't great, its a TADTS thing on Evora! The covers don't fit very well from new and then as the leather ages and shrink its tends to lift the corners up. As they go... this one is pretty good!
  3. When it comes to auctions, the auction house is only an introductory party and the sale is between the owner and the buyer. Typically, the cars will be sold as seen, but there is nothing stopping us putting a more conventional retail package around cars that we are selling from stock and this is something I want to look closer at once we have a few auctions under our belt.
  4. You’ve hit the nail right on the head there! The idea is to leverage the web based auction to offer a better, more transparent experience for the buyer which in turn helps the seller achieve a stronger price. Plans are afoot to run a lotus specific auction in the coming weeks so I would love to hear from anyone looking to sell. cheers, Chris
  5. Glad everyone enjoyed episode 1 and we appreciate all the positive comments. We have done a more in depth video on the new Evora GT410.
  6. A little video Lotus' to kill 10 minutes of your time. One thing is for sure - I'm a better at racing car than Vlogging (or whatever you call it) but here goes: View on YouTube website Planning on doing a couple of features on particular cars after this one. Hopefully my presenting skills will improve with practice.
  7. With Geely coming in there has been quite a push from Lotus to REDUCE their parts pricing. They want to stop people buying non-gen parts by making the genuine parts competitively priced. I think its a good idea and will encourage owners to support the dealer network which will help generate revenue for the dealers who can in turn afford to invest in improving their offerings.
  8. Hi Victor - apologies if we haven't lived up to expectations here at Hofmann's... Anything I can do to remedy that? Please feel free to email me - [email protected]
  9. There is always something exciting about the delivery truck arriving with fresh Lotus stock. Thought we would share a little of the enjoyment of our latest batch arriving:
  10. My direct line is 01491848812, I'm out delivering a car in the AM but should be around in the afternoon. Thanks.
  11. Thanks for your feedback. Are you available at all for 5 mins on the phone next week to talk through the issue please? I'm aware we have been dropping a few balls in service and as a result I've made some considerable changes to the team with a new service advisor coming to replace Martin, a new parts manager and an EXTREMELY experienced new service manager to head up the team. I'm also always available and also willing to help where at all possible.
  12. Whilst I agree with much of this there are some pretty big pitfalls when it comes to quoting numbers. All this tuning will be done with the engine in the car so either on a rolling road or hub dyno with all those hard to determine losses and correction factors in the mix. Additionally this V6 engine is knock limited so if the cooling in the dyno cell isn't up to snuff (and most aren't for a 400bhp+ car) the ECU could pull 30-40bhp giving a wildly deflated number. On top of this there will be natural variance from car to car... I tested two side by side and there was a 5bhp difference
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