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  1. Dave Ladkin on Mloc, does these kind of things and would be happy to help - his forum name is 'Ladders' He's the manager of a graphic design studio, has done the sunstrips for Le Mans in the past for some cars etc Can give you a direct email Bibs if you PM me.
  2. Having seen your previous pics, I knew these would be worth a look! Well done! I feel calmer already.
  3. OH NO!!! Not the Langham Place!!!! Sorry! Only joking, I have no idea about that hotel, certainly a 'bargain'! Hope you have a great trip, Just booked up my April 07 visit a few days ago...
  4. The only time my missus eyes light up, is when I say its for sale.... She's been in it once in a year, and said 'I prefered the shape of the other one'.... (Elise) Ho hum, anyway I find its better without ones 'rev limiter' in the passenger seat! Give up now....
  5. Thumbs up! Big grin! But why no Elise owners? Surely we are all one happy family? (they could be made to sign a best behaviour agreement first?) Perhaps Lotus are planning a general public open day as well? Went to the last one, and extremely oversubscribed, so worth another go I am sure, I am sure Lotus could use the extra moula, and it was a great day.
  6. may not be as comfortable as the Esprit however...
  7. My advice would be find a reasonable hotel, I stay here 'Miramar' - it is cheaper than most, but perfectly adequate, depends on if you want luxuary or spending money! It is just off Nathan Road, a tourist strip in Kowloon, a 5 minute walk to the seafront and views of the Island skyline. Penisula is great for afternoon tea, there is often a queue, about
  8. Thats great! I think between you two, you just 'fixed' the back, Lotus, please pay attention...? Now we need to poll the alteration, to see if this is a general view or just mine! B)
  9. Respect! I can only begin to comprehend the dedication required to work on parts like this! Chin up and all that! Glad to hear you got there! Must be some relief! somewhat off topic, just noticed your new wheels on the GT3?! Pray tell, what are they? I like!
  10. Ok Jon, well guess I need to say yes to this, after our mails! Why don't you just open a garage and I'll bring her round, that would be much easier! (for me!) Shall I start my list of parts here???
  11. Red, yes, I think those large simple rear vents are MUCH better, in fact if I ever got one I think I might take a hacksaw to it to get that look! Although that is making me cringe at the Max power of what I just said.... sorry...
  12. Have to say the rear vents have always been the down side to the styling for me, however bizarrely removing them makes it look like something is missing, how about some bigger vents, blend them all into one, without the strips??? I liked the Lotus lettering, but then I previously had an Elise... Interior was so much better, but agree it could go further...
  13. Just called Jayne at Hagerty, very friendly, very competitive, gets the thumbs up from me! Recommended! Thanks Nick!
  14. I can echo Jon's comments, thought it was great! Loads of Torque, so easy to drive, and a real step up in the everyday car practicality from the Elises. The shape is SO much better in the flesh, the white one did look particulary good, although I do think the shape is rather dull and boring, its as if they were trying to appeal to everyone, and not put anyone off. Also for
  15. Yes, would just like to add my BIG THANKS!!!! as well. The track time was really worth it, and quite a 'moment' for the memory scrap book! A great day!
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