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  1. A few pictures of our Exige V6 Demo, for reference the colour is Pearl white The Evora "sportsracer" is in Aspen White
  2. Ha Forgot this video ever existed, this was taken in our showroom during the dealer demo tour. The guy trying to get in/out of the Exige is called Danny and believe it or not he has purchased 12 various Lotus models from me over the years, but by the looks of his entry technique I think he will be sticking with his evora for a while
  3. BiBS- unfortunatly yes i do have to run all our demo's in, such is life kimbers- im sure Mr Tordoff would look at favourable deal for you
  4. Hi All Its finally here (wahoo) please call or email us to arrange a viewing and test drive Our car has been spec'd as follows Pearl white Premium sports pack Race pack A/C Contrast stitching-Red Red calipers Diamond cut alloys
  5. Yes car was there, pictures to follow very soon once i fugure out how to do it
  6. Hi stezoom, Great plate, i have quite a few customers new into the Exige world i'll mention it to them, i'm sure one or two could be interested
  7. Hi All, Sorry for the late notice but we have managed to get hold of the New exige for tonight only It will be in the showroom from approx 7pm till 9.30 ish, The car is an engineering model and has been on the track all day so it'll be well used and still hot. Not sure of the colour or spec. look forward to seeing you if you can make it, For those that need it our address is Jct600 Lotus 102 Gelderd rd Leeds LS12 6AA Andy
  8. For what its worth, i have to totally agree with the comments on here and say that these pictures are truly amazing. i have owned my D500 for about 2 years now. I thought that photography was simple and that i could pull off shots like this everytime. how wrong could i be, i therefore have a new found respect for pictures like these
  9. You just wouldnt believe the health and safety aspects we had to cover .Only a thimble amount of fuel allowed .Battery to be disconected at all times (it was sir honest). .We would take full blame if a hoody was to cut his finger whilst trying to pinch the Alloys and pay out a huge sum in compo to him .also if someone was to run and head butt the car then too we would be coughing up The list just goes on and on,but it was well worth it as the shots came out well and we also got a good responce from the public
  10. Ha damn pesky infact thats our top salesman I'll be in this weekend so come in and say hello
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