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  1. USAndretti42

    Yellow Elite, Kidderminster

    Saw it at lunchtime today on a transporter just off the Birmingham Road. Looked like a barn find but don’t know if it was being delivered or collected.
  2. USAndretti42

    Eclat for sale

    And, without wanting to be pedantic (but I can't help it) it's an Excel.
  3. USAndretti42

    Elite interior

    I hate it when the int rior gets camp. It's like having Julian Clary in the passenger seat. (I was going to say in the back but that may have been misconstrued.)
  4. USAndretti42

    Elite 501 S1 1980 2.2

    If it's a 2.2 does that mean it's a non-original engine? What gearbox does it have as I would have thought the old Elite box, as opposed to the S2 box, would be very marginal with a 2.2 or am I being over-cautious?
  5. USAndretti42

    Great story teller

    Fascinating stuff, John. LotusRescue seems 5o be going from strength to strength.
  6. USAndretti42

    Grenfell inquiry

    They had a guy on the radio the orher morning who had spent the lastyear looking into the Grenfell fire and he had cocnluded the council was not to blame and had not cut costs. After all £8.6 million seems plenty to do a decent job
  7. USAndretti42

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    Horrible news, Lee. Sorry for you both.
  8. USAndretti42

    Automatic car washes?

    Funnily enough, I've watched a couple of YouTube videos about owning Ferraris and they had the same problem (and others).
  9. USAndretti42

    Congratulations to our CEO

    Happy birthday, Andy. Hope you enjoyed it. Was driving a Lotus involved?
  10. USAndretti42

    America's Finest Lotus Collection

    Thanks for posting these, Lew. It's a few years since I've been to Barber. They had a few Lotus on display then but nothing like as many as you've shown us but I can vouch for the museum. The setting is great and the displays really well thought out and well lit. You can get a direct flight from London to Atlanta and it's not too long a drive from there, if my memory serves me well. Th track is worth taking a look at as well with its giant insect scupltures. Not your normal racetrack at all.
  11. USAndretti42

    Mike Bishop Seriously Ill in Hospital

    Very sudden. Very sad.
  12. USAndretti42

    What made you happy today?

    This weather's making me happy. Consistently sunny but not humid. Perfect!
  13. USAndretti42

    A job question.

    Just remember, Micheal, that it's easier ti get a job when you are working than when you are unemployed. I would advise you to continue working there and use the time to increase your network in the industry,, get yourself known, make contacts so that, when the time is right, you can get something that suits you better.
  14. USAndretti42

    Would you buy a 3 cylinder Elise?

    By the time it's supercharge, turbocharged and intercooled, it will probably be heavier and take up more space than the 4-cylinder but it would give a wide torque range and plenty of performance and a V6 type of sound so I don't see why you would object.
  15. I don't think that is India.