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  1. Here are a couple. Search the forum as well where you will find more information. Note that the S2 had a galvanised chassis so it is less likely to rust and generally better build quality than the early cars. The headlights were raised by electric motors rather than manifold vacuum and tended to be better behaved as a result.
  2. He was 99 and had just spent a month in hospital with a heart problem but it still came as a surprise! Sad news, indeed.
  3. Saw a Marcos Mantis driving along the A45 in Northampton this afternoon. I remember looking at them at out local Marcos dealer 50 years ago but I don't remember ever seeing one on the road before.
  4. Sorry I can't help but congratulations on your choice of car. A S2 Elite is what I wanted but they so rarely come up for sale in a decent condition that I went for choice 2, an Excel.
  5. I am one of the too few paying members and have been even during the time I didn't have a Lotus as I had found the forum to be so useful when I had my Esprit and didn't want it to disappear. It is, of course, each member's choice whether or not to become a paying member. I don't see it as blackmail. Rather I see it as paying to some benefits such as being able to post more pictures (although it's possible for us all to embed photos from photo hosting sites without being a member) not having banner adverts popping up, access to discounts, etc. The thing is, we are all Lotus enthusia
  6. Ubergruppenfuhrer Bibs can give some insight on this as he spent some time as a fully-trained marshall at Brands Hatch. I don't know whether he got to see many races, though, as he had to concentrate on his bit of track.
  7. I retired a little earlier than I planned. I was going to retire at 66 but got nagged into retiring at 65 and a half. My retirement plan was to get a Lotus that needed some work or improvement which I did after a while. We became grandparents which also keeps us busy for a couple of days a week or more. I did recently think about applying for a job. The money would have been nice to build up the savings a bit more and to pay for some house improvements but the thought of getting up early every day, not seeing the grand-daughter as often and the lack of free time stopped me. I don't n
  8. You are paying to support the access to the wealth of information this forum provides to us Lotus owners and enthusiasts such as yourself. You can add lots of content without paying but I don't see why Bibs should pay to host your photos out of his pocket.
  9. Have the EU offered to do anything to help AstraZeneca to meet demand or have they just bullied them?
  10. According to this article on Pistonheads, Caterham Cars has been bought by its Japanese importer which, by the way, also imports Lotus cars into the land of the rising sun. Bye, bye, Mr. Fernandes. Hopefully it will be in safe hands and have the backing to deal with the move to non-ICE-powered cars.
  11. Did Perez's charge from the pitlane to his final position show how quick the Red Bull is compared to the rest of the field?
  12. So enthusiastic, so knowledgeable and such a nice bloke. He did make mistakes but he did an awful lot of commentating, not just F1 but bikes, saloons, rallycross, virtually any motorsport. RIP, Murray. You set the standard.
  13. A set of pinstripes, I suppose.
  14. It has now been confirmed that they didn't have a "secret wedding" 3 days before the big bash at the Abbey. She said she did no research before meeting the Queen. This was either very arrogant, very stupid or very untrue. You surely would get some advice before meeting you fiance's mother. Couldn't Harry or the Palace doctor have helped her with her mental health issues? Harry complained that Charles wasn't paying him an allowance any more. He's a multi-millionaire in his 30's for goodness' sake. I think he has enough in the bank to live on. So much of the interview doe
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