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  1. My worst was changing a half-shaft on my A40 in Elgin while touring Scotland during my student days.
  2. The 1100/1300 was the best-selling car in Britain at one time with over 2.1 million sold worldwide.
  3. Got a copy of the Haynes workshop manual for the Lotus 98T after the wife tipped me off that a local shop had 2 copies in stock marked down to £4.99 each. Happy days.
  4. I was looking at issue 1 of Motorpunk magazine (same publisher as Absolute Lotus) which had a brief, but interesting article on the Moonraker boats. Also a link to George's video of his Range Rover rebuild on their web site.
  5. Crikey! How big are the condoms in the box at the back?
  6. Here's another article I stumbled across which gives some insight to how the bodywork of the XI was designed.
  7. Came across this article in Classic and Sportscar magazine today comparing a Merceded 230CE, Lancia Gamma Coupe and S2 Elite. An enjoyable read I thought. There was also a very good article on the Lotus XI in Road and Track magazine, a US publication which is a fan of Lotus. I hope you enjoy them.
  8. Here's the Daily Telegraph's review. Makes a couple of interesting comments about how it's not going to save the planet. I particularly liked the line, " Because nothing sets new standards of sustainability like many thousands and thousands of unnecessary miles travelled by road and air, "when the writer refers to the plan for the journalists to drive the cars from Oslo to Berlin.
  9. Looks like a great trip. Always good to see a classic Lotus taking on a road trip. Good on you for taking the plunge!
  10. Have to remember that the next time the wife finds a pair of tights in the car.
  11. I wonder whether an electric LotusXI replica is on the cards?
  12. Is that the one that was at Anglia Car Auctions a couple of months ago? Looks very nice. Does the steering lighten up when you get up to normal speed, say 20mph? Are the tyre pressures correct?
  13. Dammit, RIchard. That's the day after I go on holiday or I would have been there.
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