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  1. USAndretti42

    Missing Air Malaysia Plane

    Cruel. But possibly true.
  2. USAndretti42

    Little winter project

    Lwt me know if it does fall through. I'm not making any promises but I could be interested.
  3. USAndretti42

    Little winter project

    Did the Elite sell, Barry?
  4. Vic Moore was his name. I met him when I bought a chassis off him for my Plus 2 in the early 80’s.
  5. USAndretti42

    The Grand Tour

    What was that music that they played during the early part up to the drag racing section? Good start to the series with no celebrities and a special next week. 12 more episodes to go.
  6. USAndretti42

    Future of Lotus

    One benefit I see to a high-selling SUV would be the opportunity for Lotus to have more, viable dealerships in the US which would help sales of the Evora and future Elises/Exiges. The lack of dealers and the resulting distance many potential customers are from those dealers must hold back sales badly. The current range doesn't sell in big enough numbers to be attractive to dealers but a high-seller would change that. The more people seeing the sportscars in their local showroom, the more will buy, methinks.
  7. USAndretti42

    Future of Lotus

    I think the Elise has a reputation for asking too much of its owners. It could be easier to get in and out of, have a good heating/ventilation system and still be a lightweight, focused sportscar. It was, don't forget, a replacement for the 7. I've said before, what we need is a replacement for the original Elan. The recent Europa went some way towards that but was too close to the Elise to truly carry it off. I think a new car with the attributes of the old Elan updated to meet current legislation and quality and reliability expectations would vbe very popular. Another advantage Lotus have is their ability to introduce new cars for little investment so they don't need to sell tens of thousands to make them viable. So they don't need huge sales on every model to make a profit.
  8. USAndretti42

    Sadiq Khan to extend ULEZ zone

    I don't how they get away with this. We have paid for the roads and now have to pay to drive on them and those who can not afford new cars have to pay extra. It's particularly bizarre that the emergency services have to pay but the dirty buses and taxis don't. No doubt other cities will follow suite as a way of raising money. There's an interesting plot in this article on the BBC News web site showing how much some pollution in cities has fallen since the 1970's.
  9. USAndretti42

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    Sorry to read that, John. I lost my brother this time last year and it was hard even though he had been ill for a while (although we didn't realise how ill) so it must have been a terrible shock for your wife. I hope she's OK.
  10. USAndretti42

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Interesting article in the Grauniad - "I'm a remainer so why do I feel more and more sympathy for leavers?"
  11. USAndretti42

    1976 eclat s1

    Errr. Shouldn't this be in the "for sale" section? Mods?
  12. USAndretti42


    We used Vonage in the States. Always had cable internet rather than DSL and it worked well. Whenever we moved we just plugged the phone into the modem and we kept the same number we had when we first had it. Plus free calls to England. Didn't know you could get it here.
  13. USAndretti42

    Air compressor setup

    We used plastic pipe work for compressed air at work. I think it's easier to install and modify. Don't know the details on drying, though.
  14. USAndretti42

    Drones spotted at Gatwick...

    I think they ask that so you can be hit with another charge if you are found to be lying.
  15. USAndretti42

    evolution of lotus f1 cars

    Murray maintains that the fan car was legal to the letter of the rules in that more that 50% of the flow was for cooling. Chapman had a 79 mocked up with a fan in each sidepod when he got back from Sweden in case the protest against the fan car failed. Bernie decided that it was better to keep the constructors united rather than fall out over the fan car so agreed to shelve it. The twin-chassis car was never stopped running because of the two chassis. It was always through dubious attempts to show it didn't meet the ground clearance rules. It was passed as legal several times but not allowed to run as the other constructors didn't want their cars to become uncompetitive and need redesigning with twin chassis. Instead, they ran with suspensions that allowed the car to drop below the legal ride height once the car was out on track where the ride height could not be checked, a system that was blatantly designed to get around the rule. No wonder Chapman got pissed off.