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  1. USAndretti42

    The world is a confusing place

    But, happily, common sense won out in the end and the courts ruled in favour of the bakers.
  2. USAndretti42

    Euro question - 23rd June

    How can Labour keep saying they will negotiate to keep us in a customs union with the EU when the EU say that means following their rules, paying in and free movement of labour? It's all a cock-up becsuse brexiters did not vote for a single vision of what being out of the EU would be while the remainers just tried to scare everyone to stay to the status quo. Too many news outlets took a position on staying or leaving while too few gave any analysis of the true options. Then we get to the negotiations where the EU complained about Britain's lack of a plan but never presented what they thought was acceptable (or, if they did, I never saw it anywhere). This made us look like a bunch of amateurs. However, I haven't heard of any of the brexiteer MPs saying what they want the deal to be, if there is to be a deal. Then there those who see it just as a way of becoming the prime minister and bugger the consequences for the country. Bloody shocking the whole affair and all done in an attempt to put UKIP in its place after they had a strong showing in minor elections. Do we have any leaders any more?
  3. USAndretti42

    The world is a confusing place

    Bloke's a trouble-maker. Your birthdate is your birthdate. No arguement and nothing like how ones gender works.
  4. USAndretti42

    Tut, David Duncan

    Always sad to hear of a Lotus enthusiast's passing. RIP, Tut.
  5. USAndretti42

    Geely purchased Utah Motorsport Campus

    I hadn't realised until I read this article just how big Geely's motorsport involvement was. Building 10 tracks in China, running Chinese F4, entering WTCC!
  6. USAndretti42

    Lotus Europa twin-cam cutaway original art

    I have great admiration of anyone who can produce these drawings. It's a technically-difficult challenge if you have all the design drawings to hand. If you don't, then you need an artist's eye as well. $2,500 dollars seems very reasonable for the amount of effort involved in producing such a work. Beyond my pocket, I'm afraid, but good luck, Gale.
  7. USAndretti42

    A day out with Julian Thomson

    I really enjoyed the article and liked that he appreciated the styling of the Mk2. Often designers don’t like it when their design is superceded.
  8. USAndretti42

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    The news about Molemot.
  9. USAndretti42


    Very sad news. I always enjoyed John's posts which were amusing or enlightening and often both. Bloody shame.
  10. USAndretti42

    is vegan now a race or gender

    Whether it was on BBC News or not, it still happened. Bit of a stupid thing to put in an email but not a sacking offence, I would say. Too many people are too easily offended.
  11. USAndretti42

    Espit Turbo spare or repair

    I'm not sure why the bot hasn't picked up this Esprit on sale on Ebay. Any comments on it?
  12. Definitely doesn't have the joining strip fitted to the seam and, yes, it does sit very high.
  13. USAndretti42

    Jensen Healey

    It shows that wing on the car in the Ebay listing. What happened to it? Is it somewhere between your place and Waterlooville?
  14. USAndretti42

    The fastest recent lotus for sale

    Can't afford to buy it let alone run it. Would be good fun, though.
  15. USAndretti42

    The birth of LotusRescue

    I saw that at the Practical Classics show early this year. I thought it looked great. It reminded me of the XJ6 pick-up that used to ferry parts around Jaguar's Browns Lane factory in the 70's.