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  1. I don't know how they justify her salary. What income does she bring to the BBC? Do they sell her show to other companies? She can't attract advertisers as the BBC doesn't have them. Why do they need masses of listeners?
  2. Probably for the best, the way things are at the moment. Here's to the Practical Classics Restoration show next spring!
  3. Isn't that alos true of commercial stations as their advertisers pass the cost onto their customers?
  4. Just saw this thread. Very sad news. Alan has been on here forever and, as others have said, was always willing to help. We will miss him.
  5. SUV's are a popular villain even though they often take up no more road space or use more fuel or give out more emissions than a regular saloon car. Still, we don't want facts to get in the way of policy decisions!
  6. I've seen this promoted on Facebook and wondered whether the emergency services used it or not. Seems worth having after all.
  7. Ti used rubber gaskets on my Esprit and they worked well.
  8. A bit disappointing that most of this thread concerns the styling of the carrather than its technical merits including complaining a out the look of the fan rather than saying how cleverly it's being used. It will be very interesting to read how the aerodynamic tricks work in practice. Keeping the weight below 1000kg while running over 600bhp and retaining the three-place seating of the F1 is pretty impressive. The engine itself looks like it's a work of art. The attention to detail such as making sure the tyres aren't super-special and likely to become unobtainable in the near future is e
  9. Walked past a Maestro parked in the village the other day. Someon around here has a Ford Probe on their drive while there is a Mk111 or MkIV in use just up the road.
  10. According to BaT's web site you can bid from anywhere as long as you have a valid credit card. Link to BaT answer about bidding from outside US
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