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  1. Got mine OK but I had just renewed my subscription.
  2. Dan E Minogue, I suppose.
  3. Was she an optional extra?
  4. It wasn't in the window but in the store itself. Not much chance of finding any staff to ask.
  5. Is it because the suspension, which is Lotus' thing, has been replaced by someone elses?
  6. No new posts in General Chat since yesterday.
  7. I went to Milton Keynes shopping centre today. That was not what made me happy but, in Debenhams, I saw, in one of the displays, they had a cut out of a red Esprit Turbo.
  8. It wasn't toay but last Monday (the bank holiday). There was a clasic car meet at Castle Ashby. Turnout wasn't great but there was an immaculate Europa S2 with a Gordini twin-cam engine, a Elcat 521 which had been in the same family since new ( original owner, original owner's brother then original owner's daughter) and a white Excel, plus a very smart Lamborghini Jalpa.
  9. I have seen one at a classic car show, but I forget which. It does look a bit odd and I don't remember seeing any road tests so I don't know how well it performed and handled compared to its contemporaries. Vegantune was a well-known tuner of the twin-cam so the engine should have been good.
  10. Despite my children being named Luke and Leah, neither I nor my wife have watched a Star Wars film, ever.
  11. But did reach £24,300!
  12. What power does you mobile phone give out?
  13. I don't know about voting them out as that means voting for your MP's opposite party's candidate who may be just as bad but hasn't demonstrated that yet.
  14. Having watched the video of the lat lap, I don't see where you could have gone for it without going off or taking the leader off with you. Well done on getting 2nd in your first season. Can only be better with a year's experience!
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