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  1. USAndretti42

    Thinking of Ronnie

    First F1 race I went to was the 1972 Daily Express Trophy at Silverstone. I'll never forget watching him and Mike Hailwood seemingly in a competition to see which could get their car more sideways around the old, flat-out Woodcote corner. Fantastic stuff! Sad about his widow, Barbro, eventually dated John Watson but commited suicide in 1987.
  2. USAndretti42

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Seriously, Barry. How could you want Boris as a PM? He is a buffoon concerned about no one's interests but his own. Mind you, Rees-Mogg is a definite election loser I can't see him capturing the public's interest. The problem is, as I see it, is that the vote to leave was a vote against the EU but not a vote for a post-Brexit system. The leavers campaigning didn't give specifics of what stance the UK should take if we were to leave. So we are in this mess.
  3. USAndretti42

    Useless Facts about anything

    Researchers have 12 trained pigeons to look at photos of breast tissue biopsies with ducts stained one colour and blood vessels another and indicate whethere there are cancerous tumours present. Each pigeon has about 85% accuracy and multiple answers across the whole group had 99% accuracy.
  4. USAndretti42

    What made you happy today?

    Not today but last Saturday, I went to a local car show in Northampton. There was an orange McLaren Spyder there and what made me happy was that there was a young, probably around 12, girl, with a proper camera, not her phone, taking a great effort to get good photos of its interior. Even better, she wasn't being pushed into it by her car-mad dad. It was her mother who was encouraging and coaching her. Saw her later taking shots of a Ferrari 308. I was please to see a young kid taking an interest in cars and to see that it wasn't a stereotype. Petrolheads are still growing.
  5. The advert has been removed so it was a scam, I guess.
  6. USAndretti42

    Did / Will Barry Buy this ?

    Clutches are unobtainable, I understand.
  7. It's this one reposted but more complete and with more photos.
  8. USAndretti42

    [Ebay-bot]Lotus Esprit S3 Turbo

    Listing endedby the seller because "there was an error in the listing."
  9. Interestingly, today I got an email fromeBay to tell me that their records show I had been messagint with naughtyhorty (the seller) and that their account had been hacked. It goes on to say that if the message was to buy or sell the item, the offer may be fraudulent and would not be covered by eBay's protection systems.
  10. The seller, who posted that he is in Thailand, replied to my query about photos saying he is dependent upon his sister helping and, of course, he does say you can view it so I think it’s real.
  11. Sounds like you want an Evora to me.
  12. Wot? No pictures. Photos are maybe in the document pack in the car, it says. Well get someone to scan and send them to the seller to post in the advert.
  13. USAndretti42

    Black Lotus Esprit S2 on Ebay

    Sat at £8,000 with no bids and 5 days to go.
  14. USAndretti42

    Chapman, '72 and the Europa

    Not seen that before, either. Reminds me of the one with the Esprit and plane.