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  1. As I said on the other forum, I would be interested in taking part. Have had cyber pub meetings with friends and found Zoom worked better that Skype, i.e. better picture, seemed to use less bandwidth or processing power as my laptop kept freezing the picture of some participants on Skype but not with Zoom.
  2. I must admit I'm hopeless at bodwork and would be very nervous about respraying a car let alone sorting out badly-done repairs.
  3. A friend of mine is restoring a S2 Europa. He hadn't sprayed a car before but his attitude was, "If I mess it up, I can always sand it all off and have another go." Seems to have worked as his paint looks lovely now.
  4. Hi Brian, my plan is to (one day) get the A/C working and, therefore, plan to keep the throttle jack. Unfortunately, my car is in a lock-up away from my house so I won't be able to get a picture for a couple of days but I will when I can.
  5. I wouldn't have thought about using a wallpaper scraper. Aren't you worried about taking gouges out of the fibreglass?
  6. I thought it was normally just a solenoid.
  7. What was the research that led you to conclude the throttle jack wasn't needed? My car has A/C but it doesn't work so the jack isn't necessary but, I would have thought that, with working A/C, the compressor load would drop the idle speed too low or it could be that you get a dip in speed below idle on decel and the jack is there to stop that stalling the engine. It won't be powerful enough to open the throttles by itself but it will prop the throttle open when you lift off. It'll be interesting to see what you find when you try it.
  8. Lovely looking car.
  9. It's the dropped rear side window that gives it away to someone as old as I am.
  10. USAndretti42


    Looks like Meals on Wheels has gone up market!
  11. Is that a 7-11 on the corner? When I first went to Japan, I was glad of the dual-language signs but wondered how the Japanese managed in the West as we don't have signs in English, French, Spanish, German or whatever and Kanji or Mandarin, just the Latin alphabet.
  12. I used to think that. Turns out I was wrong - Urine isn't sterile.
  13. The partner of a great-niece of mine is a mechanic who worked for Fuzz at Westgate Classics. He said they did the work properly (I'm certain they did because he is one of those people who like things to be right) and often had all-nighters to meet the deadline.
  14. My Excel is in a lock-up, 5 minutes' walk from my house. If I want to go and work on it, can I class the walk to and from the garage as my daily exercise?
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