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  1. I would like to thank him for giving us a design that looks even more exciting now than when it debuted 46 years ago and to hope he gets better soon, Trevor.
  2. Glad to see you are up and running again, John. I was worried you might be stranded somewhere where you wouldn't want to be and unable to return home. Looks you have plenty on the go.
  3. USAndretti42

    S1 europa

    Australia, Japan and South Africa drive on left, i.e. right-hand drive, for example so export-only models could have been RHD. I don't know whether the S1 was sent to those markets, mind.
  4. Try working in a standard-size 8' x 16' English garage. I miss the 20' x 20' US garages. Great write up on the wiring. Keep up the fight!
  5. Sticking to the Lotus I have driven, I would say the Esprit for the sense of occasion. It's the only car I've driven where people have given my the thumbs up as they have come past on the motorway and asked to take its picture when I have parked it. For the sense of occasion for the driver, I would say the S1 Elise (I haven't driven a 7). It's so alive and responsive that it grabs your senses. In truth, though, there is no greatest Lotus. It's entirely subjective.
  6. I don't know if this forum has many people experienced with working on this engine as it isn't fitted to any Lotus.
  7. First heard of him in, "I'm Sorry. I'll Read That Again.£ It was the forerunner of Python in some ways. Loved the Goodies and £I'm Sorry. I Haven't A Clue." RIP.
  8. Not exactly the same. We have a free press and an opposition party. Not as many dissenters get put in jail here.
  9. There is a lever from the throttle spindle for the solenoid to push against when energised. In the second photo, you can make out the adjustable screw against which the jack pushes.
  10. Thanks for organising that, Richard. It was good to be able to put some faces to usernames. Shame we didn't get chance to take advantage of the first meeting's extra minutes but looking forwards to the next one.
  11. I think it's also gone from to httpS://www/ and that has caught some people out with their bookmarks not working. It does seem a bit quieter since Angus left as he was a prolific poster compared to others on there.
  12. Sorry for the delay. Finally got to the Excel today. Battery was flat and had parked it with the driver's door near the wall but got it jump started and brought it home to put on the drive. Which means I've now got pictures of the throttle jack. Hope these help. If you need more, let me know.
  13. I suggest delaying by a week to give more time to contact people unless you want a trial run with Mike, Tony, me and you tomorrow. My experience with the cyber pub meets I've been having is that a large amount of time is spent getting everyone connected and working properly, e.g. video or audio not working for some, knowing how to drive the system so you can tell new users how to do various things, etc. so a test with a few guinea pigs helpful volunteers may not be a bad idea.
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