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  1. A couple of bits of trivia for you. Pedro had to return to hospital in Northampton in 1995 or 6 to have more work done on his legs. He was racing for Minardi at the time. Andy Tilley, who was a race engineer at Lotus, was also at Minardi at the time.
  2. Went to a car show near Towcester this morning. A 1965 Pontiac Firebird parked next to me. It wasn't concours condition but it was a nice car. Chatted to the owner for a while before looking round the rest of the cars. When I left, it was parked in the outside lane of the A43 having hit the central crash barrier. Not too much damage, by the look of it, but a shame nevertheless.
  3. Doesn't that make your back window go red when you brake because of the reflection?
  4. Perhaps the seller realised what they had, came to their senses and decided not to sell.
  5. Current reserves of a resource only covers what has been confirmed. Once a decent amount has been discovered, there's no point in looking for more for a bit. We had this with oil in the past when there was only a couple of decade's worth of oil reserves but, as these got used, the oil companies went out and found more. Agree about hydrogen being the way forwards, though.
  6. Read an articles about Gordon Murray talking about his new supercar in which he said was going to benchmark the ride/handling compromise on the Alpine. Before it came out, the Evora was his standard to aim at, he said.
  7. Disgusting. Why isn’t the Health and Safety Executive taking the relevant board members to court?
  8. Nice post, Roy. Hope next year is as entertaining!
  9. Watched the remainder of the series last night. It explains why he joined a Lotus forum.
  10. Watched episode one this evening before seeing this post. The name sounded familiar and the wife was a bit horrified when I said, “I think this guy used to be on the forum.” A quick search found his introductory thread. I’d forgotten about the cat stuff.
  11. Watched the new episode the other day, the one where they drive boats through Cambodia. I have to say that, despite the lack of car content, I and the family thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m not sure why Clarkson, May and Hammond chose to do these specials, thought. They look like bloody hard work.
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