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  1. The top switch is the ice warning lamp but it does look as thought the lamp itself has disappeared.
  2. It has S3 "ears" and an S3-style engine surround and locking fuel-filler caps so I think it's an S3 so the chassis should be galvanized. I guess the answer to the original question is that it could be a bargain if you have the skills and facilities to do the work yourself but, if you have to pay for a respray, body repair, possible engine rebuild if the bores are corroded, someone to fit new chassis coolant pipe, new radiator, new shocks and springs, brake pipes, etc. it could easily become a money pit. I hope the new owner comes on here to let us know how they get on.
  3. This S3 Esprit was listed with an ever-reducing starting bid but still attracted no bids and went back on with the same result. It's got some body damage and has stood outside for 10 years so it needs a little attention. 😄 but as it didn't get a hit at £7,500 it could turn out to be a bargain. Or is it clearly a money pit?
  4. We used to start the Honda Champ Car engines when cold using a 5 and 5 technique where the engine was bumped over on the starter 5 times and then cranked for 5 seconds before switching on the ignition. This helped clear oil out of the (dry) sump and circulate the oil before firing up.
  5. I think the Elite seats' squabs are thicker and the squab release handle (to gain access to the backseat) has a wooden knob.
  6. Congratulations on your purchase. I remember this car from Ebay and I think it has XJS front seats which is a common modification when the originals get worn. You could get then recovered to match the rest of the interior or you could hunt down some Elite seats. I thing the XJS seats are a bit thinner than the Elite seats and thus give a little more rear legroom.
  7. Is this car sold as the link doesn't work?
  8. It's not the siler one for sale but one they are storing for the owner. I haven't seen the engine bay but the owner of the garage assured me it's a N/A. (They also have a white SE that the garage owner plans to recommission as a winter project.)
  9. SFS Cars in Wellingborough have one in their showroom which they are storing for the owner who can't decide whether to sell or not. Their number is 01933 228849 if you want to pass it on.
  10. Saw the listing today. I know it says the paintwork has issues but the car looks great. Good luck with the sale, Dorian.
  11. I imagine the revenue includes sales of spares and merchandising. Anyway, not all is sunshine and happiness in Ferrari land. See this Road and Track article.
  12. That didn't take long. Or did you put them in the skip?
  13. Imaginative bodges indeed. God knows what else you may find. Being pedantic, shouldn't this be in the Esprit section? What do you think, Mods?
  14. I was too slow. Ebay listing is ended as item is no longer available.
  15. Just noticed this on Ebay and tempted to take a look, particularly as it's local to me.
  16. If I recall correctly, it's the motor on the left in this screenshot from IP's web site.
  17. Got a notification that I have reached "contributor" level (after 7.3k posts).
  18. I was lucky enough to go on a tour of Integral Powertrain's new premises last Tuesday evening and, on display, is an Evija axle, i.e. 2 motors and inverters in a housing. As it's a display I presumed it's just the empty housing or has damaged motors/inverters inside. Anyway, considering it gives out 1000ps, it's not huge. An internal-combustion engine of such an output would be much bigger and more difficult to package plus needing a multi-ratio transmission (the Evija has a single ratio transmission). Pretty impressive.
  19. Saw it heading west on the A45 at about 11:30 this morning. When I saw it in my door mirror as I came down the slip road, I wondered whether it was a McLaren but as it came past I recognised the shape. Surprised to see one on the road so soon.
  20. Only met £5,100 on relisting so on again for a third time. Currently at £5,000 (reserve not met) with 3 days to go.
  21. The ad now says that the car can be seen running. I presume this is in real life and not on an old video so they are taking a risk when they do show it running. They have also added some more photos. Lots of the alloy trim pieces included + a leather interior (where trim is still in place).
  22. And now one of Prince Charles' charities is under investigation
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