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  1. Thanks for the info, Doctor. Am I right in thinking that "pillock" is short for "pillar of the community" and use their influence or "plonker" so a good way to get into a club is to go to the guy on the door and compliment him with, "You are a real pillock. I wish you would pull my plonker." This always gets a friendly wave and preferential treatment, I'm told. Over in America, the Americans show how they have got over 9/11 by joking about it so, when you come through immigration, say to the official when he asks why you are coming to America, "I have come to blow up a few buildings and kill the president for my Al Queida friends." Guaranteed to help you through and make you popular.
  2. You can't sell it. What about the 300 mile challenge? If you do sell it you'll have to deliver it to get the miles up.
  3. I've been a member of the forum for a few weeks and only just noticed the "Newbies" section so I thought I would introduce myself. I moved to California 6 years ago and now, after having an Elan and a +2 in the sveventies and eighties, it was time to stop being between Lotuses. I didn't think an Elan was suitable with the roads here as they are in such bad shape they would shake the car apart (if it didn't get flattened by an SUV first). So I wanted a new, post kit car Lotus and a smart but non-running Esprit came up on Ebay at the right price a while back. I've now had the car for 9 months and I've not actually driven it yet! I think (hope) I'm near the end of the saga now and hope to be on the road next month. The only problem with this is that the last time I thought I was nearly done I then sat down and wrote 3 pages of jobs to be done in my note book so there may still be more to do than I think. I enjoy the forum and have found it a useful source of information checking it for new stuff about once a day. Anytime I can help, I will. Cheers for now.
  4. How do you get the aerial out in the first place? I have a Series 2 and the wheel arch liner seems to be moulded in and I can't see a panel inside the car and manual is no help (suprise, surprise). Does the door have to come off?
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