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  1. For some time photos in peoples' posts don't appear propertly. Instead I get a link with text such as 150167466_10208513785357863_164639 which would take me to When I click on the link, however, I get a large, black rectangle with a little symbol in the middle. This symbol looks like a sheet of paper with a corner turned over a lig zag across the middle. I have to click on this and the picture opens in a different tab. Any idea why this is so? My laptop is pretty slow with an Intel Celeron CPU N3060 running Windows 10.
  2. To be honest, it wouldn't make a difference if his lawyers hadn't turned up. Most of the senators had decided which way they are going to vote before the trial started.
  3. A slight misrepresentation. The article does not say she is suing but that someone has suggested she sue. Someone should sue her for lowering the reputation of the human race as being intelligent.
  4. To be fair, it didn't seem to be his fault as he was handed the wrong solution (alcohol rather than aqueous).
  5. Had the 1:12 Tamiya kit many years ago. I thought that was pretty good quality at the time.
  6. According to a study by the LSE, while the SNP keep complaining about the cost to their economy that Brexit will bring, independence will cost 3 times as much. Brexit, trade and Scottish independence analysis
  7. Pulling the warning light connector off the alternator and refitting it got the light working but I measured the resistance between the case of the alternator and the engine block and it was over 100 Ohms so I spent some time cleaning up the alternator case and alternator bracket to try to reduce this. This meant I had to remove the alternator and this meant removing the air cleaner housing. This was oily so I started cleaning that and I found that it had some coating on it which I started to clean off and then it started getting dark so I haven't fitted the alternator yet. Funny how one job leads to another.
  8. But, if you have a 90kWh Tesla-type car, charging in 10minutes would need a 540kW supply. Even a 40kWh Nissan Leaf would need a 186kW supply to go from 10% to 90% charge in 10minutes. Is a this reasonable supply to expect at a "filling" station, especially if there are several cars charging together?
  9. As Chris pointed out, he's selling some of his classic car collection but he's also selling it for a friend. Which is it? If you emailed him with a question, why couldn't he just ask his friend? if he doesn't know much about it, why would you want to phone him for more information? Odd.
  10. Shame there's no picture of the engine but it does look like a late SA. Maybe a private plate?
  11. I did check the bulb with a multi-meter and switched it for one that I new worked. With the ignition on, there is 12V both sides of the connector to the bulb, indicating continuity through the buld but no current flow. So, I guess, witht the alternator not spinning, the bulb is earthed through the windings but, as the back emf builds up with alternator speed, the volts increase so the bulb goes out. So I could have a faulty alternator. I have noticed that, sometimes, I have to rev the engine to get the voltmeter to read 14V. I think the next step must be to earth the connector to the alternator and see whether the bulb lights up to check the continuity from the bulb to the alternator.
  12. I noticed the other day that, when I turned on the ignition, the only warning light that worked was for the choke. Checking showed that the turn signal warning lights and main beam lights were working but no handbrake, ignition or seat belt warning. Today I took out the dash (I found it useful to loosely refit a couple of screws for the mask so I had somthing to pull the dash out with) and found, through checking with a multimeter and switching bulbs, that all the bulbs were ok. Removing and refitting the handbrake light was enough for it to work but no joy with the others. The handbrake light is getting 12V and the switch on the handbrake is working so, I presume, the earth is bad. The ignition light is getting 12V with the ignition on but the other side does not connect to earth. The alternator works so I was wondering which is the warning lamp connector to the alternator. Is it the thin wire near the top or does it get its feed from somewhere else?
  13. Looks really nice. Neat edges. Like the colour.
  14. He did seem to steer towards the van. Mind you, when I rode a penny farthing, many years ago, I couldn't steer the thing.
  15. Major milestone achieved there. You must be pleased.
  16. May want to wait for it to warm up a bit, Marc.
  17. They miust be open-crotch panties so he can get his head through.
  18. I disagree as an Elise or Esprit can be enjoyed at any speed. Here's a good article from Road and Track which talks about what makes a sports car. Doesn't need loads of power or massive grip.
  19. 😲 What a bummer. After all that work, someone else got the benefit. I hope it went for a good price.
  20. Just looked at the big, lairy spyder web site. Gosh! That was a huge amount of work. Looked nicely done. How does it drive?
  21. A 2-year restoration at LotusBits sounds expensive but the car looks worth it. Beautiful.
  22. Happy Christmas everyone. Here's to a healthier, freer 2021! 🥳
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