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  1. Just looked at the big, lairy spyder web site. Gosh! That was a huge amount of work. Looked nicely done. How does it drive?
  2. A 2-year restoration at LotusBits sounds expensive but the car looks worth it. Beautiful.
  3. Happy Christmas everyone. Here's to a healthier, freer 2021! 🥳
  4. I'm not sure whether the Honda throttle response isn't a bit spikey compared to the Mercedes so he may have been getting a surge in torque as the throttle pedal is cracked open. Max performed pretty well in the bad conditions at Hockenheim last year. Interesting to hear Hamilton out-think the team in Bahrain when that told him his tyres would last to the end and he asked about what if there were a safety car as Max had fresher tyres. Could job for him that the safety car came out so late.
  5. I have the Covid-19 symptom tracker app on my phone and one of the scientific bods on there says that, because of the delay in infection showing up after exposure, the statistics imply that the tier system was having a positive effect. The problem was the disparity in different parts of the country leading to the NHS being in danger of being overwhelmed in those areas. It seems to me that it's a shame the government didn't worry about saving the NHS when it was effectively making cuts to it for the last 10 years.
  6. Nice car, Mark. It'll be interesting to hear how it compares to an Esprit.
  7. I was talking to a Berkley owner at the Stoney Stratford gatherng on New Year's day and he was claiming that the Berkley was the first car to have a GFRP monocoque and that Chapman bought one to steal its ideas. However, I seem to remember them having a significant amount of aluminium sheet in their construction so I don't think he was correct.
  8. It did and the Spanish flu killed between 17 and 100 million people. Trouble is, people are infectious before they get symptoms.
  9. I think that graphic is hardly fair. More jobs were being added during the last few years of the Obama administration than under Trump. The economy just continued its upward trajectory it had taken since coming out of the 2009 recession. Regarding taxes, US citizens pay US tax on any income earned anywhere in the world. There are reciprocal agreements with various governments where they take into account the tax paid to a foreign country so you don't pay double tax but if you, say, were an American citizen living here and won the UK lottery, you would pay tax to the US goverment on those winnings. So they should have a vote as a future administration will affect them.
  10. From the results of the elections of members of Congress, it seems clear to me that it was more a case of people voting against Trump rather than for Biden. The GOP keeping control of the Senate will make it difficult for Biden to achieve much particularly as McConell is likely to be more concerned with making a Democrat president look bad than in helping the country. When Obama was elected during the worst economic downturn since the Depression, McConell said his number 1 prority was making Obama a 1-term president, not helping the economy. Regarding Barry's point, in-person voting is not fair as it means the votes of all miltary personell serving overseas and American citizens who live out of the country don't get to vote. Why do so many still support Trump? Well they certainly believe that the Democrats willl turn the States into some socialist state (I don't know why they belive this. For example, Trump's administration is subsidising farmers. Isn't that socialist?) They also say that Trump kept his election promises. He did build a few miles of new wall and replaced some hundreds of miles of fencing and he did move the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and ban many Muslims from entering the country. They ignore that he didn't repeal and replace Obamacare. They also believe all the negative stuff, such as Russian interference, asking the Ukraine to dig dirt on Biden to get their miltary aid, millions spent on trips to golf courses and in Trump properties are lies to hurt him. He has done a good job of undermining truth and getting his view out there. As far as I can make out, there have been no credible reports of vote rigging on a large scale. If the Democrats had done that, why wouldn't they have filled Congress with their candidates as well?
  11. The listing says the seller is in Worceter. It's not Barry Kearley is it?
  12. Sad news, indeed. Just as his Elite wedges were becoming cool and appreciated again.
  13. How would you get it over the fittings on the end of the fuel line? Spiral wrap gives pretty good protection from chafing.
  14. When I was in the States, I found JAE Parts to be very helpful. I'm not sure whether they concentrate on only the Esprit, though. Might be worth a call or email.
  15. I may have mentioned before that Road and Track Magazine seem to like the Evora. They seem to have excelled themselves in this latest article.
  16. Well Obama's administration did help the US economy recover from its worst recession in almost 80 years. Under Trump it continued to recover at only the same rate despite Trump taking the credit. Obama's administration introduced the affordable care act allowing millions to access health care that hitherto would have been denied them. He took steps with the Dream act to address the plight of illegal immigrants in the US. It reduced the defecit. It saw the legalisation of same-sex marriage and allowed homosexuals to be acknowledged in the armed forces. Osama bin Laden was killed under his command.
  17. Thanks for doing this, Richard. He must be thrilled.
  18. Nice article from Road & Track magazine about the Esprit they bought.
  19. I don't know how they justify her salary. What income does she bring to the BBC? Do they sell her show to other companies? She can't attract advertisers as the BBC doesn't have them. Why do they need masses of listeners?
  20. Probably for the best, the way things are at the moment. Here's to the Practical Classics Restoration show next spring!
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