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  1. Saw the listing today. I know it says the paintwork has issues but the car looks great. Good luck with the sale, Dorian.
  2. I imagine the revenue includes sales of spares and merchandising. Anyway, not all is sunshine and happiness in Ferrari land. See this Road and Track article.
  3. That didn't take long. Or did you put them in the skip?
  4. Imaginative bodges indeed. God knows what else you may find. Being pedantic, shouldn't this be in the Esprit section? What do you think, Mods?
  5. I was too slow. Ebay listing is ended as item is no longer available.
  6. Just noticed this on Ebay and tempted to take a look, particularly as it's local to me.
  7. If I recall correctly, it's the motor on the left in this screenshot from IP's web site.
  8. Got a notification that I have reached "contributor" level (after 7.3k posts).
  9. I was lucky enough to go on a tour of Integral Powertrain's new premises last Tuesday evening and, on display, is an Evija axle, i.e. 2 motors and inverters in a housing. As it's a display I presumed it's just the empty housing or has damaged motors/inverters inside. Anyway, considering it gives out 1000ps, it's not huge. An internal-combustion engine of such an output would be much bigger and more difficult to package plus needing a multi-ratio transmission (the Evija has a single ratio transmission). Pretty impressive.
  10. Saw it heading west on the A45 at about 11:30 this morning. When I saw it in my door mirror as I came down the slip road, I wondered whether it was a McLaren but as it came past I recognised the shape. Surprised to see one on the road so soon.
  11. Only met £5,100 on relisting so on again for a third time. Currently at £5,000 (reserve not met) with 3 days to go.
  12. The ad now says that the car can be seen running. I presume this is in real life and not on an old video so they are taking a risk when they do show it running. They have also added some more photos. Lots of the alloy trim pieces included + a leather interior (where trim is still in place).
  13. And now one of Prince Charles' charities is under investigation
  14. I don't know what you mean by, "That hasn't stopped the bbc as per usual." They have reported a story which, I'm sure, people will be interested in and about which rumours were spreading from those who already knew about it. The story didn't imply wrong doing. I think your anti-BBC view is clouding your judgement here.
  15. Now sold and on its way to Essex, I understand.
  16. Hi, Lee. Is this the one from near Northampton that was on Ebay recently?
  17. I normally go straight to the Elite/Excel model forum so didn't notice yesterday but it confused me today when selected "Home". I think it makes sense. I originally joined for technical help so it sensible for that to be the first thing you see.
  18. Is the Elite still for sale? Ebay says it is no longer available.
  19. Saw a white, G-reg Excel SE at about 8 o'clock last Tuesday morning (the 7th) It was pulling out onto Wootton Hope Drive in Wootton, Northampton. Didn't know of a white one in the area.
  20. There was a yellow S2 Europa with the Sporting Bears. I had a ride in it last time I went to the show. It has an Else-tuned engine so quick.
  21. Now sold. Did you buy it? The Elite is also now marked as sold which saves me thinking about a trip to Pickering.
  22. USAndretti42

    Kia Elan

    Thanks for posting that, John. First driving impressions of the Kia that I've read. Seems like a good car.
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