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  1. Hello,

    I see you have a Lotus 2-Eleven, having just sold my Exige i am in the hunt for a 2-Eleven and wondered if you were considering selling?

    I’m not a dealer, it would be a private purchase and I’m willing to travel. If you would like to discuss this further please email me on

    Sorry to bother you

    Best regards


  2. When my gearbox expires, this could be on the shopping list. Hopefully will be reliable. Quaife kit usually pretty good I think?
  3. I like. But unfortunately for various work/weather/family reasons have only had short run apart from the drive up from Edinburgh. Impressed though, like a less lardy Exige S to 6000 rpm, then feels properly quick thereafter (maybe the upgraded 260 ECU helps). Handling excellent, lighter and sharper than Exige as anticipated. Screen free motoring much less blustery than expected and is a very entertaining experience although enjoyment might wear thin after 300 motorway miles in the rain. Will try and line up a TD before Xmas, a trek to Cadwell or Oulton could be on the cards. At this time of year will be less daunting with the trailer and I need to justify the purchase.
  4. Should get the trailer at the week end. Just need to get some artwork like that, very nice indeed.
  5. #50 Launch Edition. George Ross Banchory Scotland
  6. Have heard there are several other 2-Elevens in Scotland but Scotty is only other Scottish owner I know of for sure.
  7. Thanks for advice. The trailer is coming with 2.5m ramps specifically for low car. Rear view camera is certainly a good idea.
  8. RS3 it is. But looks like I will be picking up the car before trailer arrives, so may have pleasure of a quick winter run from Edinburgh to Banchory this weekend, possibly via Knockhill and/or Glenshee. Woolly hat, shades (and a fullface lid as back up) at the ready.
  9. Thanks - the cover supplied with the car is pretty good, so I think little advantage in upgrading that. The point about dirt and grit causing mayhem on a dirty car is very valid, it might leave home clean, but after a track day not practical to wash for return journey. No intention of reverting to the Exige, good though it was, so left with the 2 options mentioned! I guess the RS3 could double as a caravan.
  10. Has anyone towed their cars on an open trailer with the cover on? I have the proper Lotus cover with soft inner lining, but am concerned that doing this might result in wearing through the paintwork as cover flaps in the breeze. I've just acquired a launch edition 2-Eleven after some years of Exige ownership. Although I know it is the soft option, I think I will probably tow the car to trackdays, some of the time at least (my nearest circuit is Knockhill, 1 1/2 hours away, Oulton is 6 hours, one of the drawbacks of living in NE Scotland). I've been looking into trailers, and while best option probably the Brian James RS3, its a tad expensive so am considering an open trailer, but would like to protect the Lotus from wet and muck if towing in poor weather. Alternatively a pvc fabric covered trailer might work. Advice appreciated.
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