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  1. For what its worth Mikie... and because I am also a Motul distributor 5W50 (its not a 300V but is a fully synthetic brought out to satisfy a perceived demand mostly from LoT people). Its good for occassional track day use and of course road. Alternatively a 5W40 is equally as good for 2-Eleven use. Both are more than adequate although some officianardo's of oil would argue the 5W/40 300V is more suitable because its not as "stretched". If you have the standard front mounted oil coolers the 5W40 is plenty good enough. 15W50 300V if its for competition or hard core track use. Just make
  2. Hi Keith,

    Sorry for the delay, we had a nightmare at Snetterton.

    Assuming you supply all parts we can remove the engine, and gearbox, fit dry sump with parts supplied and refit the engine with oil for £840 +VAT. All additional parts would be charged at cost.

    We would want 5 days to the conversion to alow for missing parts. It takes nearly a day to cut and fit the new oil ...

  3. Hi Lee, no problem. Look forward to seeing you there.
  4. Hi there, if anyone fancies something to do on the 15th of August you could come and watch the British GT 2hour race at Silverstone. We are runninng a little Lotus 2-Eleven and are out numbered by Ginetta G50's and KTM XBows not to mention the numerious Ferrari's Scuderia's (common as muck in these circles) in the class above. It will be the biggest and most competitive grid in British GT for years with a host of pro drivers. Please come and support us..... your welcome to pop your head into the garage and who know's if all is going well and I'm around we may even be able to show around th
  5. If any one fancies a day out a week Sunday 15th August, I would be delighted to see you in our pit garage at Silverstone for the Avon Tyres British GT, 2 hour race. You'll be welcome to take a close look around the car and maybe even watch the race and pit stops from our garage if your a 2-Eleven owner. Silvestone will see the biggest grid of GT cars in the British series for a many years. Our battle is with a host Ginetta G50's desperate not to be beaten by a Lotus and a couple of very fast KTM XBow's, theres also talk of a Ford Mustang and Nissan 370Z joining the fray so fingers crossed
  6. Motul 300V 15W/50 for ultimate protection ;-)
  7. If your man is that good he will trust nothing and check everything so should find the cause. Fuel starvation or poor quality fuel could cause the problem, it would make the engine run hotter but then there are so many permitations. Best of luck with it, I'd like to know what you find as the cause if you don't mind.
  8. Sounds like oil starvation or overheating because on the whole the engines are very capable. You absolutely must find out what caused the problem before wasting money on a new engine because thats an instillation or application issue you've got there. Ours will be exactly the same internal spec as yours but with more than 270bhp and its on over 26hours of pure 8200rpm race use with slick tyres, so maximum stress and still (touch wood) going. Some things for you to think about with your mechanic then.... Are you sure the Laminova was correctly plumbed with the accusump and sandwich plat
  9. The air flow from the inlet will soon sort out the heat soaked tempurature as soon as you start moving at speed from our experience. Usually about 3 minutes. However if you are doing lots of stop starts and need instant performance then yes extra shielding is essential. We use exactly the same adhesive backed barrier you have found although our air feed box is made from ally and I've never tried applying that stuff to plastic!
  10. LOL we had exactly the same parts supply problem after being rear ended by a Dodge Viper at Knockhill about 2 months ago. The reason was apprently that there was no part number for the 211 version which was designed by Sport so had'nt filtered into the normal parts system. It took 3 goes for us to get the right one direct from Lotus. In the end we bent the old one into some sort of shape and used that. Its purely there for heat protection.
  11. I've got a set of full proper wet Avon tyres we can't use any more if anyone is interested. They have been scrubbed in and thats all. Its a very stable tyre so good on a drying track and will last for days on the 211. Naturally they are significantly better than any of the Toyo and Yokohama track day type options. Sadly they are not road legal. I also have some used Avon and Pirelli slicks if anyone fancies trying some serious grip.
  12. If at all possible the Sadev sequential is the only sensible way forward when you want more power and proven reliability. We have one in our car and its so far brilliantly reliable, handling more power than your objective for long periods of time whilst running on slick tyres. Point being if it will take what we are doing to it, it will take normal track day use and tuning, no problemo. As for cost you can buy a nice Caterham Roadsport for what the complete instillation will set you back, but then the Caterham wont get near to the buzz and durability the box will achieve in a 2-Eleven with de
  13. Hi Chaps, Hope this is Ok, but the Avon Tyres British GT Championship is visiting Knockhill this weekend, 8th and 9th May. We will be travelling up from Bristol to represent Lotus for our first ever race at this circuit. It would be great to see plenty of Lotus models around as we try to take the fight to KTM and Ginetta with our little orange 2-Eleven. Come and say hello if your up there. Simon
  14. Yep we have fitted a few easy release fronts now. It also makes the front splitter assembly significantly more efficeint. The only change to our original spec is the standard cars with front oil coolers make fitting and removal slightly slower (extra fixings) but its still only a 5 minute job max to take off or put on. Mail me at Piranha Motorsport if you would like more information. I will have some pictures up soon.
  15. The Reverie wing is pure Gucci and very different in profile to the one supplied by the factory (which I know first hand is a serious motorsport low drag wing). Thats why you did'nt notice any difference in performance. The bigger front splitter is a purely to slow you down in a straightline due to its very clever mounting system But then like you chaps said it does look allot better than the standard rear wing and no mistake.
  16. It creates more turbulance so the air reaching the rear wing reduces efficiency, but it will still work to a point. The GT4 has a wider rear wing for that purpose.
  17. Rather than blow a grand plus on a decent dash and then the time and agro of wiring it properly, we made a direct replacement carbon fibre centre consul and fitted guages (Oil P and EGT) to that. The car will be on display at the Autosport Show this week if you want to take a look. Alternatively, Aim do a dash that will link to the ECU via the EODB port, but it doesnt read everything, can't remember exactly whats missing though but I know oil pressure is one of them. Maybe worth having a chat to Aim at the show if your going.
  18. There is a naked picture of the car on our web site but I can't show you the actual front clam fixing system because it took us allot of time and money to work out and I don't want copied for while yet However, I booked a stand at the Autosports show today where the cars new colour scheme and some of the GT4 (on slicks) upgrades will be visible.
  19. You can do anything you want in the engine bay with the bodywork on, although engine removal etc is much quicker with bodywork off. The front panel which is bolted to the sides takes the longest time with so many bolts. It took us about 20 minutes in standard form just to get the front off, we made some modifications and it now takes 15 seconds and only 2 visible bonet pins give the game away! You can also easily remove the inner wheel arches to access the sides of the engine bay.
  20. We travel forwards significantly more than we travel backwards.... I hope So the primary objective of your ABS system is to stop you spinning in emergancy braking. It does this by engaging DRP (Dynamic Rear Proportioning). That basicaly means it cuts brake fluid supply from the rear at what ever level it had attained in the moment a mathamitcal calculation in the ABS ECU said it should (based on wheel speed, Yaw and G). This way stopping rear lock ups and staying in a straight line is relatively easy. It also means ABS is not required to pulse directly on the rear brakes. When your fl
  21. Its all about specific conditions. If its greasey i.e no standing water, it wont realy make much difference what you do because getting any tempature worth considering is virtually impossible. So running them at lower pressure offers some extra give in the side wall since the compound wont work and allows you very slightly more compliance. When its properly wet, i.e. you have puddles and its still raining, then you will need to go up on the pressures to help reduce the contact area and concentrate the cars weight. Frankly though 48's are never going to be any good in the wet, no mate
  22. Oh come on get serious. A Lotus 211 is a production road car that happens be a fine track car. A Juno is a serious purpose built race car (the Radical, allot less so) with significant advantages in every area of track performance over any Lotus, even a GT3 Exige. Now, granted you can buy a very high spec Radical or Juno for what a 211 costs but I can tell you having raced both they are more expensive and significantl more time consuming to run than the 211. Sounds like you need to lobby for a more favourable rules structure.
  23. Drag will always be an issue on these little monsters, but at least its not as big a problem as the Exige has in this area! I raced an Exige in Dubai and whilst it got upto speed fast it was only as fast as a 200bhp shopping car half way down the straights even in the tow.... thats when you realise certain inherent limitations in the design. Still it toasted the shoppers on the brakes and exits. The ammount of downforce generated by the front splitter is not that strong because the frontal area of the car is too small, besides allot of Trophy drivers don't use them. I can assure you it will
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