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  1. Thanks Bibs - I have one new complete manual gearbox for sale still if it works out any cheaper £2750
  2. Hey Matt I'd be up for possibly up for a couple of sets if it gets it started mate, maybe more price dependant Junks
  3. I got an email straight away!! 😛 Just have to try & get 4 non Lotus tickets now from the massive 20 tickets per dealership!! 😂
  4. Junks

    Buyers Guide

    Thanks Bibs - Paul, join the facebook group too mate, there are plenty of more knowledgable people on there who should be able to help - may even be an owner close by
  5. I'm not as fussy as those two Alec, I'm just happy that it looks cool & works mate!
  6. Need the two trim panels around the engine bay if you're stripping out for race
  7. Hi Can anyone tell me what designation the Ohlins springs for the 2 Eleven have written on them or whether these springs are suitable (heavier/lighter than standard)? Thanks
  8. Hey good luck Guy, wondered why I hadn't seen you there for a while!! I'll pop in when you get settled
  9. Don't have any damaged at the moment but if you don't find any I can do lightweight race or road panels new
  10. Thanks Bibs - don't have any original K series fronts only 111R/S & no damaged ones sorry
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