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  1. Is there a dealership on the way to the channel islands?
  2. First impressions last don't think that a bit of paint here or there will break the bank....
  3. Was at the factory on Wednesday doing a tour of the factory and classic team lotus. I left the factory feeling sad and concerned for the future of the company the factory from the outside was looking very tired and unloved as inside the factory not much happening a few cars going down the line very few people around lots of cars looking unfinished the whole place seemed as if little money was being spent on it and just waiting for someone to buy it....... I hope I'm wrong. ....
  4. No they damaged my front splitter getting the car into the workshop.....
  5. Hi guys I am looking to part ex my 08 elise sc for a ex demo elise s if everyone knows of one please get in touch many thanks
  6. Thanks bibs have you a contact number or email for scott many thanks
  7. Thanks for that pits....I do take my elise to France to track it we did have a full dealership here but was very poorly run...on my travels around the island I have come across else's exige evora elan and plus 2 europa excel I can go on and on.....
  8. Hi bibs I had the same chat about this with Scott walker when I came across to the hedge end open weekend we need something over here as you would be surprised by the amount of lotus cars are here there is a lovely s1 esprit in the guys workshop who looks after my car ,we still have Ron hick man's elan and elite,also Leo man sell has a black evora...I have seen 2 more evora s also.just to name a few....hehe
  9. I would love a full dealership to open here in jersey (channel islands ) is there any chance of it happening bibs?
  10. Any body used these guys for tyres seem a good buy for the price?
  11. My dealership said it's not a wiring problem but the unit is at fault I have phoned Neil Turner at the factory about the real call work and the headlights I have since taken my car to an auto electrichion he told me two wires have been cut and crimped and not earthed I had a call from Andrew french who is coming over to the island to visit the dealership and see my car he is not happy
  12. I have a 08 my elise sc just back from dealer for the recall and front clam removed..when I but full beam on the offside side light and main light go out...been told not a wiring fault need new headlight at £600 can anyone help on this thanks
  13. How does the headlights work ...
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