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  1. Anybody know how to adjust the mechanism on a 97 v8? It's reached the point where the window barely moves. I disconnected the 2 ball links from the nylon sliders so see whether it's the lifter or the window binding. The mechanism runs fine but I'm not able to move the window by hand. I see that lithium grease in the runners has been the answer for some folks but the window feels much too stiff to be fixed that easily. The bolt on the edge of the door frame is loose so I think someone has tried to adjust it in the past. Which bolts do I loosen to adjust the frame? I did notice that one of the n
  2. I need a replacement oil pressure transducer too, mine shows a low reading but I've substituted it with a regular pressure gauge which shows 45 psi at idle which I think is OK. Howver, if I tap the housing of the transducer, the resistance varies wildly. So, did you ever find one?
  3. I finally bought my Lotus after promising myself one for 30 years! The one I bought has low oil pressure indication (no other symptoms like smoke, water on the dipstick an it's done a few hundred miles with a reading of about 0.5 bar) and when I finally found the sender the terminal was fairly clean. I cleaned it anyway with no difference to the reading. Does anyone know what the resistance should be from the sender spade conector through the gauge to ground? How can I test the sender without removing it? If I remove the sender to insert a mechanical gauge, how much oil will I lose?
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