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  1. Lately a gentlemen came to me, watched the car and said: "I hope your car survives longer than the cigarettes and the Formula one team"...
  2. After 75'000 Miles (on 2 Evoras) driven on P-Zeros only, I switched the first time to Michelin. Consensus: the Michelin are "softer", "more confortable" ... a bit "baloony" comparing with the P Zero. I use my Evora very frequent on mountain roads, where grip is a must. Here I feel, the Pirelli is sharper, more curvespeed "with good feeling" makable. Now I will see, what about milages makeable the rears on the P Zero were always down after 4500 Miles. Let me say it this way: from age 20 to 40: use the P Zero.... 45 years of age passed: it is the Michelin. The reason why I switched to Michelin: I had a terrible sawtooth creating enormous noise from the front tires and my mechanic said: to put the P Zeros on the wheel it is always a fight.
  3. Normally it comes from the Lambda and it is not really relevant. Anyhow... let it check at service and you will see: no big item.
  4. Due to my Komotec engine software, I missed up 3 steps of IPS upgrade. Last service, my dealer advised me, to update the IPS to the newest Level (which I think is "p") not to mess up. I did. The newest stage on the IPS makes the system a bit smoother. Gearchange is quicker, anyhow, sometimes the downshifting is still rude... cant say when, sometimes it is sometimes not. Ayhow: the newest update for the IPS makes sense. I then had to put again the Komotec software "over" which was quite... tricky in process to really do it. But now it works.
  5. hm.... as I remember the exhaust was "special" from the beginning (dont ask me what my dealer put on).
  6. Hi Stu, if I calculated right: MPG 0.34. My base is 8,2 Liters on 100 km average. But not with german Highway. There it is, depending on traffic, around 0.23. All calculated by hand, not with the Lotus display. Anubis
  7. I run now 45000 KM with the Komo and I would not miss one Kilometer without. Great stuff. The car is much finer on the right foot, consumption is massivly down and I had no issues with it. I cant tell about perfomrance, caus I dont ride tracks, but accelleration in the mountains (alps) is massive and I really must say, that the combination with such power AND the excellent handling of the Evora makes all rides to be an event. Even motorbikes are... chanceless. (but rear tireconsumption is the price to pay) The only problem I had was the new IPS software loading, which then asked for a new reload of the Komotec software again. but this was made online and all is pretty good. I really can recommend the Komotec upgrade, caus it is professional made and those guys understand, what they do. (no China rubbish stuff) the way: Komo also has kits for the MX5, Honda 2000 and Morgan. So it is not "lotusonly".
  8. My son (18years old) sits sideways in the Evora in the back. this matches for about 1 hour without any problems. He often studies for school in the back and is...quiet.
  9. Where you let it build in? At Komo in Germany? I cant imagine... Idea: go back to your garage and then let them put you over the newest IPS software. I can immagine, that they didnt and so you cruise with the new Komo and the old IPS software. I had no warning lights a the time after Komoupgrade, but the car (IPS) shifted horribly after Testdrive in Koblenz. So they changed it and all worked will since then. (prova... mi sembra che il tuo garage non ci a pensato. dopo Komo carica la software IPS dinuovo e poi vedi)
  10. I ride now 30000 KM with the Komotec upgrade and I love it. Its absolutely worth, the car isnt the same (also in terms of consumption) If it is a devaluation depends on who is buying it later. Somebody who loves it too, would appreciate, a purist not. In general: all modifications you do are "lost" in case of a sale. But I did it not for worth, but for my own fun.
  11. suggestion to Day 4: Nufenen: fully OK. Lake Como: OK too ( need nervs there...they come from left and right the "snailway") dont take the San Bernardino, its... a bit anoing. a) the long way: follow lake Como to Chiavenna, then turn right via Maloya to the Engadin Valley, turn left via Julierpass towards Chur and abbreviate from Tiefencastel via Lenzerheide to Chur. b) the shorter way: follow lake Como to Chiavenna, go straigth to Splügenpass (some really small adventuring tunnels...) and then to Chur. Depends on weather. If it fully rains the San Bernardino is ok, otherwise enjoy landscape and roads with my alternatives. a) is around 1 1/2 hours more than yours or b). Beware of radarcontrol along Comolake: Italians need money!!
  12. Leave the A5 at Freiburg and cross the "Black Forrest" till Basel. It takes you 1 hour more, but much more curves and landscape. its worth!
  13. @Stu I drove now over 30.000 KM with the Komo Upgrade. Iwould not miss it at all. The car is much more smoother and agile. Consumptions goes massivly down and throttle hangs much better on the right foot. Never had any problems and absolutely enjoy it. Shifting in Sports mode is sometimes quite rough especially in Sportmode while not using power. No errors reported.
  14. Check out, if you have a problem "still at the same parking place". I had the problem, that interferences on a defined parking space inabled the key to find the car. This can happen, if you are near a firework station or policestation with high frequencies radio antennas. So your key is ok and your battery also, but the car does not identify the key. A pretty frustrating procedure. I was told by a barman nearby, that also BMW had this problem on the parking space of the restaurant a couple of times.
  15. anubis1

    Lotus Evora 400

    I was in Geneva yesterday, had some words with Mister Carr and sat in the Evora 400. Good materials, all very solid but I miss the details the old one had, especially the aluknobs of the heating. There is no way to talk about taste... but I will keep the old one definitly, as I have upgraded it via Komotec to 400 hp there is also no pressure out of the performance side to switch.
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