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  1. I drove now 5000 KM throu this rough winter. The Evora is definitively drivable, but sometimes tricky: a) the washer nozzle freezes quickly althou a minus 20 degrees cleaner is filled in. due to the construction, the heat comes from the back; so it takes time, till "real heat" is available in the interior. c) the heating in general is not "the hammer" d) traction: equipped with Yoko's Winter tires the car is pretty easy handling but looses frequently road adherence on the front tires. The grip on the back on snow is limited. Veeeery cautios accelleration is needed. on ice: oh oh... thi
  2. ECU ?, I thought this currency is dead.... A.
  3. correct: Carbon Grey plus salt/dirt and Oyster. A.
  4. Replies: 1. Pictures Size: I was happy to get almost 3 pictures in the system with success... I had more than half an hour to put them in the forum (scaling down/up/etc) sorry... (dumb...?) 2. sticker on the left side: it is my own creation; inspired by the old black JPS F1 machines late 80's; they had the racingnumber combined with the Union Jack on their side. So I matched an original lotus stick, with a Union Jack together. I like it, because it is uncommon. 3. Wintertires: ... oh oh... telling the truth: although I have the "officillay supported" Yokohama on it... the Evora is NOT
  5. A wonderful first ride throu the mountains with my Evora. A.
  6. Fantastic; me too... I was at Zurich Airport and the Alpine showed me to be in Paris! ...(nearby) ... Will have a new one next week, hoping to have GPS working. By the way: I fall out the GPS in every tunnel... and the radio is ridiculous. A.
  7. ... I had half a meter... so no foto possible due to wrong shoes... Happy new year! A.
  8. Just got my new Evora with Wintertires equipped and thanks to Santa, there was plenty of snow around. The grip is tricky... due to the large reartires the car turns with the back quiet quick. No compare with dry or wet roadhandling. For everybody: go slowly, it is totally different to the Summertires grip, also if Lotus writes some specials in the manual on the WinterYokos. I was in Northfinnland with BMW for Icedriving School in Feb. 09, so I know how the feeling is to loose roadcontact on ice. With the Evora it goes quickly... anyhow, no danger at all. But be carefull. From Switzerland, Anub
  9. After 3 days of driving my new Evora in very cold weather (minus 15 degrees centigr.) I turned the heating knob the most possible but ... Heat... is different. Coming from Saabs heatstream since years, I think either I have to wait fro Springtime or I will be frozen in my Evora. Do others have the same effect? Or is this car too cool? Anubis
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