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  1. my fabulos dealer found the problem. it was the drivers door upper hinge. The nut was fully tight, nothing visible. But every bumb made the door moving, so that the hinge made a knocking noise which was heard loud in/on the dashboard side. So if somebody has similar stuff, check the upper hinge and dont waste time in getting out the whole dashboard inside. Thx guys
  2. I got a "2wheel" sister for my Evora.
  3. I have a strange kind of knocking coming from the front left side, sounding as a rattling if the road is bumpy or the carbody warps. Often by driving downhill. My dear mechanics took off the complete dashboard to find the source. No goal. So, has anybody similar problems? might it come from the "outside" right under the windshield? Are there possible parts, who could provide such nerving noises? Any input from you? I know it is difficult to define, it is a klicking such as a part is knocking on metal. Has anybody possibly detailed Evora plans what is attached under the drainpart on
  4. Avoid in case the Stelvio in Italy on the weekend. It is floaded with bicycleriders, often 3 in a row and mixed up with dutch caravans in first gear. The combination is leading you to madness.
  5. I remind you the fuel: there is no 98 octane in Siena. Try the chianti region (right of Siena city) with its wonderfull roads throu the wineyards. No controlos, no triffic... nice scenery. But just to drive throu...
  6. First Evora NA: 65.000 Kilometers 2009 - 2013 Second Evora S IPS: 35.000 Kilometers 2013 - now makes a total of 62500 Miles ..and still happy
  7. Lately I drove the alps behind a truck and 3 ordinary cars, curve by curve, veery slowly... So I decided to take over and went throu all of them in a row.. 10 Minutes later I was stopped by police and picked out. "Somebody called us saying that an idiot drives like hell towards the sky." Well, I said, there was a lorry followed by 3 ducks and nobody switched off aside to le quicker cars pass by. Phantastic car, the policeman said, with such a machine it is worth to take over "the ducks".
  8. Take care. it is a stupit thing caus the OBD System shows NO errors at all. And while shifting you dont feel anything on your finger. all looks normal. The wrong input from the "+"paddle caused then also the fact the the reversegear was not accepted (all because the "+"paddle acted in the behind) so also the display showed triangle, then "D", then M3, then "D" again etc etc.
  9. Probelm is solved: the "+" paddle was malfunctioning and after replacement, the IPS works again perfectly.
  10. newest theory: the paddles do not contact as they should. this means: shifting from 4th to 5th, the paddle contactpoint is not diconnected so that the system thinks, the driver wants to come back to "D". I try with WD40 bath, hoping the contact will improve. Could be from the sun which heats the steering wheel maybe. We'll see.
  11. I had a manual for 4 years. Ok. (65.000 KM) I have now an IPS for more than one year (30.000 KM) it works... yes. But I compare with two similar systems I own (Range Rover, Abarth)... and the Lotus IPS is not the way it should be. I had several updates, but the shifting is somehow unpredictable and often rude. It is OK, but it could be much more convincable.
  12. under the steeringwheel? just open the panel like the the glovebox. towards the driver it is fixed with a velcrotape. Idea: open screw in the middle of the mini storespace left of steeringwheel and check the back of the panel, where the light bottons are. I had a small screw there which fluttered there.
  13. So, for more than a year my Evora in Sport mode stuck in/with manual shifting (what is ok) and now it switches in Sport mode into D (sport light on) and it switches gears by itself... and this is normal??? hm... I am confused.
  14. New phenomena: by driving in SPORT mode (not agressive) in 4th, the IPS changes into "D" mode by itself. Then it stays in 4th gear, but "D" apprears. And then it switches into 5th optically, 4th, 5th... but stays sometimes in 4th. Switching off the SPORT mode, all is ok. Getting back in SPORT mode, it sometimes happens again or it works as it should. 1 till 3rd gear are always correct. It happens in 4th and higer gears. So my problem is: in SPORT mode the IPS sometimes switches into "D" by itself. Newest update G is loaded. Car runs perfectly, but this IPS to me is at the moment
  15. Hi, every Range Rover Ding Dong can be resetted to soundless easily by fasten and defasten your driversbelt 8 times (ignition on) in a row. then the buzz or dong ding horror ends for ever... untill you detach the battery. try it. regs. Anubis
  16. I use Castrol 10 - 60. And this works perfect.
  17. Laterly we made a long weekendtrip, 3 adults guys with 4 caracalla lotus bags as luggage. the third person in the back sideways with a bag under his knees. When we arrived at a coffeshop in front of the railway station, with some people outside sitting in the first springsun, it was a bit a procedure, to get the third one out the car. apart of the fascination on the Evora, there was a big discussion, how many "material" comes out of this car. So we had a nice conversation with different people going on for half an hour, till the train left and took my 2 collegues home.
  18. Remembring my almost 4 years driving with the NA. I tried different time to use 98 or 100 Octane. Over all: there is no big difference to the 95 fuel. Maybee some savings, but really marginal. And: the engine "feels" a bit easier running. But in fact: stay on the 95 fuel and save the money for a ... carwash. Now with the S and the Komotec tuning I have to use the 98 fuel.
  19. I remember my visit in Maranello, when I put the Evora just in front of the main entrance (due to no parking space)... it was really funny. People liked it but it was the wrong producer, so they did not know how to react.
  20. I have no idea, how this worked. But it did. And after all the running I had and the expenses for new tires, fixing, retrying again, refix, new wheels and so on, I really was surprised that the updated had such an effect. Anyhow: the vibration was only in 5th and 6th gear. The longer the car run, the lower the speed it was feelable. So when engine was hot, it started by 70km/h going up to 85km/h. It was a shaking throu the whole backside of the car. A roaring came throu. By constant driving at 120 km/h it was felt throu the driver sear permanently. Like something is not turning round and g
  21. After having driven around 14'000 miles with the Evora S some vibration came in by accellerating in 5th and 6th gear. Went to the dealer, replaced tyres, replaced wheels, had the car 2 weeks at the dealer to check all parts in the back. Nothing. Still vibrations, not heavy, but permanent. Passed by another dealer stating my problem. He then found out, that the last 2 softwareupgrades for the IPS where not loaded (version D and E), did that... and the whole vibrations are gone. So incase somebody has the same: dont buy new tires, dont change wheels, just check out the updates... and
  22. I have the same, It seems to me, that the colder the outside and the hotter the engine. Actually we have around minus 4 in the morning. After fuelstop I was surprised, how loud the engine started. Not the fine way... also for people around. But all methods to eliminate it (doable) fail. So I have to live with it.
  23. Since some weeks I have a shaking effect on my Evora from the back side. Changed tires 2 times, changes wheels two times, mixed both up. Still no elimination of the problem. somebody has pictures, how the connection from the transmission to the wheels is built? thanks
  24. As I wrote long ago, I would in change the Evora to a Morgan Aero 8. Lately I drove one... and it is "nice to see, but not to drive". The car has a no agility at all and is hard as hell, noisy inside and no space inside So... a no go. I have the Evora and I keep it. <it is unreachable in those items which are important to me.
  25. I drive now Evora since 4 years, and it is still "the car" for me. Everytime exciting and I enjoyed all of my driven 80.000 KM till now. If I had to buy another car beause... i dont know any reason to do it... it could be a Morgan Aerosport. But I just replied the origin question.
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