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  1. Human beeing speciality: I drove now a week with the new display and I habituate the light melange... what to do now? leave it in the car or have it replaced? I am 50/50. The indipendent existence in cloros during the day has something special. The tachometer changes color every minute depending on how the outside light comes in. The pinkcolour is terrible, but always scraping off by red or white colors. brood over now....
  2. After some calls I found out: the display they gave me is for the GTE. So, this is the solution of the problem.
  3. here it is in the night. but the problem is the day.
  4. I am talking about the tacho and speedo. The odometer and water temp are effected too. My dealer tried to switch the light anyway. It is not possible. The whole instrument is built in a whole, So mine seems to be wrong fitted... anyhow. The white on the water temp is ok, but the problem is the tacho. It is horrible. So either you keep the concept the thing was built or you cant use it.
  5. guys. Forget it definitly. I think Lotus made a melange, my dealer has no idea what happened. But only in the night it is ok, caus the tachymeter is "heavy red". As soon as you drive the car in daylight, the red turns to "pig-pink-half-white-with-red-touch". It changes color every minute, depending how the sun shines in. It is a mess. If the color would stay (red techymeter) and white the outside infos, then it would fit. But the tachymeter is built on a white color base, so all other inputting colors do not fit at all. Driving at daylight appears like a total mess of colors into the
  6. ] had to replace the dashboard tachymeter, caus it stucked. Now... what was white is red and what was red is white. With the sun, it looks "piggy-pink"... horrible. Take care in case somebody has to switch too.
  7. Had the same before the Komo Tech treatment. Now its over.
  8. I have the latest update. This was confirmed by my dealer, when I already mentionned a "hard shifting " in sports mode. Then Komotec reconfirmed this. They said, that the software should learn... so I gave some time. Now, 4000 KM later it is not much better. Again: absolutely good shifting in normal mode, sometimes hard shaky gearchange in Sports mode.
  9. The sewing machine is not the Supercharger. It sound different. The difference between normal and sport is really big. So smooth the normal modus is, so strange the sports modus. It feels, like the gear is "hammered" in. I remembger such kind of shifting from the Army driving with the tanks... sorry. I think the dealer must have a look on it. at the next service.
  10. I am not from Bern... not at all. And the mental slowness of us must not be in correlation with the speed. Maybe it is how I used the engine while it was new. As I grow up with italian cars I know a bit how to handle a new engine to bring it slowly (not from Bern again) to its top. I remember the rule: one cold start uses the engine as 500 KM driven. But... I am just guessing.
  11. No sedgeway, and not crossing alps by train... no.. just drove on the Swiss and italian Highway with ordinary traffic and no speed excess. By the way: I dont see any consumption difference between normal and Sportmodus.
  12. I drove now 10.000 KM with my S-IPS. Since the beginning: the IPS is ok in automatic modus, but in sports modus the shifting is something curious. Some shifting is good, some are really jerky. The car shakes and it jabs. further on: in sport modus and hot weather the gearbox sounds like a sewing machine. May I kindly ask some feedback from other sides? It might be, that this IPS must be the way it runs in my car. Thanks Anubis
  13. Just drove to Monte Carlo and back. Average consumption calculated 8,6 litres. This is unbelievable. So the Komo stuff counts.
  14. I would change nothing..maybee adapt the IPS shifter to a 2013 standard.
  15. The acceleration is better. The right foot has more "connection" to the throttle. As I do not all accelerate like hell to dominate any others, for me its not an aspect. Basically: the car fells straighter, its more one on one to the driver from the engine side. Hard to explain. It is NOT the hammer (like a Turbo implentation) but... lets say: it feels like a wire after being treated with WD40...
  16. On my way back home form the Komo guys, there was too much traffic to go to top-speed... or try to. Anyhow, I did it not on top speed target; we are limited in Switzerland. They put in the 395 HP kit. The big difference is the feeling. Compare it with your car unwaxed and waxed. If you go with your fingertips over a fresh waxed car it looks the same but it is not. The connection to the throttle is smoother and more agile. Furtheron the engine turns up like an elastic band, so you have to shift quickly before the warning lights turn on. I compare it with a launch effect when you accell
  17. I was at Komo-Tec in Germany and they did a good work. They know what they do, so no bla bla... After one day my Evora S IPS was settled. Driving: good... there is more feeling from the car to the driver and it is worth for everybody to think about to do it also. Even the IPS goes better now. What a car, what a pleasure.
  18. in my new Evora is the Pioneer 940 BT installed, which is much better than the old Alpine. Now there is some kind of ECO modus integrated to visibilize consumption. I really do not check, how to eliminate this Eco graphic which disables to read the map in 2D. Does anybody know how to get this ECO story wiped out, so that a navigation on the 2D map is possible? I cancelled all ECO modus Menue points in the settings, but this horrible ECO thing is always present and covers visually the map on the screen. Thanks for any input.
  19. @Al as I think you have the same Range Rover as I have. Compare the shifting in handmode with the Evora IPS. Either my Range is soft as butter or the Evora IPS has a "racingeffect". There are gearchanges the softway and others where I think, something is wrong. Anyhow... it works; but seems a bit strange to me, while cruising the gearchange by paddles is often mysterious. by the way: as the old Evora had a two color inside (doors, dashboard) and the new S is annoing I am at work to put leather stripes on the doors. Should be finalized soon, but a bunch of work, caus I dont want to glue i
  20. After having driven 62000 KM in 3 years with my launch edition handshift i changed to a 2013 S IPS modell. So: same car, but in fact... not the same. The 2009 NA was more "rooty" and lesser detailed. So running with the NA was more driving the old fashion way using the clutch with left foot, It rolls a bit lumpier; anyhow: fantastic car. The new one is more slimfitted and better built. Cant say what, it is the whole impression which suits tighter to the driver. (including the new steeringwheel) Some massive better things are: the light warning into the display when whatever lights a
  21. As an owner of an Abarth 500 with padles shifting I really can compare with the IPS of the Evora. The Abarth has to be shifted with no throttle, so everytime you shift, the right foot has to be lifted a bit to avoid head nodding. This I dont have in the Evora. Anyhow, the paddles are also a bit different, Evora with an edge on the blanc metal, Abarth with ribspattern.
  22. Comparing my old NA with the new 2013 S with the IPS: The manual gearchange is more "rooty" and reminds me to the old traditional way to drive (lets say: Le Mans move with Steve Mc Queen) and the IPS is driving the modern way. What is better? I cant judge... Shure the IPS is modern and trendy, but the manual gear has something special especially when riding the hills. But in our wolrd with traffic jam and overloaded streets the IPS brings advantages to the driver. for me it is 50/50. maybee it is like listening music from a vinyl record LP or doing the same with a CD. The music is the same,
  23. my 2013 is perfectly working on the issued items. Anyhow: the IPS is not as smooth as I expected. Between 3rd and 4th in manual modus there is some kind of shiftdelay. I hope it fits itself, caus all other gears work good and in automatic modus all gears are perfect. The indicator fault I had it in my old Evora too, sometimes. I replaced the rear light (easy to do) but it was not the point. It is misterious. Anyhow... nothing to complain till now. Pioneer is working perfect. And reverse is automatic by pushing a button. Back to my old one, the rear gear was mechanic never a problem.
  24. I tryed to combine the 2012 GTN appearance with some traditinal John Player Special items from 1975 to have a mix from actual and past. A bunch of work but I am happy with it. and the side view...
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