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  1. My new Evora was built in Feb. 2013; and has a Pinoeer.
  2. I will use this new PLASTIDIP as soon as they send it to me... It a rubberspray... they say.
  3. I dove now 65000 KM and the clutch is still 1A. So... if you treat it the way it should be treated, all is well.
  4. Sven; I have the same. It comes from the front part of the gearbox tunnel. I tried to fix it by putting all kind of stuff in all kind of narrow gaps; from the front untill the handbreak level. It helped a bit, but minusdegrees are really flowing the cold to the inside. I have some old socks from Finnland=they protect the feet, but its not "the solution". A.
  5. I really wonder, where you need a surplus power. Is it worth to tune up the N/A for 20 HP more? I really drive my Evora (with the Radium CAI) and it is fantastic. To be honest: the power I use on mountainroads where the grip ends before the power is missing. So... why should I tune it up? On the highway it is sufficiant; i am driving, not racing. In the City I dont need a surpower. So where should i use it? In fact, I never went over 6000 RPM in the last 3 years. I dorve the S, OK, a bit different; but do I honestly need it? Shure: on the paper it looks better. But what is the paper worth? I am talking about emotions in real; and daily. Happy new year to all of you. A.
  6. After passing now the magic warranty-off point, a new aera starts with my Evora. I had some discussions with my dealer and I was able to drive all kind of Evoras. (IPS, S...) He offered me a change form the "old" one to another new modell. A lot of thoughts. But after all: i DECIDED TO KEEP MY LAUNCH EDITION. why; 1. emotional things: I drove now 64000 KM with this car al throu Europe and I had so many good events, fine feelings, nice meetings and wonderful rides. 2. yes, the new ones are better made, but there is some kind of emotional relation the my car. (silly, but true) I took care all over and I would miss my Evora totally. 3. all is in good shape. The oyster interior looks like on the first day (leathercare). The outside has some small signs of life (poor scratches on the front deriving from stones) but all in all it looks like new built. Mechanic: all works well, no problems, no matters to be aware, no troubles all over. 4. the maintainance is still affordable comparing what the car gives. Consumption is steady low. 5. I never had any problems with the shifting... ok in winter it ia a bit hard when minus degrees (like now) 6. I can strech my legs fully when driving on the highway with speedo (the new ones do not offer this possibility anymore) 7. The difference to the S is feelable, but not as much as to be in an acting position. 8. I love the Apline: you never know what it does or not, so it is always a challenge what comes next... or not. So mainly it is switched off and when boaring on the long road, I switch it on to see what happens next. 9. The IPS is intresting. But to be on the traditional side, I keep the handmode. (I have 2 other cars with paddles, so I have an alternative) 10. It is always funny how the car is accepted by thirds. It is not a bigwig, it is not a battleship, it has space for 3, it really looks good (my oppinion: it is one of the beautyfulls cars I know), it is an eyecatcher without beeing a green driver on envy, it is not a big appearance, the Evora has such kind of a "whats that" effect without beeing swanky. So, these are my thoughts. There is always an alternative but I have to state, that I reached a satisfaction point which for me all is given on the good side. So... why running on possibly new kicks, combined with new "probs". Enjoy Wintertime, Anubis
  7. 39000 miles now (63000KM)... all perfect. Runs like hell; the longer the better. Still fun, no complaining at all althou its a launch edition. The Alpine is still an Alpine=best to switch it off. Tried to replace (last warranty service a week ago) front headlights because there is some white stuff inside, but they cant deliver new ones.. so I wait patiently. Anyhow: fantastic car, pure emotion and proud to own it. A.
  8. anubis1

    Pure joy

    I tryed to put a picture in of a "clean one"... but the system alswys says: too big. So: no pics, but still fun.
  9. anubis1

    Pure joy

    I think that I am one the most KM driven with mine; I am at 63000 now. And I really love this car too. Apart that I personally love the styling (it is one ot the beautyfullst cars I know) the combination of Driving feeling with reasonable costs, emotion and usable every day makes the difference. Shure there are some "silly facts", but what is perfect in this world. All in all it is a fantastic car. Sometimes when I am abroad with my other car (Range Evoque) I come back home and have a smoke in the garage watching the Evora as it is and take him out to get the fresh bread form the bakery. Lately my wife asked: if you would have to give a car away, which one you would sell? I said: The Range. She was a bit surprised. Some weeks later she said after an Evora ride: I understand what you mean... The Range is newer, comfortable, with tons of gimmicks, absolutely solid, but... it only rolls. The Evora always drives.
  10. they told me, that there is a upgradekit to make it run...about Euro 300 etc etc. I am sick of all and bought a third remotecontroler which I will have in the car and finish with this never ending roofpushing. thanks to all for helping. Finally I want to drive the car and not to push buttons. Ritchie
  11. I drove now over 10.000 KM with the CAI of Radium. No problem at all. Had my car in the last service under warranty (expires tomorrow) and all is fine. The mechanic told me, that Lotus finds out on the telemetric data if a Radium CAI was used or not. I will keep it, caus warranty expires anyway. I am sorry for all those who have problems with it. On the numerous mentionned figures: I fell the Evora breezes much better with the CAI, it runs fully good and I had no complains at all, so I dont care about HP figures, when I feel good thats what I like.
  12. THE SOLUTION IS FOUND ! I had a talk with the mechanic man of the producer of my garagedoor. It is easy. Homelink is a Company which offers this system the Evora has. Now, Homelink asked all garagedooropenerproducers to participate with the Homelink System by paying an entryfee. This fee is around USD 100.000 per Company. So, if the dooropener producer pays, he will be introduced into the Homelink System. And my producer, SOMFY, did not. So it is technically not possible, to link the Homelink with a SOMFY Garagedooropener. Ha! Fantastic. So I already know, that I am not so dumb as I thought. I thank all the people here who supported me all these weeks throu the procedure. May the doors gone open althou.
  13. I visited all sites. And I tried all different tipe of treatments. Evora under the machine, in the garage, out of the garage, new battery in the remote controller, all cars out, all cars in. My neighbors think... I dont know what they think,but it must look a bit curious. The doormachineproducer (I have a SOMFY) said, that he will pass by and check it by himself. But they told me, that there are some "missconnected Homelinker" in their clientship. Lets see what the Guru finds out. The point is also that my garagedoor is isolated against the cold from outside. This could be as effective, that I really can open the door when I am nearby only. Anyhow, the Evora runs like hell, the longer the better. nearly 65'000 KM done.
  14. anubis1

    Evora 4a

    From the album: Alps Automn 2012

    the last ride of 2012 into higher regions before the winter comes.
  15. I will talk to the manufacturer of the door opener system. maybe I have a special construction, but anyhow...its not old. lets see what they tell me to do. thx
  16. Hi Rob, beeing in Mauritius on holiday and having plenty of time on the beach, I read all your stories. As an owner of a often critizised Launch Edition, I must say, that apart of some Evoradeseases At the beginning (3years ago) mine is perfect and drove me now over 60,000 km all over without problems. An absolute fantastic car and as I am very often in the Alps, I always felt the potential of the Evora on the mountain roads. Grip and handling are simply gorgeous. Apart of the tyremelting effect on rear, the maintainance is good. Good luck. Ritchie
  17. I have now a carbon grey with oyster. Maybee....only maybee I could switch to an S black outside and something special inside...
  18. Is there a usable homepage to see what kind of combinations are makable into an Evora. The Lotussite just shows some colors, but there are different materials available. Any ideas? A.
  19. @iconic: i have to be in front of the garagedoor, about 2meters. Then the remotecontroller with new batteries works. I flew to Mauritius for 10 days to recover the homelinksyndrom... @Al. : I have the 2.0 petrol Evoque. But it is a unique piece built for exhibitions only. What I would never do again, caus all is handmade extra and any replace creates a chaos. (Check the Startech-homepage; its the white one with the QR code on the roof and white seats inside) absolute fine car, but the Evora stays on top. cant compare those 2 cars...even my Evoque has NO homelink, caus they made a new roof on Alcantara. Almost this problem I dont have with Range.
  20. 4.30 AM; dumb Ritchie is in the garage and tries to set the homelink... and I think: my problem is the "range"... the garage is too wide. The motor for the garage door is in the middle of it on the roof. So: from the outside too far away to be in reach. But I still have some hours to go. Raise the flag and drink the 4th coffee ...
  21. I run since 3 years on 9 liters per 100 KM average. the low was 6,9 LPKM by rolling and cruising modestly. I think it is fantastic for such a car. The Radium CAI helped a bit too to lower consumption. Anyhow: Germand highway bites.
  22. I tryed everyting... I am dreaming of this thing. I have an ordinary remotecontroller and the Evora knops blink slowly and fast and slowly. blinky blinky... but nothing happens. The door stays closed (or open). what is a "learn function" on the receiver? Maybee I have to learn. I put the remotecontroller on my head. Maybe this helps... and my mouth opens.
  23. I tried for 20 minutes... no way. = frustration. anyhow... thanks
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