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  1. fantastic ! thanks! maybe I finally can get this thing going (after 3 years)
  2. @Bibs "6 inches back from the buttons?" you mean in the first third ot the roof? I still can not let that homelinkthing going.
  3. I will try the Yokos after "a lot " of Pirellis. Will post experience. But low-noise is not my topic.
  4. The curves are the "Pirellieaters"... the more mountainroads, the quicker they go down. Highway straight on is not "the problem".
  5. I have now drivne 60.000 KM all on the Pirellis. The rate back to front went up to 4:1, (4 backtire sets for the time of 1 fronttire set)... Soon there is a complete change do be done: Althou I am totally satisfied with the "cheap" and "everywhere sold" Pirellis P-Zero MO, I wonder if somebody has some experience on the Yokohama tires. This Pirelli meltdown effect is a real pain. I don't think that the Yokos hold longer, but wonder if somebody could give me a feedback.
  6. Hi Mel, my dealer here is acting in historic Formula 1 Racing. He has about 5 old F1 cars (Lotus JPS, Brabham <BT, McLaren, Williams-TAG ...) So he has experience in mechanic stuff because they take care about those cars to be ready to race the whole year. So those people know what they talk about, they are racing mechanics for real, not on the paper only. So... I could immagine that they sometimes try things out inofficially (not to loose their reputation against the carmaker) with clients cars. OK, I have the stage 2 in the back, so with the CAI it gets really loud and I was forced to pu
  7. Might be that the longer the engine runs, the better the power. I am nearly 60.000 KM now and I feel (not measured) my Evora goes the longer the easier. Throttleresponse is sensational, gearchange fluid, consumption steady, It really runs like hell. Despite of the CAI and some special sparkplugs I did not changed anything. Maybee also my longruns have an impact (I do not drive at all in cities) I dont know, but... it is fantastic.
  8. Earplugs: just for running over 180 km/h for longer time. I agree with you,
  9. Tip for highspeed driving with the Radium CAI: I drove yesterday to Düsseldorf in the early morning and back in the evening=a lot of higspeed driving on german highway. To solve the "above 3000 RPM noiseproblem" I tried earplugs... and it worked. OK, no sound listening possible. But in fact, after totally 9 hours of drive no headbuzzing at all. Topspeed was 300 km/h visible, was 280 Km/h on the Alpine Navi scale. (Tires still alive).
  10. As owner of a Launchedition (which was critisized so much) and driven now 53000 KM, I can not complain about anything. The gearchange could be better, but is far away from "has to be replaced". The 2+2 I use often (my son lies sideways in the back); the S is an option, but the normal one with the Radium CAI gets nearby. I have the normal gearbox and I am ok with it. So it depends, how you drive and for what puropse. I use the car dayli for any occasion and I am totally happy with it.
  11. They are predictable: they are melting away quickly, for shure.
  12. Would you recommend the Yokos instead of the Pirellis? I am near 55.000 KM and the 4th set is to be bought. These Pirellis are fantastic, but real buttertires with melteffect.
  13. SCCLMDTU8AHD10683 Launch Edition Carbon Grey Oyster Leather Premium Pack Sport Pack Tech Pack 2+2 Radium CAI Forged Wheels & Standart Winter Delivery: December 2009 Ritchie Kamm, Baldingen, Switzerland
  14. I drive one of the first series Evora. Despite all the negative Headlines I read, my conclusion is: fantastic ! I enjoyed every mile driven, also in winter. Definitly: it is not a snow car, but it was not built for that. I drive mainly mountain roads (up to 2200 meters, lot of curves) Highway (speedlimit 120 km/h)..., Germanhighway (no speedlimit, but always too much traffic) and landside. I had some negative things on the quality: new dashboard, doorlock, Aircondition. But that's it. On the positive side: it is a phantastic car, space for 3 or 2 and enough luggage, consumption is fully reas
  15. The Radium CAI is an absolute win; yes. There is one point, which points negative: driving high speed for longtime (German Highway in the night) turns to a very loud event. The magic RPM is 3000 or max 3500. Then it gets really loud. I drove to Düsseldorf and back... but if you drive more than 170 km/h longtime ... it is not "the fine thing." But it was not built for that and as there are speedlimits everywhere, this negative point is just an addendum.
  16. I have some black Lotus Racing Stickers, like those on the cover of the GTN Prospectus, with the half Union Jack. If somebody wants.. they are long 98 mm and high 29 mm. I will charge 4 Euro a piece. Best regs. Anubis Mod Edit -
  17. Normally use 95; tried 98 and felt a bit of consumption reduction and a small bit of "easier running engine" but really only a bit, tried 100 and there is no difference to the 98, tried 102... the same. So in fact for me: the "felt" difference is not heavy, it might be there, yes... but is it worth? I dont know. What is a fact on all hiher octane: the engine feels (on the right foot) a bit easier, the consumption is a bit lower and it might be that knowing what is in the tank, you think the car is faster. Everybody should decide by himself.
  18. Reached now minus 17 degrees Centigrade outside. This is the point, where my Evora stays in the garage definitly...although I use it at everytime... too much is too much. Hot regards. A.
  19. @Bibs it is not an ordinary conditioner ... it is a treating milk that gives a smell of old library. The company which produces it is called Gliptone. I love it, my wife don't=keeps her out of the car! Ritchie
  20. Oyster is absolute no problem. Also Jeans on it for more than 5 hours drive in the summer. I clean it with a leathercleaner every 6 month and put some leather conditioner on it = perfect. I would rebuy it at everytime again. the only critical poiont is there where the belt goes over to the shoulder; this point must be cleaned a bit more often because it gets light grey from the belt.
  21. There is also a Diffusor built in the US (see lotus I can't find it right now, but if you want, I will search for it, because a friend of mine in San Francisco has it on his Evora.
  22. May i reply to all those words in an easy comparison: it is like watching TV on a normal screen and then see the same thing in HD. So, it is not a big thing; but if you get used to HD TV watching, then... you realise the difference and you won't quit it. What I do not see at mine: fuelconsumption is the same; its even lower when cruising around at below 2000 RPM. What is a bit nerving, is the real loud suction noise; but this is really the only thing mentionable on the neutral (not negative) side. I love the CAI of Radium and I don't care about measuring, data, %age etc. I want fun... a
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