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    From the album: Swiss Alps

  2. I have the Radium CAI now in the car = fantastic. The car drives easiser on throttle, fine till 3000 and then it gets loud. What a difference. I can recommend it to everybody=safe a lot of money against buying the "s". This is a real performance part powering up the normal Evora to a really fine sportscar.
  3. I drove it too. Lets compare with hand gear F1 and those of today with the paddles. Both cars drive well and succeeded, the IPS is more todays technique. Or lets say: write the same text with a tipewriter or a computer. finally the text is written on the paper, but to come there is different. Anyhow: a tipewriter has a "mechanic feeling" and so I would consider the manual guear change as tribute to the past, while the IPS is actual. For me both make fun and the IPS is good and quick. (I have two other cars with paddle guear change on the steering wheel).
  4. I took you over in the late descent with my Evora. Your car looks fantastic.
  5. I Ordered the US.Intake Version from Radium. Let's see whats the real difference when I install it. A.
  6. The wetter it is (also after washing) the more "clonk" comes throu... I have it alltimes since 1 1/2 years. No procupation. Just keep on driving. (After washing I make a small tour to dry the breaks off) but the "clonk" is alsways with me. A.
  7. I drove now 45.000 KM with my launch edition. I never missed any power, because the agility is the big goal of the Evora. I also tried the S; ok... some things are smoother. But the difference is maybe on the paper, but not essentially in daily use. The consumption is higer, the handling a bit better and the inside is better worked on. But the gap is very small. Stay on the normal one, you won't regret. And drive it, don't look at the wirtten stuff, feel the car. it is amazing, even now after 1 1/2 years of using it.
  8. The Alpine is like a mysterybox... or better: the box of Pandora! You know that "moretouching" could cause some problems, but the thing motivates to push a bit more buttons than requested. And everytime you find yourself somewhere.. where you do not know where you are....and why. The best would be a "get back" button.
  9. anubis1


    Always remember: if you "fly" with 280 and others with 120... it is a risky game. The speed difference watched form the outside of the car is totally different than what you feel it from the inside of the running car. I often had terrible experiences in Germany with people taking over without watching their mirrors. There are many people who can not define the speed of a car in their back on the left lane, then they switch the lane and you thing: damned... and brak and shift bakc the same time under pressure. Just reminding the physics.
  10. If I have to make a statement on the IPS: it is nice, yes... but I miss the "ultimate kick". How to explain? ... well I can compare it with my Saab sequential gearchange. It is different. (the car too) and I can compare it with the Abarth sequential gearchange. (Also different again). I would say it this way: maybee I am used now over one and a half years to drive the Evora with the normal gearchange and so... I am conforable with it. It can be, that I should drive longer with the IPS to get friendly with it. Anyhow: I would stay with the normal gearchange. Just emotionally... The IPS works go
  11. could somebody explain it in easy words for a dumb human beeing ? I tryed all possibilities, with 2, with 3 fingers, with help of thirds... no way. I have my Evora since 1 1/2 years and I am so proud of these 3 buttons up there...
  12. Anthony, you don't spoil me at all. Got now 40.000 KM in 1 1/2 years... but no picture... went lately to Geneva with the Evora... how can you survive down there: one radar after the other... real frustration. A.
  13. no problem at all, just shift back and add the break = and nothing boils. I did approx all mountain trails down there. Beware of the GAVIA... it is quiet dangerous and there is no asphalt on one side... Ritchie if you need advise of "fine roads" for getting there... tell me. Ri.
  14. @douglasg... Do not drive the Stelvio Saturday or worse... Sunday ! There are full of bikers which drive the way up side by side. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to enjoy your car with those crazy people, ignoring all what has more than 3 wheels. I just want to prevent your frustration by trying to drive this pass on the weekend.
  15. Tip: never change on different tires front and back. The car reacts terribly different, if there are other tires on the back than on the front. The perfect balance of the Evora changes enormously. A,
  16. My Launch Edition shows aboslute no problems with throttle etc. soon reaching 40.000 Kilometers.
  17. anubis1

    Mk2 Evora?

    I have seen the so called interior update in Geneva. it is an alcantara looking beige covering all on the inside. but the inside itself stays the same. I was told that Lotus wants to check the feedback of the visitors on it. it all looks a bit smoother, more for eldery people maybee...creates a kind of saloon effect. Looks fine,.. yes... but I think not worse to discuss about. Somebody likes it, somebody not... it's ok.
  18. No worries, I have my launch edition since 1 1/2 years now, 37.000 KM, some small rubbish items but all fixable and nothing serious. I drove the car in any weather, any streets and any occasions. Absolutely no problem. I handle it with care = no excesses and it runs perfectly. I do not miss anything; for me it is absolutely perfect and gives me fun on every droven Kilometer. This is how I feel.
  19. The steel of the condenser is too soft. ¨Replacing is not the solution, the problem is not solved. You will see ! And Lotus has no Condenseralternative. So there is only a tightening of meshes in the front grid as "protecting solution." You don't believe...? You will see. I replaced three times...with old grid... and now I hope things are rolling. A.
  20. Go and ahve a check, if the gas is still in. As I wrote already in the forum: the frontcooler can be damaged by stones coming throu the frontgrid, then the gas goes off and no more AC effect. We solved this problem by putting in a frontgrid mesh from a Lotus Seven. Does not effect the cooling but protects the frontcooler.
  21. The radiator's steal is not as heavy/solid as it should be. Sounds stupid, but you should have seen how mine looked. (Like hammered). And it can not be the german highway speed...
  22. I had the third time a tilt in the Aircondition. Reason: the front radiator was damaged by small stones (winterstreet handling) slipping throu the front grid and perforated the radiator in that way, that the aircondition gas went out. So we thought a long time how to handle this problem, because the mesh dimmension in the front grid are too big. We put on the tightener meshgrid from the Seven on the Evora. Now lets see, how it works; if the cooling is enough. Just to inform all who possibly could suffer them same problem.
  23. Just a small input to increase range: (sounds stupid, but it is physic) when you push the button on the key put the key on your upper head, so that the key has a contact with your head.... and the range is bigger. Don't laugh, just try and see it works. A.
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