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  1. I had the "closing" problem too. There was no reaction on the button push mecanically = the door did not close, but the yellow lights flashed. I fixed it by turning down the window and then pushed the closing button by helping with my other hand to push the doorstick down at the same time. And the problem was solved. A.
  2. thx for flowers ! As I am often on longdistance trips, and the door holders are alredy taken by sunglasses and other small stuff, the coke bottles always were fixed under the seats and while driving and fingering up bottles and cans it was very difficult to get them in the hand. So I was forced to create something adequate without screwing etc.
  3. looks a bit like an alien...but disappears when built in the car.
  4. K&N No. 33-2326 fits....but if it gives power action apart of possibly dusting up the engine?
  5. Due to the fact, that there is no space in the car, I thouhgt to construct a double cupholder by myself. For this I used a piece of aluminium and 2 bicylecupholders. Put all togehter I built a doublecupholer to be placed between back and frontseats in the middle. It works perfect.
  6. I drove the Nokian Z G2 tyre that I usually use on my other cars. But the Evora was totally different. For cruising no problem; but in curves the grip and the handling differred extremely. that's why I am back to Pirelly melting butter tires. A.
  7. Mine is from November 09; no problems with headlight misting at all. But they are not very well fixed in. Might be that the mist is "shaken down" while driving. A.
  8. I tried now over 2000 KM the 98 octane fuel. Fact: nothing to feel on the power, engine turns a bit "more fine" but the consumption went down about 0,4 Liters per 100 KM. this just as information for those, who wonder if there is a change by using higher octane fuel. My top was 7,1 liters on 100KM by rolling on the Highway with about 120 Km/h pretty steady. No fun, but just swimming with the other traffic. good luck to all. A.
  9. I did it otherwise: put in a newspaper in the footroom and signed around the corners. then took the newspaper out and put it on a ordinary rubber bought in a carsupply store. then cut out along the newspapers edge and the rubber protection is done. Buy a thin rubber=easier to cut and saves weight. to fix it on the ground i used a Velcrotape (hook and loop)
  10. Had some talks on the situation. Facts is, that all involved (producer and dealers) do not support a technical update of the Evora I, due to the fact, that the Evora S will be on sale. OK. Now we spoke about the technical possibility to give more horsepower to the Evora I. A maximum of around 400 hp is technically possible. OK. I asked on the possibility to pool some Evora I owners together to obtain a "reasonable tuning size". This could be possible in Europe. OK further measures: we will wait till Spring 2011 to see how the Evora S is sold and then decide how to proceed. It is n
  11. Dear all Evora I owners. I am checking with a Swiss Tuning Company a possible upgrade on the Evora I. ( They do Lotus as also Toyota already; so this is no "unknown battlefield". Let's see, feedback to follow. me.xmas
  12. Alex, im Westen nix Neues... Rumors all over, but no concrete facts. Keep you posted on whats going on. Ri.
  13. I had 12 cm of snow.... tricky; but fine. you can steer with your right foot in addition to the front tires.
  14. Tonight, we all have to push the miraculous button to get back one hour. I found out, that when the right time is blinking, the easiest way to fix the right time and not to be there for 30 minutes watching wrong blinking numbers, is to switch off ignition and take away the key. Then the time is fixed. Fantastic... I remember spring time... what a nightmare. A.
  15. Al, I took some pictures but that looks like nothing. So the cataloge pictures are better. From the outside there is optically no difference apart of the smalles size on the wheel possible. The 1200 Pounds is also the price I payed in Swissy for 4 Wheels incl. the Yoko, Comparing with the Summer (Pirelli or what ever)... they are smoother; so it is not the Evora you are used. On the first miles you think, something is wrong but you get used. Anyhow: never mix up (summer front, Winter rear)... this is terrible and could cause also insurance problems in case of accident. As I wrote before: the E
  16. Al, what you want me to do? A photo of the Wintertires on the car? I switched already, caus here it is white above 600 meters and in the plains we are around 5 degrees in average already. So... no risk and Winter Yoko on the Car. By the way: technically it is true, that a Wintertyre overtakes the Summertire below 7 degrees Centigrade. More grip, better breaking. I suppose, that within some years there is a must for wintertires out of thecar insurance companies for certain regions or countires. I even bought chains... yes.. . that crazy guy bought a set of TRAK chains, because they fit on t
  17. I remarked some creacking on instable roads on my right door. After searching possible locations, I found out, that it is the plastic triangle between the mirror and the a pillar. So I put a small rubberpart under the triangle beween the upper door body and this triangle and the noise is gone. A.
  18. After trying different products in the past year on the Evora, I think I can post my experience. The best result on my carbon grey paint I have with the Maguiars Mirror Glaze 16. It is not the easiest to put on but the longterm result is good. The key to success is not to put too much on the paint and not to wait too long for polishing. Other stuff I used with easier handling (more fluid) was cheaper but not satisfying in the long run. A.
  19. Having driven now 17.000 Miles i have to admit, that the Evora has an addiction effect. Yesterday I was at a mountain racing meeting in the Alps. By driving up to the start area I had some "high level cars" in front and I noticed that the Evora beats them all in combination of: handling, agility, grip, weight and power. OK, I knew the track. Anyhow, it is totally amazing how the Evora sticks on the road and follows the curves with a "raileffect" always being controllable. This was for me again the proof, that "written data" does never compensate the physical felt effect in real time. Consumpti
  20. As you explain your problem: it could be that the wire coming up from the lock to the visible botton has a resitance movement into the door. It might be a little bit twisted and that is enough, that the button does not come up 100%. Before you deplace all, try to put some WD40 trou the gap between the button and the doorinterior. It might be, that if the WD40 flows down the wire into the door, the withstood is eliminated. If this does not work... you have to get the inside of the door open and fix it by hand. The whole doorlock construction is ... a bit... curious.. inside. A.
  21. My transportrecord was: 3 adults males (ok, one of vietnamese the back) plus luggage for a long weekend. It worked... A.
  22. Long distance: no problem (my longest was Zurich-Bruxelles-Zurich... in one day; easy) Quality: could be better... but sufficient. Fun: excellent. Do not mix up tires and stay on the Pirellis. The handling is "THE" pluspoint of the car and missing grip screws. I drove now 25000 Kilometers in 9 month, average consumption 9 liters, the car is really good. A.
  23. Mixed up...right food stays harmless more or less (except mounatins) and I reached now 23000 KM. I made a 7 mountaindaytrip (for clearance: Fluela, Reschen, Stelvio, Umbrail, Ofen, Albula, Oberalp) and I tried for testing the new Nokian RE (or so...) and gave it back to the dealer who suggested to me, that this fits also like the origianl he gave me the Hankook alternative but also there, after 500 KM I had to say... no, Sir. This is not the way the Evora was before. So back to the Pirellis butter tyres, but it rolls. Anyhow: just to go straigt, the other do well... yes... but its
  24. Having replaced the rears with other producers twice, I noticed, that in the sum of all, the Pirelli are the best. Shure... they melt like butter but the handling of the car IS unbeatable with the Pirelli. Don't mix up with others on the back; its cheaper, but finally disapoints. A.
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